how to start over life with nothing

How to Start Over Life? (When You Have To, But You Can’t)

Last updated on November 22nd, 2022 at 07:17 am

You’re never too late to start over life at any age.

Even if you feel lost at 30 with no direction, you have a chance to get back on track.

As far as you are positively inspired to make some solid change in your life, it’s worth taking certain transformations, even when you’ve nothing.


Whether you start over in your life at 30s, 40s, 50s, or later, it has to be you only, who makes this decision.

Your decision of starting over must not due to the over-excitement and the lowest moments.

It has to be your decision only, you need to have a clear goal first. 

Well, If life puts you in the same phase and you want to know how to start over life with nothing, then this article is for you.


It’s never too late to start over your life.

Probably you have accepted your flaws, that this relationship isn’t meant for you.

Or, you finally reach your limits that this job doesn’t worth your time anymore.

Or anything moments, when you think that your life is stuck and over here.

There always comes a stage in life when a person has to make the toughest life decisions. And, that decision is… to start over again in life.

Of course, there can be multiple reasons to make this sudden drastic change in life.

But, before just starting all over again from the immediate day, you are required to have some early research, to proofread your decision well. 

Agree, that you are powered by your enthusiasm or forced to make sudden changes in life.

But, that is just one sign to start over life, there are many other factors you want to consider as well.

Whether your life transformation is related to a career or a relationship, it affects your future life entirely.

So, hold your emotions for some time and make mindful decisions for your better.

Sharing a logical approach to start over in life by considering future opportunities plus present challenges. 


How to start over life with nothing, at any age?

1. Always have your reason in mind.

Your purpose for starting over life has to be clear enough.

It shouldn’t be just supported by emotions only.

You really need some thoughtful ideas, too. 

When you are already stuck with the present phase and decide to jump into a new chapter thinking… “everything will be great eventually”, and that’s not the case always.

So, in the first stage know, 

Why do you want to start over again? 

Can you do something about the present situation or not? 

Is it really your own decision or you’re driven by someone else’s?

Understand the present scenario well.

Analyze your present stage and have more insights into what causes you to stop doing this. 

Before starting with nothing, it is better to have clear ideas over why this isn’t working for you. And why you want to discontinue it, rather than improving at the same?

That means… there’s must have a solid reason, a motive to start from zero. 


2. Check other possibilities regarding where to start over.

it's never too late

Everyone has certain limitations. 

And you are not here to just adjust with everything and to every person, you meet in life.

Sometimes, it’s better to accept the scenario rather than forcing yourself to fit in someone’s blocks. 

As you see your future possibilities, you also need to check your flaws and limitations, too.

In the first stage, you realized the reason, this stage is for “Acceptance”.

Accept that it’s you who is responsible for your situation.

Accept that, you lack some skills or patience to tackle the present challenges.

That may support you to resolve the situation, still.

If you really want to do something to update yourself at this stage, then it’ll be better.

But, if you have decided to leave your present and start over from scratch anyhow, then the next step is for you.


3. Believe in yourself.

Before starting over, remember you’re thinking to save yourself from one tough phase. But there will be even tougher challenges, too. 

This new route may be tough for you, or even harder. So be prepared. 

When you start all over again, firstly you lose trust from your parents, best friends, and the nearest person who supported you earlier. 

It’s your responsibility to keep yourself going when you start over with nothing…and just with passion and gut feelings.

Especially when you are starting over, most people around will doubt you first.

But, make sure you are clear about your goals and strategies.  

Starting over doesn’t mean your problems are over.

It means… you believe that, you can take even tougher ones. 


4. Set goals and have a plan for starting over.

how to start over life

Taking any actions with over-excitement or negative emotions will lead to more regrets only.

You have to know that, start over with nothing… is always a bold move. 

But, before taking completely new move, you need to ensure that you have some good set of lessons first. 

Have your base clear and collect as many ideas over what will be your next move.

Set your ideas and goals list clear.

