When You Don’t Want To Do Anything

Relax, When You Don’t Want To Do Anything (It’s Fine!)

Last updated on March 15th, 2023 at 06:30 pm

You like what you do in your life, it’s your passion, the purpose of your life. 

And, that one day comes when you don’t want to do anything.

Because you’ve been doing something for so long. 

Being busy so far, you might overlook your health and other needs in life. And, one simple thing you can do is to just ‘relax and do nothing’, actually.

That’s fine, there’s nothing wrong if you feel the same. 

This shows you’ve been running for a very long and it’s your time to take a pause.


Why Do You Feel Like You Don’t Want Anything?

Well, if you feel as if  ‘I’m just done with what I’ve been doing so far. I just want to do nothing anymore.’ this means, you need to stop and take a short or long break.

You don’t have to keep pushing yourself, let yourself relax. 

Maybe these are the something that causes not wanting to do something sometimes. 

Why Do You Feel Like You Don't Want To Do Anything

1. You’ve been working without taking a day off. 

When you find your passion, you just never look at the time and day, but just live it every day. 

After some time, everything gets regular and you kind of feel bored with it. 

Fine, you just need to relax and break from the chain. That’s it. 

2. You’ve no longer motivated or passionate about something. 

Maybe you have done everything you could do for your purpose.

Or these things no longer make you feel inspired. 

When that happens, you should know if it’s a call for giving up on something and starting over in life

But before that, it’s fine if you do nothing and take a break. 

3. You’re not getting the results that you desire. 

It’s a demotivating reason why you no longer want to do something that you were excited about before. 

Especially in the early stage, you even ignore if something brings you results or not, you just work without thinking much about the outcomes. 

But, it’s been a long time, and you still are not getting what you paid for. 

Now, you feel like you’re wasting your time and don’t want to do anything anymore. 

4. You’re the only one who has been working alone. 

This is either regarding maintaining your relationship or friendship with someone. 

You’re truly into it and never think if the other person does their part or not. 

But, now you realize that it’s only you who has been working on this connection. 

You feel sad and you don’t want to do anything. 

Because you feel used by someone. 

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5. You’ve been hustling really really hard. 

If you like to grind and call yourself a hustler, that’s good. 

But, you shouldn’t forget about the other important aspects of life that are important too. 

Indeed, you want to do great things, but sometimes it’s fine to enjoy small things as they’re. 

Remember hustling lasts forever and it never stops. 

You better have to find time to relax. 

6. You reach your limits and there’s nothing more to do. 

You do everything you could in your field. 

And this is the end of the road, there’s nothing left for you. you try your hands on everything. 

Maybe you worked so hard that you got everything done quickly 

And, here you’re feeling like you don’t want to do anything for some time because there’s nothing new left.

7. You feel like you have nothing else to do but this. 

You’ve been pushing yourself so hard to do something without thinking if you want this. 

This work or thing already took many years of your life. 

Even though you’re not into it, you can’t easily separate from it. 

Now it has become a part of your life and you think nothing else you can do.  

Believe you’re exhausted from something and you should take a break.

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What To DO When You Feel Like Doing Nothing? 

That’s it, when you want to do nothing for a moment, don’t do it.

You also want to check if this is the need for a break or if you want to give up on this thing and want to do it nothing anymore. 

Sometimes, a break is needed to keep the excitement alive in something. 

Being in the same routine and living every day the same way, gets boring and frustrating after some weeks if not months. 

That doesn’t mean you’ve to just give up on things you love to do. 

Take a break from your routine. 

And when you feel that you don’t want to do anything, just do nothing. 

Spend more time with yourself, and with your family. 

Redesign your life, innovate your lifestyle, and in this break, do something that you really wanted to do but never had time to. 


The feeling of not wanting to do anything might be because you’ve been doing so many things for a long time. 

And this is the time that you need to stop and just do nothing for a while.