Difference Between Needs and Wants In Life

Know the Difference Between Needs and Wants In Life.

Last updated on December 6th, 2022 at 07:18 pm

Needs vs Wants or you can say…Demands vs Desires, are one of the most important psychological concepts in our life. 

Knowing the difference between your needs and wants in life, becomes very crucial in order to make your life satisfied and happy, after all.


No matter whether you are a teenager, in your 20s or 30s, the earlier you get to know the difference between needs, wants and desires, the better your life will be. 

Deciding which option to prefer among your needs vs wants, ultimately shows your individual approach, too.

As these two things directly manifest your psychology regarding materialistic desires and inner satisfaction.

Once, you’re aware of what you need in life and things that have no value in life, you make your life a lot easier.

But, a quick definition of Needs and Wants says that… 

Need is something that you have to fulfill right now. 

Want is something that you can satisfy in the future, too. 


How to Spot the Difference between needs and wants in life?

Well, if you want to know how to find the difference between wants and needs in life then here we have some hints for you.

Because the ability to take the right decision from wants vs needs makes everything quite easy and under control. 

1. First, Learn the concept of Needs vs Wants.

Before finalizing anything, you need to first understand the basic difference between needs and wants. To make the future a better choice, look back into your past decisions and lessons along. 

Rewind that decision that you made in the past, and gives you life-long experiences. 

Needs vs Wants

Have a list of those things that you feel regret. Also, those purchase decisions that you took just to fulfill your desires, via ignoring your needs completely. 

Having such experiences from the past will inform you, which one you preferred the most. The immediate outcomes of that, support you well in determining wants and needs now and in the future. 

You learn more from your Failures…. than the Success.  


2. Focus on Basic Needs of life. And Basic Wants, too. 

We know what are our basic needs in life, right? But, the question is, Do we really value our needs or not?

Mean to say, which option you pick the most over which one… that is something that matters in life. 

Which further showing that…

Are you satisfied with your life? Or stay frustrated due to your Desires? 

Desires and wants are those things that look fancy to you. But, realize you just need a place to live, enough clothes, good food, and simply nothing else. 

These basic needs make your life happy and enjoyable when you are satisfied. 

The habit of thinking positive side, always helps you, at every stage in your life.

Of course, these “wants” feel you great inside. But, it doesn’t mean they are everything.

Like, we have basic needs and requirements of life, there are some basic wants, too.

Basic wants are okay to satisfy when you get some value out of it. 

But, the Desires to possess something anyhow, even via ignoring basic needs, is a warning sign informing that your desires are actually controlling you.


3. Develop your mind to pick the right choice in life, quickly.

Luxurious cars, restaurant eating, stay at the fanciest hotel, or even branded mobile with advanced features, certainly bring proud moments in your life. Indeed, that feels you great and confident inside, totally agree with it. 

difference in Wants And Needs

But, these things are “Wants” that just fulfill your inner desires, pride, and nothing else. 

Instead, spending your money on such shiny objects, you can use that for future planning and required “needs”, too. 

You need to know the difference between needs and wants, to secure your future. And that comes out of the habit of making better life decisions. 

As here you’re using mind rather than following heart wishes. You require to make mindful decisions, rather than following instant desires, as it shows up. 

Your current Desires may cost you future Needs, too. Don’t forget that. 


4. Always, Look for future Needs first. You can hold this temporary Desires.

Before making any sudden decision based on desires only, you want to think of future needs, too. Your desires can be postponed for the future, but not the needs. 

Need is a must. Want is optional.

Needs are essentials of life, that you suppose to fulfill or to provide as it occurs. 

Never be a slave to your desires.

Make mindful decisions between needs vs wants. Follow a wise approach that saves you time in the present and money in the future.

The idea is to, Have a futuristic mindset while choosing “Desires and Wants” over Needs.


5. Is money a Need or Want? Great question…

Money is really a need of life because that helps you to fulfill your basic requirements, plus your wants, too. So, how to find what money is exactly a need or want?

Well, having enough money to fulfill own regular life demands…is Need for everyone. But, the same money becomes Wants for someone, when a person doesn’t hesitate to take a loan to fulfill own desires and completely ignores basic requirements in life.

Needs vs Wants In Life

Furthermore, to achieve financial freedom, plus a balanced life, you need to have multiple income sources

Having diversified income not only gives you full freedom to use your money. But, also support you to fulfill your extra desires, wants, and wishes, too.

Before you think of having certain Desires, make sure you are capable to pay for it. 



