Do What Makes You Happy In Life

Do What Makes You Happy In Life. 10 Things To Be a Happiest Person

Last updated on August 23rd, 2022 at 07:08 pm

Probably you heard that quote saying, “Do more of what makes you happy”.

But, the question is: Do you know, What makes you truly happy in life? The quote is of course, great in its meaning.

But, Is it possible to Be and stay so happy, so easily in life? And, that’s what we are going to discuss in this post. 


Happiness is a choice that you make in any situation. 

You can be cool and calm during the hard times, and enjoy every sip of your coffee, thinking that you are capable of overcoming whatever there is. 

Or you can be frustrated and sad, despite having all resources available. Because you don’t know how to stay happy and satisfied in life.

Of course, you’re the in-charge, you’re the boss of your life decisions, choices, and approaches.

Find what makes you happy and Do it every single day. 

We all have enough opportunities and at the same time-limits to do or achieve something in life.

Just like not everyone gets the same success and fame as they desired, not everyone shows the same reaction to the success or failures, afterward.

So, How can someone be so happy and fulfilled in life? And why not others feel similar to the same situation? Again, the answer lies in those choices they make and the perspective they have in mind. 

What makes one person happy, does not necessarily have to make another happy either. But there are some ways to follow such a positive perspective in life.

If you want to know how to stay so positive and happy in life, then here are such things that help you to feel so.

Refer to everything one-by-one and ask yourself, Do you follow that in your life or not? Because these are the things that support you to live a happy life. 


10 Things that make you Happy in Life

1. Set some exciting goals for yourself. 

Happiness starts with you, and not with anyone else. Believe you are responsible for your happiness and not others.

And to feel that happiness and confidence feeling in life, you have to do more of what you’re feeling passionate about. Yes, talking about the interesting and positive goals that you actually want to achieve in life. 

Read again, here we are talking about the positive goals, which means your goals have to be your and inspiring ones. 

If you are following the goals that make you frustrated and keeps you busy with worries, then you really need to redesign your thinking towards life. 

First thing first, make sure you’re following goals that makes you happy while following that, and you can stay focused on it. 

When you follow your goals, with match your interest and passion, then you are on the right path in life. 

2. Follow gratitude in life.

do what makes you happy

Whether you feel that or not, but we all are thankful for many things in our lives, even more than regrets we carry. 

We constantly argue over what we lose and feel down all the time. But, we completely ignore the fact that we always have something to feel thankful for in life

Your level of satisfaction and happiness increases, as you start practicing gratitude in your routine. 

So, next time when you feel low in life, take a moment and start thinking of what makes you happy and fulfilled within. 

And you will find the reason to stay positive in every situation.

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3. Help someone to achieve their goals. 

Directly or indirectly we all are dependent on each other. 

We can not grow alone, we always need someone to level up our life. The real joy and happiness in life always come from working for and celebrating after the successes together. 

You can not grow and look better by beating others. 

Never forget your roots, and your struggling period. And, help someone around who is in the same phase, as you were before. 

Same as someone was there for you during the developing phase, Be the supporter, a leader for another person in life. 

Being kind to others and guiding them right to success, is one of the best things that makes you happy in life.

Believe it, you feel better after helping someone. 

4. Laugh it out. 

what makes you happy

How often do you smile? Do you laugh fully? Does your smile is powerful enough to make others smile, too?

If yes, then congrats on doing what makes you happy already. And if not, then you need to change your approach to stay happy in every situation there. 

Yes, whatever the situation may be, make sure you laugh fully. 

While achieving success, you have a good reason to smile. But, it’s more required when your time is not right and you’re feeling great inside. 

At that time, prefer to laugh it out, as that happened to you.

Take the important lesson out of it and just stop thinking any further about it. 

Just laugh it out, as life tragedy, and Let it go. Because you have no control over your past, anymore.

And of course, you can change your future, instead. So prefer to go ahead.

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5. Spend time with your parents and family.

