Career Moves You Should Consider in Your 20s

5 Career Moves You Should Consider in Your 20s

Last updated on January 18th, 2023 at 07:05 am

Are you disappointed by the ‘dream job’ that you thought would be glamorous but isn’t?

Or perhaps you took the first job you landed so that you could pay the bills and now you’re feeling dissatisfied and unmotivated.

It’s time to shake up your professional life with career moves that only 20-somethings can get away with it.

Now is the time to take risks, try new things, and develop your skill set.

Check out these five career moves to get you started.


1. Network, Network, Network

Remember that quote saying: It’s not about what you know, it’s about who you know.

When you’re a young professional you need to make an effort to grow your network.

It will expose you to the diversity in the working population and increases the likelihood of you stumbling upon a lucrative opportunity.

Work hard to create and maintain relationships will all sorts of professionals in various industries — you never know when your network will come in handy.

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2. Invest in New Skills

Working in your 20s is the opportune time to develop and grow your skills. Now is the perfect time to learn anything new.

Take a lot of classes and courses.

If you can’t afford to pay for classes, find free ones — there are tons out there.

ake every advantage your company gives you and attend workshops and seminars.

Knowledge is power and you want to collect as many skills as possible.

Career Moves in Your 20s


3. Take Risks

Career decisions in your 20s can be risky.

You don’t have any dependents, you likely don’t have too many financial responsibilities and you’ll be able to bounce back quickly in the event of a failure.

The older and more secure you become in your career, the more you have to lose when making risky career decisions.

If you have a cool business idea, run with it.

If you want to move to another country to work in a new company, do it.

The experience that you will gain will be invaluable, whether the risky choice is a success or a ‘failure.’

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4. Job Hop

Now is the time to experiment with different positions, companies, and industries.

Diversify your career and work experience to figure out what you like and what you don’t like.

Today’s market is much more tolerant when it comes to frequently changing jobs.

No one sticks around in one company for thirty years anymore. So use this time to work at new and different places.

Build a bomb CV using a free resume builder and send that sucker out to all the cool companies.

Best Career decisions in Your 20s


5. Choose Mentorship over Money

If it’s a volunteer position or an internship, or just really low pay, but you’re learning a lot from an incredible mentor — stick with it!

Finding a mentor that will turn you into a powerhouse in your industry is the shortcut to success.

There’s always time to make money.

Right now, your job decisions should be based on professional growth, not salary growth.

Especially when you’re in the early stage focus on learning and not earning from the first few jobs. 

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Are You Ready to Run With These Career Moves?

There’s no reason to be feeling dissatisfied with your work or uninspired in your 20s.

You’re in a special place in your life where you don’t have much to lose if you take risks and the world is your oyster.

Take the bull by the horns with these career moves.

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