Why I decided to Live Like a Monk at age of 25?

Why I decided to Live Like a Monk at age of 25?

Last updated on August 23rd, 2020 at 01:05 pm

Hi There,

This is the First Blog Post, I’m about to share.

Thanks for reaching here and taking interest to know what this blog, monk at 25 is about. I decided to start this blog when I turned 25. To spread positivity & life learning with those who are in their 20s. This blog is for every twenty-somethings and also in the same life as me, and to guide them for not doing the mistakes which i have done.

Through this blog I’m going to share lessons received from the peoples, I met online & offline. So I’m thankful to all those who directly or indirectly helped me to see a positive side of life.

As I’m now 25, I know how challenging life is in the twenties.

I know many people are dealing with the same situation. This blog belongs to all those who are in their twenties and may this blog feels them like they are also not alone.

The purpose behind starting this Blog: Monk at 25 , is simply that I want to share my experience with the other, who going to make the same mistakes as me. And also aimed towards creating a community of the hustlers and like-minded peoples. I hope through this blog, I find peoples who want to make a Positive Impact in other’s lives,too.


Reasons to live like a Monk at the age of 25?

Till my early 20s, I’m like all other guys who used to spend most of the time doing things that not adding value to life. But after going through some inspirational videos over Youtube and other platforms, I realized the mistakes i was making. Realized that, I have to take some serious step to make my life meaningful. I have to find the purpose of my life and a reason why God give me life. And on my 25th birthday , I finally decided to change my self completely.

I know I have a long life to live and so many things to learn and achieve in life. So firstly I decided to change my lifestyle and my habits. The time I used to spend watching TVs and playing games are now I spent in Reading Life books and online materials that guide me to bring a positive change in my life. In this process of searching for Inspirational materials, I suddenly came across the lifestyle of the Buddhist monk online.

A level of their patience and way of living amazed me and then I decided to follow some of their characteristics in my life. Characteristics from them which I want in my life that is Patience, determination, sacrifice, and faith, etc. As I’m involving in the marketing work, so these characteristics & skills are must to have. Skills required to follow in life to identify the purpose of life and achieve personal goals as well.


I know that all I want is, A Disciplined life and that the reason I decided to live like a monk.

And that patience & determination I tried to put in my work as well.

Indeed being a monk is quite challenging, but certain changes has to implement. 

Indeed, for me being a monk is quite tough, but all i want is to develop mindsets, lifestyles they follow. In this new year, I aimed to transform myself into a positive soul just like a zen monk. I’m HUSTLER and these characteristics of the monk will help me to maintain my cool in the tough time, I’m going through in my 20s. 

I want to enjoy my daily hustle, with the Passion of the HUSTLER and with mindset of a Monk.

Monk at 25, a Blog is a result of my positive transformation which I think every 20s somethings need to adopt in their life, like me. So through this blog, I’m about to share my learning and experiences which I felt after being like a monk  in my 20s and hoping that this also guide others in this age,too.


I’m going to share my experiences as being monk in my 20s, here are my sharing about:

Introduction : Life experiences list in my 20s

Relationship : All about Relationship things , something personal

Career : Career calling in our 20s

Self Improvement : Must have self improvement plan for better future

Reminders : Positive Reminders in this age

Life : My personal Short life lessons

Also, hope this blog helps those who just entered in their 20s or those who already are in their 20s-30s as me. I also wish that this blog feel the readers like:

“No, I’m not alone; I have a friend with me who know hows I’m

And also feel the same as I’m feeling right now.”


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