what happens when you back off from a guy

What Happens When You Back Off From A Guy? (11 Consquences!)

It’s enough, stop chasing the guy and begging for his affection.

With a crush on a guy, you gave him enough time and hints to make a move. Clearly, he’s a passive man or perhaps is playing hard to get.


Getting over someone you love won’t be easy, but at least you must know whether your chase is worth it. 

While it’s hard, you should back off from a guy to see if he cares about your feelings.

And, the next move from him, itself helps you decide if this relationship has any hope.

When you stop chasing a guy, many things will become apparent to you. 

Before that, let’s look at the cases when it’s best if you back off from a guy.


Why Should You Stop Chasing A Guy?

You may not find all reasons relevant to your particular situation.

But these are some common reasons why girls may need to stop chasing guys at times.

Why Should You Stop Chasing A Guy

1. You feel like losing your self-respect following him. 

The feelings for someone are fine. However, you should never put anyone above your self-worth. 

Since you’re in love with this guy, you find yourself doing something that lowers your self-respect.

You’ve to make yourself so available to him and get his attention. 

Trying to chase someone who has no value for yourself isn’t a good idea.

2. It’s only you who is chasing.

A guy who is really into you will chase you back the way you are.

But instead of expressing interest in you, he chills with other girls and takes the ego that someone is chasing him.

The more you follow him, the more you boost his ego. 

It’s better if you just stop chasing a guy who doesn’t make any moves.

3. This guy isn’t taking you seriously. 

You find this guy super cool and handsome and attracted to it. 

However, knowing you’re chasing him and trying to gain his attention, he doesn’t make it easy for you.

Instead, he makes you run for him and follow him. 

He clearly takes you for granted and does not understand your feelings. 

4. He might treat you like an option and keep you handy. 

Because you’re easily available for him, he no longer respects you.

He knows you’ve been chasing him and expects you’ll do it, for sure.

Most likely, he loses interest in you when you’re around too much.

But he’s a man, so he does not completely cut off the connection, but keeps you as an option.

When you see a guy who does not value your love anymore, it’s a good reason to back off. 

5. He acts as if you need him more. 

It’s usually men who approach a woman and take the lead. 

You are being honest with your feelings and expressing them to him; his ego grows.

He acts as if he’s the best and doing a big favor to you.

As a result, this guy will let you continue chasing him, but won’t play his role.

Your chase makes him believe he can get any girl he wants. 

When he considers you as ‘any girl’…, then you should stop chasing him.

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What Will Happen When You Back Off From A Guy?

When you stop chasing a guy, you get to see different behavior depending on whether he likes you or not. 

And, you better pay attention to what good things happen for you.

stop chasing him and see what happens

1. He notices that and realizes your worth.

Remember, he’ll immediately notice when you stop chasing him.

A guy will definitely notice it the time you no longer give him attention. 

So far, you’ve been chasing him, but he never showed an active interest in you. 

But when you stop giving him any attention, he starts to value you more. 

2. He is now thinking of special things about you.

While you might not be able to see that directly, if you’ve done something good for him, he’ll remember it after you’re gone. 

Perhaps you’re the one who usually calls and texts him first.

But when you decide to stop chasing him, he will surely miss you. 

Let him feel your importance with your absence for some time. 

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3. He tries to be more around you.

Now he’ll realize that he was playing too hard. And he will be easy on you.

Now, when you back off from a guy, he tends to think more about you.

Also, try to get your attention back. 

So far, you’ve been easy to reach, and now he will be in the same spot as you before. 

4. He starts chasing you, because you’ve stopped that.

He might feel insecure to lose you or what if you have no more interest in him. 

Because of that insecurity, he always wonders why you change your behavior towards him.

So far, he never makes a move around you, but now as you stop chasing him, he starts to do the same. 

when you decide to stop chasing him

5. He will take you seriously, from now on.

There’s no surprise if you follow a guy and he might enjoy the chase game. 

It gives him confidence and happiness to know that someone likes him.

Although he keeps getting attention from you, he never gets too serious about you. 

Then when you back off from him, he seems to be more serious about you. In this entire chase game, he might fall for you. 

6. He shows up often around you and makes a move. 

Well, the good thing is if he chases you after you back off.

That means this guy has feelings for you, but he’s just shy or hesitant to ask, earlier. 

He must be checking back there if you’re really into him or not. 

Because you are not around, he feels more in love with you and will make the next move. 

When he’s into you, he doesn’t want to lose you and leave you like that.

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7. He shows no care if you moved away.

Of course, that guy notices when you chase him and when you’re not.

But you also need to check if he’s interested in you or not. 

When you chase a guy and he is not interested in you, it won’t matter to him when you back off from him. 

8. You’re saving your time by not following him anymore.

when you stop chasing a man for love

It’s not worth your time to expect love from a guy who doesn’t love you back. 

Whenever you stop chasing a guy and don’t pay him any attention anymore, you’re doing yourself a huge favor.

Most importantly, you save your time. Put that to some productive use. 

You can spend this time on anything, and now for yourself only.

9. You find the one who won’t let you chase you anymore.

A good guy will not make you chase after him. Ultimately, he’ll end the chase game. 

It’s because he really cares about your feelings and never keeps you waiting. 

In addition, he might worry about losing you. 

When a guy approaches you after you back off from him, it obviously means he really wants to be with you.  

But, if this guy is doing nothing, there is a chance to meet someone who will respect your feelings and pay attention to you.

10. You focus on other aspects of life.

When you follow this guy, he’s on your mind all day. Your mind can’t go beyond him. 

Now that you’ve decided to back off from a guy, you feel like you’ve got an interesting life for some other reason.

When you don’t receive any attention or effort back, it’s best to move on. 

Therefore, you feel more positive and hopeful about your life, because you haven’t wasted your time and feelings on the wrong person. 

11. You keep your self-respect with you.

After chasing this guy for some time, you realize you’ve completely lost yourself. 

You do everything you can to attract his attention and gain his affection.

Sadly, you aren’t receiving the same respect from this guy.

The moment when you stop chasing a guy, you feel more respectful about yourself.

You aren’t seeking someone’s attention who doesn’t value your feelings.

Everything is clear now, you have your self-worth back. Then, you’ll never let it down again.

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Chasing is fun and special, but only sometimes. 

Eventually, not everyone will be there to follow someone and grab their attention forever. 

Eventually, a guy must come to respect your feelings and understand your value. 

You don’t have to remind anything to ‘a right guy’, he puts the chase to an end. Because he’s genuinely into you.

It’s because he’s afraid of losing you and wants to move forward with you. 

He doesn’t care about fueling his ego, he cares about your feelings. 

When you stop chasing a guy who has no interest in you, he won’t do anything. Since he has never felt for you, he just let you go. 


In any case, no matter what happens when you back off from a guy, you’ve to be clear about who deserves your love and who isn’t.