Want to feel confident and satisfied in regular life? Then, take time out of your busy schedule and be with your family, your parents, your siblings, your loved ones. 

Time spent with your people always makes you happy and positive in life.

Be in supportive environments. Be with those who love you unconditionally. 

Never bring your office stress to home, keep it at the office only. 

Make sure, when your day at the job is difficult, it’ll never negatively impact your relationship and environment at home, either. 

Spend time with your family and loved ones, to feel relaxed and tension free. And, don’t discuss office things at home, even if that is not frustrating.  

Listen to your family and parents, they have something to tell you about. 

6. Be with yourself. 

what makes you happy and fulfilled

Ask yourself, what was the last time when you spent all alone? 

We are not talking about sitting in your chair and scrolling social media feeds, here. We’re talking about the time when you realize your existence and feel relaxed by knowing your value.

If you have not experienced that moment, then time is now.

Spare some time for yourself, too. Do something that makes you feel you happy and compete inside. 

Do more of what makes you happy, by yourself.

Like meditation, playing your favorite instruments, listening to music, or doing nothing and sitting in silence.

Such things are easy to follow, but probably you’re ignoring it completely, Right?

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7. Learn how to let go in life.

Making mistakes are completely random and rather than taking it as a lifetime failure, consider it as a learning experience. 

When you keep thinking about the mistakes over and over again, you will never feel good or positive about yourself, By any means. 

Do you have some regrets from life or any negative experiences in mind, then first time to release yourself from them. 

Leave the past in the past and move on. 

Especially, when you really want to do something that makes you happy, you have to let go of something that is stopping you from doing something confidently. 

8. Stop overthinking. 

be happy in life

Thinking logically about any situation…that of course helps you to make a better way out of it. 

But, when you overthink everything, you just make it hard for you to follow it truly.

Remember, simply by thinking and you can not solve something.

Your thoughts and imagination whatever your mind is showing can’t be true, always.

So, stop overthinking in your relationship, in your career, and any aspect of life.

Prefer to take the right action first over, just over-planning and overthinking. 

In order to do something that makes you happy, you really need to stop thinking too much and collect all your energy to take the first step towards, instead.

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9. Take timely rest and break from routine life. 

Your life is precious, you are not just supposed to live your life, just to work and pay your bills only. 

You deserve more and more happy moments in your life. Your life wants to collect even more memories to rewind, later on. 

Don’t think that you don’t have time to relax or go on a vacation. It’s your excuse only. 

Take time for yourself, for your family, for your life. 

Go for a vacation, or long-drive on the weekend. Don’t let your routine life, ruin your opportunities to enjoy life in between. 

Start taking time aside and do something that makes you happy. Be with your people and enjoy time in life, to the fullest. 

10. Compare with yourself, and not with others.

find what makes you happy 

When you keep thinking of others over you, you make it hard for yourself to live. 

Stop making your life that complicated. It’s really not that serious and tough as you’re making it. 

You are here to live your life and to leave unique impressions of you. 

And that doesn’t mean to compare and compete with others. Believe that, you’re special and one and only in this world. 

You suppose to stay different and true as you really are. 

Do what makes you happy, do what you can do differently. You don’t have to follow anybody. Just create your own path and follow it. 

Because the world remembered those who choose the different path and not the ones, who do something better than someone else. 

Remember, you’re your true competitor and not anyone else.

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So, What makes you happy in life?

As said earlier… Happiness is a choice that you make. It never has to be a goal or just a desire anymore.

Forget and ignore any negative things that your mind or others are passing at you. 

You are the master of your life. Being happy at some, it’s your choice. 

No one else can force you to feel something, without your consent. So don’t blame someone to spoil your mood or playing with your feelings. Leave it, to their nature, only.

Focus on you, because you are more than what anyone can imagine. 

Feel confident about yourself. Take required action and start enjoying every moment in life. 

If you really want to do what makes you happy, then ignore everything and just do it. Follow these ten important things and that will make it easy for you to stay confident and happy in your life. 

So, All the very best, and thanks for reading.