Complete Employee Hiring Checklist for Your Business

The Complete Employee Hiring Checklist for Your Business

Last updated on September 8th, 2021 at 03:14 am

Hiring new employees isn’t typically easy.

It’s not just about locating someone and training them until they’re competent enough to do the job. Some individuals are simply better equipped for some jobs than are others.

That being said, you need help hiring new employees for your business. Alas, you’ve come to the right place. Without further ado, here is a complete employee hiring checklist.

Look Internally

First and foremost, if possible, you should look internally. After all, you already know your existing employees. As such, you have an idea as to what you’ll be getting.

Do you have a promising employee who’s able to learn on the fly? Do you have an employee who’s in the midst of advancing their education? If so, this person might just be the best option.

That said, don’t try to fit a square peg into a round hole. If your existing employees don’t fit the position, don’t try to make them.

Create a Job Description

If you can’t find anyone internally, you’re going to have to look elsewhere.

To start this process, create a job description. This description should not only include necessary credentials but preferred credentials as well.

It should also, of course, include a detailed summary of what the job entails. Use checklists to lay everything out neatly, and include potential benefits to the employee also.

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Call Up a Recruiting Agency

Call Up a Recruiting Agency

Another option is to call up a recruitment agency. Recruiting agencies scope out potentially viable candidates and direct them to companies that are searching for employees.

This can be highly beneficial in that it prevents you from having to do any leg work.

You can just sit back and wait for potential employees to come to you.

Post to Job Sites

Next, you’re going to want to post your job listing to various job sites.

These run the gamut from Indeed to Monster to ZipRecruiter and more. Tons of job seekers look at these sites, and so they will almost certainly expose your listing to interested candidates.

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Establish a Shortlist of Candidates

Once you’ve gotten some responses for your job listing, you should establish a shortlist of candidates.

Do this by reading through applications and selecting the candidates whose applications most impress you. It’s really as simple as that.



Your employee hiring process will end with interviews.

You can interview as many candidates as you want, and for as many rounds of interviews as you want. Just be sure to establish a process and stick to it.

It’s common to do initial interviews on the phone, and then do in-face interviews with those candidates who impressed you.

Regardless, you need to get a good feel for each candidate so that you can perform a full-on assessment of their fit with your organization.

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Use This Employee Hiring Checklist to Your Advantage

If you’re looking to hire good employees, you should follow this employee hiring checklist.

It’s not perfect, but it will guide you along the right path. Just supplement it with your intuition, and you should find employees that are suitable for your company.

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