Things To Be Thankful For In Your Life

108 Things To Be Thankful For In Your Life (Because of These, Your Life Is GREAT)

Last updated on October 6th, 2020 at 04:12 am

We humans have a general tendency to think more about things we don’t have. Instead of feeling thankful for things that we have in life, we just worry over what we lose. We just compare and feel less fortunate than others. 

Indeed, our life will be so much easier and more relaxing once we realize the gems that our life gives us. Yes, things we better to feel thankful for in life.

Hence, here sharing the top things that we are better to feel grateful for in our life because we are fortunate to have that in life. The most common things that we every day take for granted and even probably never value truly. 

Great Things To Be Thankful For In Your Life, Every Single Day

1. Health

Agree that you need to work hard and push yourself toward the goal, every day. But, never ignore your health indeed. Take care of your health, too. In the process of making your goal goals possible, you are so focused that you even forget to take care of your health, too. So take a timely break and mind your mental and physical health, too. 


2. Enough money

Money is indeed important to live life better and at least to fulfill your basic needs. Desires to make more money has no end, and you better to control it rather than being controlled by it.  Be thankful for enough money to survive and fulfill basic needs, having less money is not a problem. Having less than to fulfill your basic need, is where problems start. 


3. Friendship

Not talking about your social media and virtual friends, but talking about that one or two friends you’ve in life. Feel grateful because you have few but True friends in the world, that is your side. Your friendship has to be increased in quality, not in numbers. Feel thankful due to those two friends who stay there with you and listen to your words seriously. 


4. Family

Joint or nuclear, family always comes first. Never ignore the importance of having family on your side, they are your true well-wishers and someone who has been there for a long period. Be grateful for your caring family, they who feel down, when you are ill, too.

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5. Food on the Table

You are grateful if you are served delicious food on your Some people who are not that fortunate to have a full day’s meal. Be thankful because you can eat at h or a restaurant anytime. 


6. Pair of clothes to try upon. 

It’s okay to not have thirty different clothes for every day of the month, it’s ok that you are not buying clothes every week. If you have seven pairs of clothes every weekday, then my friend you are grateful. 


7. Blessings from parents or well-wishers

Whether you live with your parents or stay away, whether you are a teenager or a 20s, feel thankful for your parents. They have been with you and taking care of you from your birth. Feel grateful as you have your parents to give their attention and time every day.


8. Weekends

Of course, we know how desperate you are for the weekend to come. After all, who doesn’t like to spend time in relaxation and spare some time for themselves? Thankful for your weekend as it allows you to give some break time after a long working week. Feel grateful for the weekend to be there and give you a moment to self evaluate and relax a bit. It ultimately prepares you for the next week, so don’t forget to enjoy your weekends fully.

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9. Loving partner

Feel thankful for your partner, to be with you, and give their life to spend with you. Not everyone is that fortunate like you, to have a beautiful partner in life. Caring partners are hard to find, feel blessed for choosing you.  Always thank your partner for being with you, and caring for you always.


10. Pets

Pets are the symbol of unconditional love. You better feel thankful for your pets, even if they are with you right now or not. Feel grateful for your pets to give all those good memories and feel-good moments in life. 


11. Failures

Your failures have a maximum contribution to your present life, so ignore that as well. Be grateful for the very failures that you’ve experienced in the past. Thank them for making your life more purposeful and finally reaching you on stage when you can say that now you’ve achieved success, finally. Failures make one of the deep things to be thankful for in your life. 


12. A roof on your head.

Home sweet home. No matter where you live in a city or village area, in a villa or small apartment, you are fortunate to have your own home. Be thankful because you have a roof over your head to cover and protect you. Like all the other necessities in life, feel thankful as you have your own home, a shelter to sleep well at night. 


13. Educations

Education in life is very important. There’s someone who struggles to find the right resources and money to pay their education expenses. Feel grateful as if you’ve completed your education or can join any course as you demand. 


14. Reading. Writing.

Feel thankful because you can read this. As we also feel grateful because we can write for you here as well. A habit of reading daily makes the best investment in self-improvement programs. So be thankful that you have resources and articles for your help. 


15. Enough Sleep

If you have regular sleep at night, then you need to feel thankful as there’s someone who is struggling to have enough sleep. You are thankful, as you can sleep well and can get back to your work with improved focus the next day. At least you don’t have to find how to cure insomnia. 


16. Smile

If your time is good, smile. If your time is tough, smile even more. Indeed, a smile has that power to change the world. Your smile looks beautiful, so smile till you have teeth. Remember, when you smile, the other person who sees you also smile in return. 


17. Time

Time is more valuable than anything else. Don’t let your time get wasted anyway. Make more use of it, invest that in things which are great for you. The more you spend your time in productive usage, the better life will be afterward. 


18. Technology

We are in the age of advanced technology, feel blessed as you have all access to the latest gadgets and technologies. We have to agree that our generation is very fortunate to have all this latest technology to try for the first time. Feel grateful, because technology changes our life completely in a lot of easy manners. 


19. Internet

The Internet has changed the world completely. Like it connects the whole world. Feel grateful, as the internet makes information available at just one click away. From information to meet new people around the world, to online shopping, all possible because of the internet, so be thankful for it as well.

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20. Feelings

Feelings are the best gift that we humans have in common. It’s a feeling that keeps connection and relationship feeling alive. Be thankful, because you can feel for others and can understand their sadness behind, “I’m fine”. 


21. Kindness

If seeing someone hurt and in a problem, you also can feel the pain, then my friend, believe me, you are a good man. You are a kind person, that this world needs. You can feel that same pain, that person experiencing at the moment. Feel grateful, because you are making a good example of kindness by helping others. 


