Things You Shouldn't Say On A First Date

26 Things You Shouldn’t Say On A First Date

A first date could be an experience to remember as ‘a memorable’ or ‘a disaster’!

When you meet someone on a first date, there’s a fine line between what to talk about and what not to talk about. 

No matter how excited you’re to meet them, there’s always something to look after. 

There are many funny to awkward things you shouldn’t say on a first date, even if they ask or you feel it right time to talk to them. 



What Not To Say On A First Date?

Well, you feel so pumped up about finally meeting that person for the first time.

You’ve chatted enough, but it’s still your first date. 

Of course, you certainly don’t want to do anything that scares your date or turns them off. 

What Not To Say On A First Date

You might have advice on to do this or that before the first date. 

But, be aware of crazy or funny things you shouldn’t ask or say on a first date ever. 


Worst Things You Shouldn’t Say On A First Date

Worst Things You Shouldn’t Say On A First Date

1. Your past relationships (obviously) or how many ex-s you have.

You get a chance to share this later, but this isn’t to talk on the first meet-up. 

If your date asks, it’s more like an interview question, ‘why did you leave your last job?’ 

Ask to appear that you are ready for a fresh start. 

2. Asking why they still couldn’t find someone. 

‘Oh, you’re so cute, why are you still single?’ (, and have to date ‘me’.), don’t say it.

Instead of that, think as they choose you to be his first date. 

They must have found something special about you. 

3. Informing you know everything about her from your dating profile or Instagram. 

Your first date is the reason to talk and know each other better. 

No need to presume everything or just act as if you know everything about her. 

Maybe you stalk them on social media, but there’s still more to learn. 

4. Exchanging the best qualities of an ideal date. 

Come on, you both agree to meet up on a date, there’s nothing too much to think of. 

Enjoy that time, and make it a good experience. 

Rather than talking about the perfect date preferences, you can make it already.

5. Discussing who had the worst date experience. 

It might seem fun to share the failed dating experience you have had 

But, this is something you don’t need to discuss on the first date just to impress them. 

6. Sharing compliments only about body or appearance. 

To make them feel comfortable around you, compliments on the first date are essential. 

Better if you don’t compliment them too much or go any far while praising them.

When you go overboard, it sometimes scares them. 

7. Debating over political issues or sensitive subjects in the world. 

You might plan to run for president one day or are a topper in world economics. 

But on a first date, this is something that you shouldn’t talk about. 

8. Bring the third person into the conversation somehow. 

This date must be about you and them, not a third person

If they ask, share, but you don’t have to share your entire story with them or your entire experiences. 

9. Revealing your secret desires or fantasies.

It’s no point to be so hurried and intolerant. 

When you get too personal instead of being thoughtful, you destroy your first impression on a first date. 

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(Even If Funny) Things Not To Say On The First Date

Funny Things Not To Say On The First Date

10. Playing games to check their intelligence.

You don’t want to make your first date a job interview for them. 

It’s not funny to ask them questions or riddles just because you want to know if they’re smarter or not. 

11. Talking the most about your family history or lifestyle. 

It’s fine to share some information about how your family supports your choices. 

But, it’s completely unnecessary to share your family history on a first date. 

12. Telling them that you hired dating experts. 

If you say this, your date might feel you’re not confident to make yourself out. 

13. Letting them know your limitations on the first date. 

The point is not to hide, but to wait for the right time to share it. 

But this first date is to talk about something positive and leave with a good impression. 

14. Being impatient and discussing the marriage plans. 

It’s just a first date and you don’t know much about each other yet. 

Wait for it to be the second or fifth meet-up. 

Agree that you want to settle with someone, but better to not think too much about the long term now. 

15. Sharing your perfect man criteria or checklist for ‘the one’.

If you share what you look for in your life partner on the first date, you just create pressure. 

You could just enjoy the first date, instead of setting a target for them. 

16. Talking about the number of kids you want to have in the future.

Indeed, it’s also fun to talk about how many kids you plan to have after marriage. 

Some might find it funny, but to some, it’s inappropriate to ask on a first date. 

17. Informing, you fall in love just with their pictures.

Even if you are, this is not the right time to share that you are just in love. 

You also want to know them and their interest.

Right now, it’s still one-sided, too. 

18. Asking to clarify why they never date anyone, but you only. 

Possibly, this person was busy with their career and family life, that they started dating late. 

You don’t know about them enough, so be careful with what you ask or say. 

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Awkward Things Not To Talk About On Your First Date

Awkward Things Not To Talk About On Your First Date

19. Asking silly or crazy questions.

You can play some fun games with your first date when you’re comfortable. 

While you also need to check if they also feel ready to answer that or to play 2 truths and a lie.

Or you bore or confuse them. 

20. Suggesting some changes they need to do to be with you. 

No need to correct them or expect them to change something for you. 

Accept them for who they’re. 

If not, no need to tell them that they’re not good enough on a first date.

21. Assuming and not allowing them to say something

You could just ask if your date feels bored or uncomfortable. 

Involve them, and ask for suggestions when they don’t seem to enjoy.

Make it a good date for both of you.

22. Talking about your past regret or mistakes in life.

Your date isn’t interested in knowing how many careers you changed or your childhood regrets. 

Have your eye on the future, and share something exciting not depressing. 

23. Telling your crush story and current celebrity crush.

On the first date, your all focus has to be on that person.

Forget about your high school or celebrity crush, make this person special instead. 

24. Measuring the differences between you.

At the moment you both are at the same table and in quite the same situation. 

Never mention you’re way better than them, in anything from looks, money, achievement, followers, or anything. 

25. Complaining about anything.

The food here isn’t that good or your cab driver wasn’t friendly, it shouldn’t be your first date discussion. 

Remember, you’re not with your office workers, but trying to start a new connection here. 

26. This is your last meeting with them. 

Well, if you want to be honest, you can ignore this. 

But it’s also a good idea to fake it, that you don’t enjoy your first date or are no longer interested in them. 

This is to be safe from any emotional drama or making anyone wasted because of you.

Sometimes, it also gives a person the feeling that they’re not good enough.

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Why Such Things Are Not Good To Talk About On A First Date?

Because these things are quite personal, unnecessary, and too funny to say on a first date. 

This will eventually take you off-topic and spoils your date’s mood. 

Instead of asking or sharing such things, you can try to make your first date an enjoyable experience for both of you.

Well, if you want, you can take a look at these tinder topics to talk about to get started. 


You don’t have to make it special but a comfortable date is still a good move.