6. Never take a loan to fulfill your Wants and via ignoring your Needs.

If you want to stay away from any debt and aspire to live life freely in the future, then make sure to spot the difference between needs and wants in life. 

Knowing the gap, you can save yourself from the current as well as future debts. 

Everything costs you something. If that’s not money… then it’s your TIME. 

Like, desires are always fascinating and actually push you to satisfy them instantly. To enjoy full freedom of your time and money, know how to control your desires.

Above all, never prioritize your desires and wants over needs, anyhow.

It’s okay to stay satisfied in life, rather than taking loans to afford a luxurious car or house… just to show your social status and to satisfy ego. 


7. Don’t get confused by your ‘Changing Wants’ with ‘Regular Needs.’

You don’t require everything in life, there are some basic Needs and just extra Desires only. 

Requirements need to fulfill immediately, whereas desires are those wishes that you can satisfy later on. Because wishes are not always that important right now. 

Needs and desires In Life

The person who is bound by burning desires may have debt from credit card loans, restaurants, and hotel bills to car installments and on. Indeed, these things may inside feel great while enjoying it or consuming it. 

But, are actually consuming you with extra money, in reverse. 

So better to think logically before taking a loan to fulfill your desire. Think long term, and spot the difference between needs vs wants. 

Never let your temporary Desires and Wants, Be the permanent problem and stress for you. 


8. Never desire to live like someone else. You need to Be yourself. 

The most common mistake, we usually make is we are just fascinated by other’s lifestyles and behavior. Absolutely, everything that we are shown on social media and the internet is so fancy, too. 

But, comparing yourself to others and feeling degraded due to that, is not a good option either. 

Your Basic Needs can be a Desire for someone, too. 

You have to understand that lifestyle changes, mindsets, and individual uniqueness, too. Needs and wants are varying from one person to another.

Never be too much obsessed with particular things and people, so you ignore those best things that you should be thankful for, that you have in life. 


9. Make some best choices. Develop some good habits.

You need to get better at taking the right decisions in life.

The decision related to choosing needs vs wants is always a serious thing, especially when you are at an early age. 

Knowing how to make better life choices, always gives you inner satisfaction and a secure future.

And, how you can make the right choice? That is due to developing good habits. 

Difference Between Needs and Wants

Have that set of habits that helps you to become a better version of yourself. To make a valid decision in life, make sure to adopt a positive transformation of yourself, sincerely. 

It’s just a habit that you need to develop. Your habits lead to making the right life decisions. 


10. Stop your “Fake Needs”. Know needs vs wants psychology first. 

You need to ask some required questions to yourself, before ordering something online or buying it right away. Such psychological analysis helps you to spot fake needs, that are actually a desire of you. 

Before buying any costly things first ask, Do you really need this right now? Or you can have it in the future? 

Asking this question to yourself always saves you money and from making high-priced decisions. 

Believe that not your Need. But, a Desire, that’ll be fed away anyway. 

Psychological research states that if you want to spot the difference between needs vs wants, and can’t decide if it is your needs or wants then….

Stop thinking about the product that you desire to buy, for just one day. 

This will help you to realize that do you need that product in life or not. Fact is desires or wants are of shorter life span and temporary ones, which flew away when you don’t give attention too much to it.


11. Temporary Pleasure or Lifelong Happiness? Choose wisely. 

Needs are something that are necessities of your life, whereas wants are something that gives you extra enjoyment.

Feelings after fulfilling basic needs is,… “Happiness“.

Feelings after enjoying extra wants and desires is,… “Pleasure”. 

The idea here is to fulfill your needs, but never let your desires consume you. 

Needs and Wants In Life

Having a branded watches or bottled-water, costly restaurant food bills, luxurious house is some confusing needs, that indirectly are desires that you hold. 

If you are a satisfied soul, then you can live a happy life in a small apartment, with quality food & water, and of course with a loving family. 


What’s your take on: Needs vs Wants in Life?

I don’t know much about ‘needs’. But, have the experience that ‘wants’ always costs you more.

Spotting the difference between needs and wants doesn’t mean you are a miser one, who just wants to save his money only. Well, you are penny-pincher only if you cut down your basic needs, along. 

Developing some good habits and so the mindsets are of course a great start at making better life decisions. 

Knowing the difference between Need and want not only saves you money, plus also gives you life satisfaction and a tension-free mind. 

So, in the end, we want you to comment below on, What you are thinking about this post? We really need to know… Have you found this post helpful?  Moreover, also let us know what is your approach to choose needs and wants in life. We are just curious to know that.