losing friends in 20s. losing friends in college

Losing friends in your 20s ?? No, it’s not your Faults.

Probably you are wondering also tensed over, Why are you losing friends in your 20s? 

Don’t worry…It’s completely normal to lose friends as you get older. (Especially after college) As time passes and life changes take place, you get to know that the teenage league doesn’t feel the same. Losing friends after college or school completion happens to most of us. 

Maybe you blame yourself because you think it’s your fault that your friends leaving you. But the fact is, you are not the reason for it. The fact is, everything’s priorities changed in life and so their behavior also.

And many other factors also responsible to make this sudden change. Further sharing the most common reasons that your circle becoming small in size in the mid-20s. 

Reasons:  Why are you losing friends in your 20s

Working on Career goal

When we are young, we have time to play & chat all day & night with our friends. But as time passes, we have to shift our focus to career & other important things in life. So as in our 20s, we focus on our career more than any other thing, even friends. 

This will result in going away from current mates, and they also move away with own career path. As most of your fellows also you become career-oriented, then left with no time for a meeting. 


Being serious with life

As life takes many changes in one’s life in 20s, a person becomes more serious about his future and situation. You may find that the craziest one in your friend group, now become focused in life. 

Many people realize the importance of life & their decision after completion of college. One’s mindset changes from “Free Time to manage time”, as their level of maturity increases. Most become serious with life and prefer to disconnect with other fellows. Finally, they go isolated and lose friends from college. 


Leaving the schools/College

Now you are done with the college & school, your friends’ group will be available only in the WhatsApp groups only. No matter how strong your group maybe today, but after the completion of your education, every friend of yours only available on mobile only. 

While in the college, you have regular meetings & chatting in the parking yards, but that’s not possible once it’s over. You and your friends choose a different path and start a new journey apart. Some of them you meet in the future and some you’ll never be able to see again. As you all chose own path and not having common mean to contact again. That’s how we losing friends after college.

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Can be a Geographic distance

Once the college life is over and practical life begins, everyone runs for setting their career first and busy in making life better. Some of your friends may have gone abroad to study, some of them moved to another city for work

Direct contact is not possible with them, and you start losing friends. Every your mate and even you just disconnect with each other and even have no time to remember those days you enjoyed in school or colleges.  


Get to know about practical life

A common reason for losing friends in your 20s or after college is due to understanding the reality of life. All your young age and school times, you and fellows have enjoyed some funny & stupid things that you like. But now, you realize that you have to make your life better. As now you have Dreams to fulfill and a life to build. 

As a kid we used to spend most of our time playing with friends, now that’s not possible. We keep losing our friends even more in our 20s, as we all are busy working on dreams. And identify the things to change according to age. The mid-20s are the age you start losing friends.

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Attitude & Behaviour change

We become smarter day-by-day. The smarter we become, the more conflicts we have. You notice that there is a behavioral change in your friends. They now are not the same as they were in college or school. 

Change may be positive or negative, and that is because of their life events also. May you think that you haven’t changed a bit since these years, but your old buddy quickly notices that change in you. Absolutely you changed, but how your friends take your change decides they will stay with you are not.


Priorities Changes

There was a time when we used to spend more than half of our day with friends. At that time we have no aspirations in mind, but once we get older the desires & dreams take place in life. In our 20s, our priorities change, as our action reflects that. 

Now we have a career to build, we have a life to improve, desires to fulfill & dreams to achieve. Because of that most of the time, we spend more on work & family.  And have no left with enough time to go and meet the old friends. And we start losing them. 


Went into Isolation

There is no denying that some of your friends or even you like to be alone. In between your early 20s to mid-20s many circumstances occurred and, which makes you think it’s better to stay alone. Even you prefer to distance yourself from your closest friends. 

It can be a heartbreaking incident or some broken feelings, you had. But now you prefer to stay alone. Rather than being surrounded by fake ones, you like to spend most of his time alone and keep the distance from others. 

If it’s not your case, then maybe it’s your friends’ whom you lose.

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It’s new friends, who take place the older ones

In your 20s, there is a phase when you keep losing your old ones and making a new one. Changing in lifestyle, starting a  new job or leaving the current city, etc, and many other reasons you lose your old friends, you used to hang out with. 

In your 20s, you get to meet many new people in life and become buddies with them. Have a friendship built with the new ones and you start losing your old friends because you have no more contact with them than you have with new ones now.

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Final thoughts: 

Losing friends in your 20s, can be the result due to the change in priorities and personalities as well. The common bonding they have in the buddy circle doesn’t feel the same always. It can be due to one person or the others combined. 

Or even because of the hard phase of life, who changes someone completely. Just don’t take it seriously at all. Just be with the one who is with you right now, as you are not here to please everybody. 

Remember everyone here has own goal and priorities if you are not for them. It’s ok for you and for them as well.  Don’t feel frustrated over losing friends in your mid-20s, it’s happening to everyone, not only with you.

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