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5 Striking Reasons to Take a Self-Defense Course

Last updated on July 29th, 2021 at 03:43 am

We all hope we’ll never be a victim of violent crime and in an ideal world, we wouldn’t be. Today, however, it still happens.

With a national violent crime rate of 366.7 offenses per 100,000 people, it’s not likely that violent crime will happen to you but it is possible. In many people, this is a great source of anxiety and stress, which is understandable.

You can alleviate this anxiety by enrolling in a self-defense course — and that’s not the only reason to go out there and get some self-defense lessons in!

Read on to find out the many worthwhile reasons to educate yourself in self-defense.

Why Do You Need to Take a Self-Defense Course?

1. It Keeps You Safe

The most obvious reason to take a self-defense course is that it’ll keep you safe in the event you’re attacked.

If walking alone at night worries you, it’s important to check out some preventative safety tips. In the event that those don’t work and you are attacked, self-defense training will teach how to take care of yourself and potentially save your own life.

2. It Builds Your Confidence

Self-Defense tips

Taking a self-defense course will build your confidence. Self-defense for women can be especially important, as they’re more at risk from sexual assault. However, women who take a self-defense course are 50-60% less likely to be a victim of such an attack.

Being a woman means being constantly cautious when walking alone on the streets and perhaps even avoiding doing so but by taking a self-defense class, they can become confident to do it.

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3. It Provides More Independence

Often a safety tip for avoiding violent crime is to never go anywhere alone. While that’s a worthwhile tip, it’s not always practical. Some people work out alone or walk to necessary places like work.

Being taught self-defense will reduce the need to rely on other people, giving you a great sense of independence.

4. It Can Improve Your Mental Health

Self-Defense Course

It’s all too easy for anxiety and stress to get you down, especially if things are lingering on your mind — like the risk of being attacked.

By having the security of knowing some great techniques to defend yourself, your mental health will be improved. It also gives you a form of exercise that’s useful in more ways than one!

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5. It’s a Great Social Outlet

Self-defense courses are great social outlets. They will connect you with like-minded people who are also seeking the best way to keep themselves safe.

Going on any course is a fun way to meet new friends that you have things in common with.

A Self-Defense Course Can Improve Your Life in So Many Ways

Not only will a self-defense course improve your life by giving you the techniques and skills to keep yourself safe — and maybe even one day save your own life! — moreover, it has several other benefits, too. It can keep you stimulated, reduce anxiety, and give you a safe and secure way of meeting new friends.

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