Don't make yourself too available to someone, consequences of being too available

Don’t make yourself too Available to Someone (They Don’t Deserves You)

Don’t make yourself too available to them, My friend. You’re giving too much of yourself to others than they deserve. 


Agreed that, you are a caring person who likes supporting others. But they’re not worthy enough.

I know, you are kind and ‘the one’. But, they don’t deserve you.

Being available there, every time they need your help… is, of course, feeling you positive inside.

You are justifying your role as a friend, colleague, and partner, the best as you should.  But, don’t be too available to either in a friendship or relationship and stop giving too much to those who aren’t valuing you.


What is availability in connections? 

With that means of ‘Being available’ simply says that you’re there for your friends, partner, acquaintance, or anyone who needs you for some help or moral support at the moment.

Well, it’s a kind of a nice gesture showing that you’ve care and respect for someone in your life.

But, instead of being with them all time, it’s better if you respect their time and your priority, as well.

Think of your self-respect, and you have to.  


Have you ever made yourself available for others?

Being too nice, being too available, or even giving too much in a relationship always results in a negative influence on your connections.

Whether it’s a personal or professional relationship when you give too much of your time and attention to someone, you end up feeling regretful or ignored, eventually.

It’s perfectly fine to say, “Call me when you need anything” or “I’m here for you always.” But, that doesn’t mean you’ve to be with them always.

Prefer saying this to those who actually have equal care and respect for your presence. Because not everyone feels the same as you’re feeling for them.

So never make yourself available too much for someone that may actually hurt your feelings, in return.


Why are you making yourself so available for them?

Of course, with your presence and attention, they feel “Special” inside.

Your nature of being too available for someone, indeed feel them respected and heard, agree with that.

But, not everyone thinks and feels the same way. Your attention & availability is never enough for everyone.

Sometimes your availability for someone, reaches that level, from where…

Slowly and gradually, that someone losing interest in you, which they had in the first meeting. And that because of your Being too available all the time.

Yes, that happens…and that may shock or surprises you with their behavior towards you. 

Because all you do there is… just to help them anyway.

Remember, there can be many reasons why you have to stop being so available for someone. And that’s what we are going to discuss in the next section.

Know the following consequences of being too available for your friends, for him/her, or to anyone, who doesn’t value your presence, right.

Plus, if you experiencing the same from any connection right now, then these are proven signs you’re too available for someone, more than they deserve.


Reasons: Why you don’t have to make yourself too available for someone?

1. Be available too much… and you’ll lose your self-respect.

Definitely, you have value for the relationship and so you think it’s good for them if you be present every time they need support.

Nice gesture. But being there always ultimately will decrease your self-worth in them.

When available too much, don't be too available

Because they take you as you are very easy to approach and that’s the way you lose your self-importance as well.

Indeed you are kind, But Respect yourself first then try to adjust in a relationship.

You really respect them and your relationship, that’s the great one…But, when it comes to self-respect, nothing is better than own worth.

Prefer to stay with a person who values your presence, give equal importance and attention.. And, stop giving too much of yourself to others, who don’t respect you. 

Do every good thing, you can for them. But, don’t waste your time to prove your worth.

2. Are you ready to take as GRANTED?

In most cases, you feel like you are taken for granted, and that also due to being a genuine person in a relationship. But, first, you also need to understand, you are the reason for that.

It’s you are who make yourself too much available for them and give them a chance to treat you like no one.

You don’t need to available all the time to everyone, not everyone respects your presence. Not everyone missing you when you are not around.

Let your absence realize your importance. When you stop being available to them, they eventually find your true worth.  Sometimes your absence is enough to inform, how valuable you are and what they’re losing. 

If they don’t value your time and then better to move on. Don’t make yourself too available, when they are taking you for granted. 

Not everyone is caring just like you… so stop expecting it from everyone. 

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3. You interrupt their space when you always available.

You have feelings and cares for them, you love them. That’s right. But being too available with them all the time, and you’re invading their me-time. In simple mean, you are not giving them enough room for, ownself. 

Don’t forget that…They also want some space and time to spend with themselves. And that’s not possible if you are always available to them. 

when you always available, don't make yourself too available, giving too much of yourself to others

So, Don’t be too available and let them enjoy their own company & own time as well. Trust them, they are your own. Give some room to let them be with own.

Not everyone wants to get surrounded by others all the time, sometimes they also want to Be with their own, as well. And, that’s fine.

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Give them care, respect and all love you can. But, don’t expect too much. Not everyone have a heart like you.

4. They’ll think YOU’RE FREE always

Be with them when they need you, is quite a good thing. That every true friend and partner needs to do.

