How To Be Happy Alone In Life

How To Be Happy Alone In Life?

Last updated on November 14th, 2020 at 03:37 pm

If you want to learn how to be happy alone in life, then this article is for you. We are sharing the best ways to be your own friend and enjoy this loneliness like never before. 

The fact of today’s life is…. everyone here is alone. But not everyone is Happily alone. 

Some are waiting hard to have free time for their own self, while one is expecting to end this lonely time. 

Extroverts aspire to be alone, while introverts secretly expect to be with someone else.

Some feel lonely even while parting, Whereas one is already partying with ownself, alone in the room.  

Not everyone experiences and treats loneliness equally. Everyone has their expectations and reasons for being lonely. But, again not everyone can be happy while living and staying alone.


Can you be happy alone?

Of course, you can be happy alone and fulfilling in life, if you want to.

If you keep engaging yourself in feeling alone, you probably won’t have a lonely time that much. 

But if you take this alone time to engage yourself in something inspiring and worthwhile for you, then you can benefit from being alone.

Being alone does not necessarily have to be boring always. 

Prefer to engage yourself in self-development, create something great for the future, challenge yourself, and set activities to do when you are alone. 

When you adjust yourself to being alone, you’ll no longer feel panicked due to “loneliness”. But, ultimately you get more creative and happy to be alone again.


10 Ways: How to be happy alone in life?

1. ‘That’ thoughts will not keep you alone and happy. 

Your thoughts can be your friend and opponent, too. 

It can be that inspiring person in your life, from whom you learn many things. And, in some cases, it can be those negative ones, who criticize you and try to put you down. 

Before anything else, first…Make sure your thoughts are inspiring and positive enough. 

Especially when you are alone, these can be trouble to live happily when your thoughts keep reminding you that you are isolated and separate, rather than living alone happily. 

To enjoy being alone, you need to transform your mind to think in your favor. 


2. Don’t stay empty inside, Fill your heart with excitement. 

Be Happy Alone In Life

Maybe you are alone because no one is around you to talk, right now. 

But, never let feelings of left alone, take over the excitement to enjoy your alone time. 

Fill your heart with desires and amazing activities that you can by yourself, for yourself.  Set some habits and routines that give you more time to spend on things you love. 

Have your bucket list ready, over what to do today, next week, next month, and even a year. Make sure you have bundle wishes and desires to keep you busy. 

Give your everyday ‘a purpose’, to live happy and alone.


3. Alone time is for ‘Passion projects’ to keep you engaged and complete.

To live your life happy alone, you need to build something that feels great about yourself. 

You can pursue your passion and work on your hobbies. You can start writing a journal or learn to play the guitar.

When you are alone and no one is here, the better thing is to be your own friend. Enjoy doing things that you really want to do earlier, but never get a chance to do. 

Do something inspiring for yourself that feels you great about being alone.  


4. Learn how to love yourself.

how to be happy alone

The process of learning how to be happy alone, also demands you to love yourself, first. 

And why not, if you’re not feeling complete by yourself, how you can positively experience the lonely time. If you keep striving to get perfect at every point, you end up being hard on yourself

Instead of keep bullying yourself, you want to be a friend of your own. So, that you can enjoy this me-time together, entirely

So make sure you learn how to love yourself. Be kind and believe in yourself, first. 


5. Challenge yourself. Do something you have never done.

Now when you are all alone by yourself, it’s time to do something out of the comfort zone

Yes, it is the best opportunity to do uncomfortable things. Somethings that are out of your introverted mind, that keeps you fearful and frustrated of doing. 

Doing challenging things, means it can be anything like starting a podcast or youtube channel which allows you to meet more people.

Just because you have been shy, this definitely challenges you to great extent. But, think about the results, what you get after doing such things.

After doing this you’ll have great memories and lifelong experience, totally unexpected ones.


6. Never waste your time doing things that feel you lonely.

how to be happy in life alone

Doing those regular things which you’ve been doing alone, will feel you nothing but lonely and bored inside

Our purpose here is to become happy and alone and to live this lonely time fully

If you prefer to watch TV shows and Netflix series, then it won’t help to live happily alone. These are just ways to pass your lonely time. That’s’ not what you want to do to feel you complete inside. 

Here we are talking about the inner desires to get happy alone. And, that only can be achieved by doing something that your heart wants. 

So, make sure to use your time right, at better activities that keep you involved. Such as drawing, making EDM tunes by own, learning a new language, visiting the nearest park,…


7. Be thankful for the things that you have.

The biggest mistake we make usually in life, that we take things too granted. 

Instead of feeling grateful for something that we have in life, we think of something that we failed to achieve.

We hold failures in mind, but we forget that we have important lessons from it, too. 

We have a beautiful present time to live, but we prefer to worry about the future.

Don’t have problematic mindsets, that only attract the problems only. Transform your minds to focus on the bright side of life. 

Feel thankful for the things that we have and achieved in the process. Thank your family, your friends, for being there and keeping you motivated. 

Feel blessed, because you’ve something that someone is still dreaming about. 


8. Be with someone very close, Don’t be just alone always.

learn how to be happy alone

Accepted that…we are learning how to be happy alone, here. But that doesn’t mean to disconnect from every single person in life. 

The idea is to be with someone, your own, with whom you’ve been with you since long, and supporting you truly. 

Your parents and your family have been there always to help and encourage you. Show them how proud you feel to have them in life. 

Maybe you are not in the mood to enter into a romantic relationship presently, but don’t forget any valuable connection you have, right now.

Your connection with family and friends has to be active and growing. 

Do something that strengthens your present connections, Feel them you value their appearance positively


9. Give a reason, Why being alone is beneficial for your life. 

When you decide to live an alone and happy life, you need to have some reason to stay alone again. 

And the purpose has to be positive indeed.

It has to be something that keeps reminding you.. Why being alone is actually good for you, specifically. 

Check what you learned while being alone. 

Test how much progress you made while working alone. 

Your decision to be alone has to be satisfied and happy in the end. Make sure it’s not a decision that you stay regretful for your coming life. 

Try to add value to your life, in your future. 

Make decisions that feel you great about being with yourself alone. 


10. Know your worth. Remind yourself…Your existence matter.

Happy Alone In Life

“I’m not worthy..” “Nobody loves me..”

When you stay alone or be isolated, these words you get to hear inside, normally. Because no one accepts you and wants to be with you. 

Don’t be a slave of your mind, eliminate your victim mentality. 

While being in alone time, realize your true worth. Know how much of a valuable person you are. 

You don’t need someone’s opinions and judgments about you. You are enough on your own. 

Don’t rely on someone for your happiness. 

Do confident things and work on something that you’re great at. 

Your contribution to this world matters, you can make a change in someone’s life. But first, focus on yourself. 

The world needs you because you are unique. 


How happy you can when you have the chance to be alone?

Self-realization and realizing your uniqueness is something that you usually find when you know how to be happy alone. Or else you only have regrets and self-doubts to remember. 

You can be separated by someone, you can be stuck by life, you can be ignored by many…But you can never be alone when you know what to attract in your lonely times. 


Start alone, but don’t’ stay lost. You always have the option to explore new ways. 

Stay alone, but don’t feel sad. You always have the ability to keep yourself happy and going.