Be Proud of Yourself, My Friend

Be Proud of Yourself, My Friend

Hey, you…  Do you know, you are special to this world. 

You should be proud of yourself because you stay who you are. You never compare yourself to anyone… 

Because you know you can’t be like others ever, and they can’t be you. 


Every single person on this planet is different from one another. Nobody is the same. You are unique, the one and only one. But, do you feel proud of yourself?

Well, you don’t have to only do great or crazy things to make yourself feel proud. You simply can be proud of being who you are.

Remember, the reason to be confident about yourself… is already within you. You don’t need to find it elsewhere. 


You are unique… #1 reason to Be proud of yourself.

Be proud of who you are

Being happy and proud is your choice and you already have so many reasons to feel it. You just never have thought of it, and so never feel that way. 

Your role in this world is so much more than your Instagram likes. You need to be proud of who you are, as a live person and not as a virtual image. 

Stop going after more followers and likes anymore, because that’s just numbers. There will always be someone who has better numbers than you.

Here everyone is trying to look better and smarter than others, but no one thinks of being themselves.


Never compare yourself with others.

Remember, you are not here to compare yourself with others.

You can never be the best of everyone, and that never has to be your goal. Compare yourself with yourself, and not anyone else. 

You can’t be the best/worst, no matter how hard you try to become… Because you will find the one who is more than you. 

Instead of running after numbers and trying to look perfect… just relax and Be yourself. Be who you are. 

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Accept your flaws, everyone has one.

Be proud stay true

Know what you can do and what can not. It’s okay to accept your limitations, at least you are not faking it to anyone, to yourself, especially. 

Be true to yourself, and that’s the only way to live life tension-free. Stay free from any judgments and opinions of others, you don’t have to prove them anything. 

You are perfect in yourself, you are everything to make your life happy enough.


Be proud of who you are, You matter. 

Stop limiting yourself thinking of their negative remarks and comments on you. Even though you’ll match their standards, they will talk negatively about you, anyhow. 

Leave them with their own limitations and thoughts. You don’t have anything to take it from them. 

They can’t see your value, it’s their fault… and not yours. 

I believe in you, you are more than what we can see. You can do, more than you can imagine.

Just ignore such negative words that others throw at you. 

Don’t let someone’s failure decide what to do with your life and in the future. They failed, it’s all showing their limitations and not yours. 

Your life is different, your situation is different. And you are different.

So be proud of yourself and stay who you are.

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You are just perfect.

Be proud Be you

Start enjoying your imperfections. Let them think that you are average.

But, never try to be perfect as they want. Because they are not perfect in themselves, either. 

The purpose of your life is to be yourself, enjoy your time on earth, and have some great memories to remember. 

You are not here to do everything perfectly and be perfect, by any means. 

Always be proud of yourself, and feel confident in life. 

Do you know, you only can look perfect when you are who you are. Because when you stay true to yourself, you don’t have to put any pressure on yourself. 


Be different and not the Better. 

Don’t limit yourself by any means, your role in the world is important. So be proud of yourself. 

You look good, as you are. You are smart, more than you know. 

Accept yourself. Keep yourself separate from any negativity in life.

No matter what, always choose the bright side only. Focus on yourself and not on others.

Leave your unique impression in the world, but never try to look bigger than others. 

Your footprint has to be different and not bigger. 

I can’t see you waste your time comparing and spoiling yourself. Stop comparing yourself with others. Because you are beyond their thinking.

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Change… only to update yourself and not under pressure. 

Always Be proud of who you are

Remember, other’s expectations and comments about you will always be there.

You can’t do anything about it. So never take any decisions under pressure or to seek others’ attention. 

You are here for your own life, to make your life better and not to look better than others. 

Accept yourself, be who you are, and feel proud of yourself for every decision you take.

Your happiness is way more important than anyone else.

Prefer to ignore those who only have negative things to say about you. Never try to change other’s opinions about you. Because you simply can’t change that way.

Instead of that change only to update yourself

Change only when you are inspired and confident, and not when you’re under pressure or self-doubts. 


Be the reason for someone to feel proud of you. 

Just feel proud of yourself and also give your people a chance to feel the same about you. 

With that means we don’t want you to climb mount Everest, or plan a world trip for your family, right now. 

No, you don’t have to do something great to make your people happy and confident about you. 

All you need there is to just understand your role and responsibility towards your family, friends, and nearest ones.  

Stay true to yourself and your people.

Give them your time and attention, when required. That’s all they need from you. 

Never be so busy making your life better, that you left with no enough time to spend with your loved ones. 

Live for yourself, for your people… and not for the whole world.

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Feel proud of yourself, but never let it over your head. 

Of course, you deserve respect and value for who you are.

You deserve appreciation and recognition for your contribution. But, that doesn’t mean you have to beg for it. 

Practice self-love, but never be selfish.

Be proud of yourself, but not at the cost of someone else’s self-respect. 

Just like you are different, others are also different, too. Respect yourself, but also show care and love for others, too. 

Write it down or keep a note to yourself, but make sure you have a list of things to feel proud of yourself for who you are. Aim to take more challenges and create more memories from life. 

Keep eyes on the positive aspects of life only, you don’t have to figure it out alone.

See what makes you happy and make sure to follow it in your life.  

No matter what, do something that uplifts your life, and make sure to have more reasons to Be proud of yourself. Because who knows your small act to your life, may change to other’s life, too.

Be proud of who you are, because this is the way to live your life to the fullest.