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Monk at 25 is all about life in the 20s, it’s about experiences and learnings that we have during 20-30 age, a crucial stage of our entire life. Through this mindful blog, we aim to provide guides, lessons, and helpful articles that keep someone in their 20s feel encouraged, inspired, and focused, indeed. 

Do you have any stories from your 20s or any personal experiences to share? Then this is the right place for you, especially when you have anything you think every 20s something must know. Because here, we cover most things about 20s life. 

Write for us for these niches:

  • Lifestyle
  • Mindfulness
  • Positivity
  • Motivations
  • Meditation
  • Spirituality and self-care
  • Career advice
  • Relationship guides
  • Habits and growth
  • Personal developments
  • Quotes and sayings

Guest post guidelines:

Please makes sure to refer to these guidelines before sending a mail or writing a guest post for us. 

Content requirement

1. We accept the article with more than 1000 words. 

2. This blog is all about the 20s life and so you can share your stories, guides or article that relevant to this stage, specifically. 

3. We cover several categories that range from self-improvement, reminders to career and relationship. So, you can send the relevant article with the picked categories.

4. Undoubtedly, we expect that every post we receive, to be a unique one and not the spined ones. We accept only such posts that are original and haven’t been published anywhere, before. 

5. Please note that this is an active blog and not an article submission site. So your blog shouldn’t be posted anywhere after it’s LIVE on our platform. 

Links, promotional, and sponsored content:

1. Regarding backlink, we can provide the one link (yes, Do-follow) in the author bio section, only. That can be linked to your business website, blog, or social media profiles like Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn. 

2. Any link that is ‘Keyword specific’ or to your ‘product page’ or ‘service page’ will be treated as a Sponsored link, and for such link within the post, you can contact us. 

3. Self-promotion is left for the author bio only, so don’t make the entire post look promotional, please. We also accept such posts, but from the targeted niche only. So feel free to contact us for sponsorship or paid promotions. 

4. There’ll be an extra conversation for any links within the article, so make sure you inform us in advance. 

5. Before publishing, every guest article will be reviewed and reedited to match our blog theme. It would be great if you share the cover image with the mail. But, that’s not required, we will manage the best cover image that matches your content. 


For any guest post inquiries, free or sponsored opportunities, drop your mail on [email protected] 

Thanks for your contribution in advance and see you soon!! Stay Blessed.