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Craziest things prove that Introverts are awesome…

First thing introverts are awesome.

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Many people complain about their Rude, emotionless, timid & selfish behavior. 

May they are true, but simply don’t look in own self and understand they have not given them a reason to open up.

Yes, I’m sharing introvert things, that no one knows.

As a shy guy, I also have experienced the same words they used to say.

For the world, may an introvert will be that rude or calm one.

But an introvert himself knows, how much craziness & powers he hid from the world, also a reason why introverts are awesome.

Have a look…

What is there inside the minds of Introverts?

Common beliefs said Introverts are Rude

This is the thing that everyone who introvert will definitely relate to.

The introvert person often avoids public gatherings and in find a chance to stay away from that, too.

But when in case they have to face those others, they still prefer to say a few words or nothing at all.

This ultimately makes others feel that they are Rude to them.

If you are that shy, then you used to get advice from your parents how to behave in front of a guest.


Introverts are taken for granted many times

An introvert guy took as a granted by other friends.

Due to having that shyness, most people in society or even their friends take them as no one.

An introvert is not a good friend and loyal, most people have a wrong belief about them.

Due to having not that much friendly nature, most of the time an introvert guy is ignored by their friends.

Indeed there is created society conflict, by the immature one who makes others looking at shy persons suspiciously. 


Introverts are Clever than anyone else

Most people who have no idea what there is inside an introvert guy, often take them as a Dumb or coward who fears to show up in the public and to express their words.

But in reality, a Shy guy is the one who is more Clever and intelligent than anyone he’s surrounding.

Whether in a school or in college, an Introvert guy often passes the right answer to their friend who can speak in front of the whole class, when the question being asked to all.

Because introvert is just too shy to raise a hand and even to give an answer.

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Introvert save words for the Right moment

Though an Introvert guy, not labeled as great speakers by those who unknown to them.

They will save their words for the right moments. You get to know the true manner of speaking when the introvert has no choice but to speak.

So this makes an introvert guy that they value their words & only release them when it’s needed the most.


Beware…Introverts notice & Remember every thing

An introvert is great in remembering things, events & peoples.

The skill of remembering details will shock you when you are in the company of Introvert friends.

They have that secret power in themselves that they will remember the exact things that happened and the exact words spoken.

Though it seems that introvert has no concern with your words, Beware they notice & never forget.

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Only shy person know, How much patience they have

Do you know from whom you need to fear the most?? Not that angry one nor that loud one.

You need to fear of that Silent one. Yes, you heard it right.

You are aware of the anger of that one who used to, But you have no idea what damage you’ll get from the one who remains silent.

This relates to introvert one, well.

You get to see that wrath of the Introvert when you left him with no choice or you go beyond their level of patience.

Also, they very well know how to develop positive attitude in their life, in the absence of everyone.


Ask their close friend, How crazy they are??

No matter how afraid they seem to you.

But believe the fact, that an introvert guy is the craziest person with person they are open up or call a Best friend.

Really, you get to know their craziness when you will become their Best friends.

You are very special to them If an Introvert feel comfortable enough around you and like to do crazy things.  

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Introverts are True by heart & A Loyal Friend

Every shy person has certain criteria to judge you upon.

Based on that they decide that Are you the one to whom they call a Friend?

Mean to say, introverts are awesome friends.

Because they will be with you, only when they want to.

They will not force themselves to accept you if you are not as per their comfort zone.

And that makes them your true Friend.

You can easily recognize that A shy guy takes you as friends or not, simply by their behavior and they will not hide that.

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Introverts are awesome & Bold when it’s the Time

Believe it or not. But the reserved guy is the Boldest person you ever know.

They are good at hiding their emotions. They are good at control their emotions and anger.

And even able to keep their cool for the right time.

When the time is right and no other option left to them, you get to know what a Shy guy kept within own self.

The true power of them will be unleashed at the time and that’s simply shocked you for sure.

Instead of saying They are Shy…

Look, You’re not comfortable enough.

Just make them feel…

And see how Crazy they become.


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