Be likeable, How to be likeable person that everyone like to be with ??

How to be likeable person that everyone loves to be with ??

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Everyone wants to be the one that everyone loves and likes to be with.

Indeed there is some charismatic personality someone has.

But what are the qualities of a likeable person?

We human, are Social animals. And we all like to be social.

We like to be surrounded by others. Because we all have something to share with and want someone to be hear us.

No one wants to live alone.

Meanwhile, Some prefer to stay lonely, because they feel exhausted to be with others.

And rest are alone due to their behavior.

It’s a personality or behavior or individual skills that attract others to the one. 

So further sharing…

Personal qualities that make you a likeable person in your group.

Be an Expert in your own area

Everyone likes to be with those who are knowledgeable, smart and yet Humble.

Such likeable person also help them in time when need support.

An expert individual in his area attracts another beginner in the same area.

So because of acquiring knowledge and to reach that position, one like to be with the industry leader.

Everyone looks at them as a Role model and a Leader to follow.


Friendly behavior that helps

Friendship doesn’t look at age & perfection.

A friendly nature attracts many and makes them feel comfortable.

They look at you as a loving friend and likeable person, worth to spend time with.

Absolutely, everyone likes to spend some quality time and for that, they are searching for the one who is just like them.

Your friendly behavior gives them space and to open up, and reason to love you more.


Wear a Smile

Have that Smile always with you.

Smile with your heart, and receive the same.

A person with a genuine smile and good gestures becomes a likeable person in group.

Improve your sense of humor, that attracts people at you.

Make them smile, that’s it. But make sure, not to offend others.

So better keep it up to a certain level only.

Give them a reason to smile, you have no idea from what life has brought to them.

Person who loved by everyone, have this common quality.

To make other laughs, they are good at a sense of humor.


They like you if you listen to them

Everyone here wants someone to hear them, to share things with them.

We have a habit to talk more about ourselves.

But we forget that they also have something to discuss.

The fact is, we speak a lot & listen less, in spite of having two ears & one mouth.

Remember, they have some to say. So listen properly, listen to what they have for share.

You can’t be a likeable person, by just speaking. You need to listen to other as well.


It’s your positive behavior that attracts them

People want to be with them who have a positive approach to life.

If you motivate them, if you put the inspiration in them, then they have a positive impression of yours.

Be the one, who motivates others and shows a positive sight of life.

In the world full of problems & difficulties, everyone wants someone to give them a push to raise.

The quality that makes you a likeable person is, your inspiring behavior.


Make a costume to be on time always

Agree that you have that habit to reach at a meeting late all the time.

Everyone loves the person who is punctual and values others time,too.

No matter it’s a friends gathering or work meeting, make sure to be on time.

If you have a habit to reach there late, they take you as you haven’t value for them and this gives them other reasons to like you.

Even your friends want you to be on time.

Show your respect & interest in them, by reaching on time. 

Build some good habits that also their inspiration and bring a positive impact in their life.


Likeable persons are confident

No matter what you do, Just do it by full confidence.

People attracted by the one who fueled with confidence.

It’s your confidence, that makes you a likeable one for them.

Show your confidence and let them feel, too.

Create an environment for them, so that they also feel the same.

Do something, which raises their confidence & trust in own self.

And they’ll never forget. 

You don’t complain over the little things and adjust yourself accordingly to the situation, also your nature to help others in the same.

This is the reason most others are like to be with you and don’t hesitate to ask for your help.


Likeable one cares for others first

It’s been very tough to find the one who is your true friend.

Everyone has friends who have that Best friend, but in reality, they simply can’t trust them blindly.

A true friend is the one who saves your name, in your absences.

If you are not able to find a friend like that, Be that one.

Be the one, who is there in a hard time.

Be a likeable person that assists others and never lets them down.


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Person who stay there, in actual need

People usually like to be with those who not just talk, but also be there in need.

Your moral support, as likeable person can add value to one’s life.

Say something positive to them, show them you are with them, show your support.

If you are the one who supports others and gives the right direction in life, they tend to be with you.

Sometimes, a simple presence of yours can solve the problem of them and relieve them from negative mindset.

Support them when they need it, and they’ll return it back,too.


Just make them feel comfortable, any others don’t

Even a shy guy want to be with others.

Yeah, they want to be with others, but simply can’t find the one who makes him comfortable.

If you make others feel comfortable around you, the chances are high that they want to be with you.

Create an environment around you so that they feel free and like to be with you.

If you really want other to be with you and to be loved by them, make sure you give them what you want.

Make others feel be loved, and that’s what liked one does.

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