I also know… Every time you just left your very important work and go for them, when it’s their call, asking for Help. Great one, but they’re not aware of the sacrifices, you’ve been doing for them.

You give them priorities above everything, even your time and works. But, they don’t know about or even bother to know it.

Ultimately, this will make them realize that… you are always free and have no other things to do.

I know, you have work to accomplish and priorities in life. Not every time you need to give them full attention. You also have some priorities, which again they don’t know.  So inform them, as well.

Don’t make yourself too available, because inner they start feeling like… You need them more. Not everyone has the same feeling and respect for you, as you have for them. 

Be with those who value your feelings… just like thier time. 

5. Your too much availability make them careless.

In most relationships, the right persons are always taken for granted for too much available.

Remember, If someone calls you, and remembers you in need only, it means you are that one Handyman.

Because you have made yourself too available for your partner or someone else. And they can’t think of you more than a man-of-all-work.  

So, don’t ignore such signs of being too available, and see Are they really respect and value your presence or not? 

Moreover, when you always be with them, to solve their problems… chance are, they become too careless in life. Let them take some challenges, let them learn something important in life, on their own.

Your too much availability, consequences of being too available

Don’t try to be a superman for them. You are limited and doing a good job as a partner, a friend, or anyone. Let them figure it out own self, be there only in case they fail to do so.

I know, this kinda tough for you at first, and even for them, too.

But, look for the end consequences. It’ll make them confident about their own self. When you stop being available, they’ll end up figure out by ownself.

That improves their confidence and certainly feels thankful for you, because you gave them a TRUST, that “I can do it”. 

They can have someone better or worse than you. But, will never have the one…”Just like YOU.” 

6. Let them feel your absence or your importance. 

Believe this or not, but you are making yourself too much available for them. Of course, you are giving them relief by staying with them every time.

Supporting them and improving them regularly, feels good inside, that you are helping someone. 

But, look for other consequences as well.

In the process to make someone feel special, you even forget to take care of yourself, isn’t it?

Really appreciate your efforts to put lights in someone’s life, but have you consider it for your own? Remember some right people, will surely understand your presence and value your time, But not all. 

Stop giving too much of yourself to others who don’t value you, let them feel your value by staying away sometimes.

This doesn’t mean to praise ownself and showing pride to them, but don’t let them understand your actual worth.

Your too much availability, give them no room to feel your absence. And that’s why they have no idea how valuable you are. Also, don’t be too available for some time.

Let them understand your value, in your absence. 

Let them figure out the challenges own self, which you’re handling every time.

And that’ll result in respecting your presence. From the point, when you start respecting your time, they also consider the same. 

You don’t have to impress those, who value your presence right. 

7. Because of your availability all time, they FEEL BORED in a relationship.

It’s good that likeable person who is together for a long period has to understand each other well.

But it’s not necessary, that a person has to know everything about another from the first phase. And other people also need not reveal everything about own…especially when they are just met recently.

In most relationships, either person loses their excitement when they know everything in a very short period.

Yes, that happens…in the early phase, when both are overly excited to know each other and spend a major time together. A fine thing indeed.

But, think about the other aspects too.

don't be too available for someone, don't be too available for her, signs you're too available

Being too available with them and of course, sharing most things (okay, means everything) about your past to them in the early relationship phase, you reach their highest level of excitement quickly.

Again remember, when you staying available around them, talking about your life all the time…and they’ll start losing interest in your life, too. There comes a phase, when they just get feel bored with you, as nothing new you’ve for them.

I know…You’ve experienced that, right? 

In order to keep relationship alive and exciting, you better control your emotions. Prefer to read out your stories to them periodically, with required pauses. 

Don’t make yourself too available, also don’t open up too much…even they don’t want to know everything in a short period of time. Share information about you as the level of connections builds, just like a thriller movie.

You are unique, stay what you are. But, never change just to get someone’s approval. 

8. Be less available and make them wonder about you.

Well, there comes a time when you feel like they have losing interest in you and feel no excitement in the relation, as it was before. Such are signs you’re being too available for someone, for no reason, at all.

As you have made yourself available too much and they gradually losing interest in you. That’s happening all the time. 

Your always availability around the partner makes this relationship boring, indeed.

Because you reveal not many things, but everything about you. You have been spending too much time with them, talking and sharing about your life…ultimately decreasing the excitement they carried when they met you for the first time. 

Don't make yourself too available quotes, being too available

Remember, to have those surprising elements to keep your relationship alive and refreshing always. Learn about your relations and your partner. See what they like and what don’t, also don’t overlook to give them space. 

Don’t be so hurry, take your time, and give them time also.

Don’t be too available, that they know everything about you, in a short span.

Remember, when they recognize there is nothing left to know more about you then, they will find you as a boring person to be with. And, that’s because …You make yourself too much available for them.

