Why Is It Okay To Not Have Friends

(7 Reasons) Why Is It Okay To Not Have Friends?

Those who think they could be happy only with friends… have no idea they can be friends with themselves. 

Friendship is fine, but not having any isn’t that bad, either.

Of course, nobody wants to remain ‘friendless’ forever. 

It’s all okay to not have friends at all, when you have some good reason.


Not Have Friends? Me Neither!

Yeah, I’m frank to admit that. No denying. 

I don’t have friends to chill out with every night. And I don’t feel bored on weekends either.

After all, I’m in my late 20s, and life is quite different than it used to be in my teenage or early 20s. 

But, wait, don’t think I’m all alone and always be like this. 

I’d friends (still have, not many, few) but lost connection. 

And we don’t usually hang out like before. Life things, you know. 

But hey, don’t think I’m hopeless; there are some friends I can call anytime, now for a reason.

Maybe you’re also experiencing the same. 

And if you feel lonely in your late 20s a curse, I have some good reason to change your mind. 


Why I Have No Friends And I’m Fine With That?

It’s fine if you’re like me, used to your loneliness, and believe you don’t need a friend at all.

When you feel so, have a positive reason and not pressured one, you’re all okay without any friendship. 

Here are my favorite reasons why I don’t need friends; I see it as normal. 

Why I Have No Friends And I’m Okay

1. I always love to spend time with myself. 

Not being too self-centered or thinking like ‘I’m more awesome’ than my friends. 

But, I just enjoy what I do and have a bunch of good activities to do when alone.

Due to that, some people think that I’m introverted, which I’m not definitely. 

Point is, I don’t mind, if my friends don’t show up for a few weeks or months, I am also comfortable with my company. 


2. I can’t force someone to be my friend or hope for friendship. 

One thing to let you know I have give up social media long ago, so no virtual friends either.

No more social media means, no pressure to post pictures on Monday. To prove I had an amazing weekend and was not left behind.

I am also fine to celebrate birthday wishes few one to three friends max. 

I let the friendship happen naturally and never desire the one. 

All the connections are legit, and I wish that person also wants to be my friend, not just me. 


3. Now, I have to focus more on myself and what I need.

Enjoying and partying with friends are all fun, for a certain age. 

But once you reach some stage, you better take your life more seriously, at least for your family.

You might not know that you have already wasted so much time on something that don’t deserve your time

Finally, I realize I need to focus more on life, my personal growth, and a way to become the next version. 

But, when friends are all around, I always feel the same, as if I will remain the same forever. 

Glad that I don’t have friends to bother in between the time when I need to spend on my progress. 


4. I have more time to improve my connection with family and parents.

As you grow, you leave your family nest and might move out of your parent’s house early. 

Over time, you get to live your life your way, and that’s a good thing.

The bad one is- you no longer have a direct connection with your parents anymore. 

What you miss out on is you could have a great friendship with your parents, if you want. 

They, of course, do not make you feel comfortable doing everything you can with friends. 

But the thing to remember is every friend is your friend for reason, but not your parents. 

You may have so many friends but parents and family could be the ones. 

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5. Focus more on a meaningful connection like best friends.

I still remember when I was on social media and always set my goal to have the next hundred or 1000 followers by the next month. 

The maturity helps me to realize to focus on quality over quantity. 

There’s nothing good to be always available for others.

Remember now everyone you think is your friend isn’t your ‘friend’. They come with a reason and expiry. 

In this stage of life, I have few friends, and I’m fine with that, too.

Getting disconnected from the fake ones, help me spend more time with real friends and was worth my time. 

It’s Normal To Not Have Friends

6. Being a friend to everyone left me with no ‘best friend’.

Don’t get me wrong, but I never had a best friend forever ever. 

I don’t know why but my friends always keep changing. 

And I had a great fun time whether it was with a new or old friend. 

It’s fine to have a friendship with many, but I can’t focus on just one to be my ‘bestie’ or ‘best friend’ forever. Nope, never. 

I treat each friend equally, ask for their help and be there with whoever needs my help. 

I choose to maintain friendships with everyone while never limiting myself to one. 

And I think that’s also why I don’t have a best friend to show off. 


7. I had many fake friends, but not anymore.

Seriously, I can’t thank enough those fake friends to make me realize I’m better alone than being with them.

Their treatments make me aware of things that don’t define self-value and set my boundaries. 

Also, it’s now hard for me to easily trust someone even for friendship. 

I tend to be more critical when making new friends and whom to allow in my life. 

Being so careful about picking friends, and not making myself more approachable I feel sometimes alone, too. As I don’t have many friends. 

But anyway, I’m fine to have no friends, looking at the bright side. 

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It’s Normal To Not Have Friends, Don’t Worry!

Well, people might tell you ‘Homebody’, ‘introvert’, ‘friendless’, ‘arrogant’, and whatnot, when they don’t realize that you are also your friend. 

That’s fine, I too feel pressure to have friends at least show up on new year’s eve. 

But who cares, I have a good friendship already in life, even if we don’t usually meet up. 

We don’t even need that kind of show-off or regular maintenance. 

Rather now I look up to a friendly connection I am already grateful to have in life, who cares about me the same way I’m about them. 

As life goes right now, I’m alright if not have friends with me all the time. 


But, don’t think I stopped making new friends.

It’s always exciting to have new connections in life, just better not to ignore your existing ones in the process.

And, I’m always excited (not forced) for it, but now I’m more into checking out mutual feelings.