Make yourself confident over which goals you are going after with this updated plan.

Your single career move or relationship takes, influence your entire life, too. So, make sure you have considered other aspects of life, along.

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5. Check your core strengths and weaknesses.

Now you have your goals ready, and now it’s time to evaluate yourself. 

At this stage, you count on things that you can do better. It’s something that inspires you to make your next life move.

Similarly, you also want to mind your weaknesses and limitations, too. It’s something that forces you to make your next move. 

Like said earlier, in a new phase you can be tested well with even tougher challenges, you better be ready for that, too.

Trust your power, but also be ready to accept your limitations.

Once you start accepting your flaws, you show that you’re interested in getting a better version of yourself


6. Prepare a solid action plan and follow that likewise.

how to start over life at any age

Once you have futuristic goals and possibilities, the next stage is planning.

Here you consider all other factors and resources that support you to achieve your new goals. Having goals, and personal research contribute to creating a solid plan to start over in life. 

Simply leaving a job and starting a business, is not a good idea from any view. 

You need some market research and industry analysis here also to make a solid action plan. 

Likewise, in life, you need to check the other aspects of life, too.

Passion won’t help every time, you need dedicated efforts with Patience, also. 


7. Get ready for expected/unexpected challenges. 

You very well know that to keep going with your plan you can achieve everything you want.

Of course, committed goals, daily efforts with passion and patience combined, you will reach there eventually.

But, the first phase always is that hard ones. And you have to face some challenges, too. 

You don’t want to start over again and again, right?

So, better to be ready for any hard times and challenges, from the first aspect.


8. Keep learning and updating yourself. 

how to start over with nothing

This new challenge can be tougher for you. Moreover, there’ll be no one to support you anyway. 

It’s only you who have to keep growing through it. 

Be your own supporter and inspire yourself to keep going. 

You have already decided to start over with nothing, so make sure to level up yourself, too. This is your choice and your path. 

So, better to keep yourself inspired always while going alone

Don’t let problems and low moments stop you. Grow through it.


9. Ask for the right help.

Learn from your guide…how to start over life when you have nothing or left nothing. 

But, stop trying to figure out everything on your own. You can’t fix everything and you shouldn’t.

When you are starting over life with zero, you need someone on your side. You need someone to guide you and to learn from.

Have a leader, have a mentor, that shows you the right way. There’re still some positive minds that can help you. 

So, start trusting other people and ask for the right help.


10. Be flexible… that’ll help here for sure. 

how to start over at any age

The complete new phase will definitely be hard for you. And so, you need to become more flexible with the challenges. 

Now you can’t complain, because “start over life”- is your decision only. Only you and your struggles are here with you, and no one else.  

Just be flexible, be adjustable to situations for you. 

Learn how to adapt to new changes and situations. The more you become habitual with change the better for your journey.


11. Keep excited about the new opportunities.

The decision to start over life has to be exciting enough. rather frustrating always.

And, so you better keep yourself focused and inspired on the way. 

Like happened earlier, here you have no other option to defocus or setbacks again. Challenges yourself, work even harder.

But, never let the idea of giving up cover your mind anyhow.

Stop thinking low about yourself. Stop being with negative minds. You are supposed to go further and focus on the path that you select. 

After all, you don’t want to start over life over and over again.  


What’s your take on starting over life?

Change is an inevitable part of life.

As time passes, you become from better to ‘the Best’. But, it’s up to you how you take the new opportunity and transform yourself into it.

It is always worth making some positive transformation in your life. It is always great to do something unusual, and experience something for the first time. 

After all, you want to live life with lots of memories and not regrets.


To catch the right opportunity in life, you’ve to be ready to start over at any age. 

To reach your full potentials, then experience once…How to start over life with nothing.


Because your life is destined to Become limitless …and not a regretful. 

This present comfortable life, of course, feels great right now. But, taking decisions that scare you, give you a satisfying life, like never before.