You’ll be like a book, which they already read. 

Totally agreed that… you care for them, you are respecting their presence in your life.  But, overall never lose your identity, too.

No matter what, just never lose yourself. 

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Don’t make yourself too available Quotes, You wish you know it before.

If you are making yourself too available for someone, then sooner or later you will face some side-effects and consequences of being too available for someone.

But, one thing is sure that… Finally, it’s up to you how much to give preference to others and to whom. Whom to give attention and time, the choice is yours only.

Further, here sharing some “being available” quotes, that you also want to consider. 

1. Let them feel curious about you…let them know they are SPECIAL, to have a person like YOU.

2. No one will value you when you are available…they will, only when you’ll not be there.

3. You really need that someone, who proud to have you in thier life. 

4. Don’t let others used you, you are not cheap.

5. You are PRECIOUS… that someone will underestimate you. But, only the right one knows that. 

6. Not everyone is LUCKY enough to have a person like you.

7. Thanks for always being available, Your presence really does matter for me.

8. I respect you, I admire you.. just never change for others.

9. Value your time right. If you can’t one will.

10. Yes, you are too available. Hence, they’re thinking…You always will be there.

11. Don’t make yourself too available, they don’t deserve a person like you.

12. Forget those who don’t have respect for you. Forgive those who care for you.

13. Don’t try to be everything for everyone. Try to be everything for someone.

14. You don’t have to seek their attention. Those who value you, you show it anyhow. 

15. Before anyone else blames yourself, first. Because it’s you who make yourself that much available to them. 

16. You get to know their true faces… when you stop helping them. 

17. If you are making yourself too much available, soon you’ll learn a ‘lesson of life’. 

18. You are not here for everyone, You are here for ‘that someone’, special. 

19. When you always have to prove your feelings for them, then I don’t think you are in the relationship. 

20. Don’t expect too much from them, you still don’t know them truly. 

21. Stop overthinking your relationship… Not every time they want to see you, around with them. 

22. Be with those who make you feel respected and heard. 

23. Don’t trust anyone too much, that they have a chance to break your trust. 

24. In the end, it’s your family, is everything that you need in life.  

25. Right one will never leave you, no matter what. And, the wrong one will never stay… no matter how hard you try.

26. Partner or friend, when someone has no respect for your efforts, it’s better to move on.

27. There comes a person in life, who will respect and care for you as you deserve.

28. No one is here for you, everyone here is just for their own purpose. So stop expecting too much.

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Value yourself right. Stop being too much available for him or her.

Don’t be in so much hurry to tell everything about you in the first few meetings. Also, don’t expect to learn about her/him in a short time.

Go slow, take your time.

Let the relationship develops between you two build mutually, and NOT forcefully. 

share the information occasionally, that’ll keep them excitement alive. 

Let them feel excited about your life, and share likewise.

Listen to them, well.. they have something amazing to share with you, too. Don’t be that one who just knows Talking, prefer to listen (care) to their words as well.

Take time to understand their stories, let the Relationship be created by the time.

Your overexcitement and too much availability, are ultimate signs you’re giving too much to someone, more than they expect or deserve.


How do you stop making yourself available?

Have you realized that you are making too much available for someone, then here are the next best steps that you can do to avoid being treated as granted, anymore. 

Well, these are not a complete silent treatment or any rude behavior to them, it’s just a change in your approach towards him/her who have no care or respect for your presence. 

It’s more about valuing yourself right… than treating them wrong. 

How do you stop making yourself available

Whether it’s about friendship or a relationship, knowing how to stop being so available for someone is quite the better approach. And you will surely feel glad that you do it at the right time.

1. Start valuing your worth, a bit more. 

2. Make sure you feel confident about yourself. 

3. Be ready to let it go and move on.

4. Learn to say “NO” when required.

5. Have something to do by yourself, instead. 

6. Being available with like-minded and positive people. But, not for everyone. 

7. Plan and organize your routine, right. 

8. Set priorities and choose the right option.

9. Have limits for any connections and people you have around.  

10. Suggest alternative options to them, when you’re not available for them. 

11. Think before you do anything to anyone when they’re a special one for you.

12. Set some time aside for yourself, too. 


Well, these are positive ways that you better follow if you get to know that you’re making yourself too much available for someone. 

Really, with the mean-by limiting your availability, we don’t want you to cut off connection with everyone. Nope, note at all. 

Remember, the idea here is to value your time and self-worth, above all. 

Ultimately, it’s all about being available with those who actually want you. YES, ‘That someone’ who genuinely respects you and cares for you. 

You deserve respect and care, too. And you never have to beg for it. So, Don’t make yourself too available to everyone.

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