Monk at 25 – is all about the Life lesson, we used to learn in the time of our 20s. A blog consists of the lessons and experiences which most of us will come across in this 20s life stage.

Started this Blog on the first day of 2019. Monk at 25, is kind of a self help blog which writer created to motivate own self, by sharing his learning & experience with others and to express his thoughts.

It’s like Feeling inspired, By inspiring others. 

Indeed, A Life is hard, and 20s are Tough… But we are not WEAK. We will go through this hard phase and reach a goal in our mind. Why fear, when we have a family, our friends, and the whole world to support in this journey.

And that’s the purpose of this blog. To inform readers that they are not all alone, we all are in the same game of life. But at different levels.

May some of these blog posts amaze you, because some of that reflecting the same Life situation as yours. A situation, which you think no one understands and no one knows what you feel inside.


Words from Author:

Hi there Ketan here. Like to inform you that I’m also in my 20s and enjoying the daily hustle, like you. As all these posts are as per my personal experiences and the mindsets I have towards this Amazing life. Hope my this blog will give you a Feel-good moment while reading it. Keep sharing your views via comments and DMs, and that’s my Inspirations to do more of it. Also do subscribe for the next Blog post update.

Stay Happy, Stay Inspired and Live your 20s fully.


About the Author: Ketan P.

Personal Me:

  • 20s Guy, an ambitious individual, creative mind, and your new friend.
  • Introvert by nature. Marketer by profession.
  • Like to share own life experience and learning till 25
  • Eager to learn something new every day, Loves to meet the new peoples around the world
  • Aiming to create a community with like-minded peoples to take positive impact in other’s life

Professional Me:

  • Holder of Master Degree in Marketing specialization
  • Having experience in Sales & Marketing, Working in the Digital Marketing field
  • Like to write about Life experiences, Self Improvements, Motivations, Marketing, Management, and Positive articles via quotes, Blogs.
  • Have a passion for reading and a writing, a Resourceful articles.