22. Problems

Without any problems and challenges in life, what else can make you stronger and successful? Be grateful for the problems that you’re facing in life. These will be the reasons for your success, tomorrow. 


23. Sacrifices

Success demands sacrifices. You always have to let go of something to achieve the success you want. If at any life phase, you have to leave something, then leave it, as you are destined to get something more precious than that. 


24. Passion.

Without passion and doing things you love, life will be so boring. You are fortunate, you are grateful because you have found your passion in life. If you are working on your passion, then feel thankful for life. 


25. Wake up today.

Not for today only, but every morning you wake up praying to be thankful to god because god still believes in you. God has not given up on you, so feel grateful for this new day, with new challenges and new achievements. There are many things to be thankful for god, like this morning, a loving family, beautiful life, nature and so one. 

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26. Wisdom

Thankful for your growth and development, we can see you growing day and night. Feel grateful, as you are becoming mature and mature every single day. You are strong, it’s okay to feel some pride inside because you are making great progress. 


27. Vision

Be thankful for having a vision, a futuristic goal that you have in mind. That goal keeps you awake and keeps you focused on your path. 


28. Job/Business

Love or hate your job, but never take it for granted. You are grateful for having a job to fulfill your basic needs. If you are having a business, don’t feel low on temporary failure, feel great because you are investing in your own business.

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29. Two ears. One mouth.

Speak less, listen more. There’s a reason for having two ears, but one mouth. Don’t always be eager to make your point, also make a habit to listen to them as well. 


30. Kids

How can you forget the positive vibes that a kid’s smile brings to you? Just spend some time with kids in your home, or nearest garden, and say goodby to your tiresome of the whole day.


31. Water

Be thankful for the pure water that you can drink without any worries. Water delivers required supplements to the body, still, not everyone in the world, are fortunate like you to have clean water to drink.


32. Fresh air

Just like water, if you have access to fresh air at your home or workplace. Then, you are more grateful than more people out there, who don’t have an option than to live in such a polluted area. 


33. Work-life balance.

Whether you are working at a job or running a business, feel grateful because you can go home at your time. You are fortunate to live your rest day, as you demand. There’s someone who is struggling to maintain a work-life balance, due to excessive work time. 


34. Someone who is waiting for you to come back. 

You have to feel blessed in life if there’s someone waiting for you to come home. Be thankful for that person to have in your life because not all have that someone to say goodbye or to open the door for welcoming.


35. Rejections. 

Yes, you have to thank those who have rejected you in the past. No matter whatever the reason may be, thank them, because of them you are now at the better place. Without them, you haven’t taken some big actions and probably never have figured out what you’re made of. Hard, but true…Rejection still deep things to be thankful for in life. 


36. Transportations. 

We just can’t imagine our life without transport, right? Thanks to transportation the places seem not far away. Roadway, seaway, or airway, transportation makes every place accessible and easy to visit.


37. Diversity

Diversity is not there to divide us, it connects us. Thanks for diversity to make this world more colorful and entertaining indeed.


38. Debt-free life

If you are living a debt-free life, then be thankful for today, because you are living your life freely and as you wish to. Having no best in life is itself a great achievement that you are experiencing right now.


39. Speaking & Singing. 

You are grateful, as you can speak. Because you can express yourself without any limits.

You are fortunate, as you can sing. Because you can experience yourself without any judgments.


40. Songs

Just remind of those songs that you used to listen to free up your mind from all worries and tensions. Remind those songs that you dedicated to your partner or school crush. 


41. Surprises

Who doesn’t like surprises? Be grateful for all those surprises that you received in life, in the form of birthday presents, wishes, meetings, challenges or even shocking tragic moments. These make the point in unique things to be thankful for in life. 


42. Birthdays

Every year you celebrate your birthday, so you have a chance to celebrate your growth and life. Feel grateful because of those who sing a happy birthday song for you and send their best wishes to you every day.

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43. Entertainment. 

No matter which genre you prefer to get entertainment. But say thanks to all forms of entertainment to make our free time fun and more enjoyable. 


44. Comedians, entertainers, magicians.

Respect to all entertainers, comedians, artists, and all to be there and keep sharing their arts to entertain us anyway. Thanking them to put so much effort into learning their particular skills and putting efforts to make us laugh, thrilled, and entertaining as always.


45. Music

We just can not ignore the music. Be thankful for those musicians to create such a mindful tune to refresh our minds to those DJs for giving us goosebumps with their creative mixes.


46. Dancing

Thanks to all forms of dances, and give us the ability to express what’s there in our hearts. Dance to your full heart, to express yourself, to enjoy yourself.


47. Satisfaction

Just remind them of the satisfaction and feeling of achievement, after you reach the mountaintop after tough climbings. Remind the time, when you finally achieve success, after so much waiting and trying in the process.


48. Memories

Sit back and rewind all those memories that you collected so far. Enjoy those memories that you enjoyed in life. Thank those people and places, to give you something to remember forever.


49. Innovators, entrepreneurs

Every innovation and technology that we experience is because of that creative thinker and innovator who have thought about it first. Thanks to them for making our life more advanced than before. 


50. Honesty

Feel grateful for your loyal partner, friend, colleagues, employees, and everyone who stays with you even in the hard times. Respect their loyalty and inform them how thankful you feel because of them.

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51. Respect and Care

If you are getting respect from your superior or boss, or kids or family then you are very lucky. Have someone who truly cares for you, then my friend you are thankful to have such a person in life. 


52. Positive minds

Thanks to all positive thinkers, who can see the bright side of the present life. Thanks for them to lighten other lives as well, to go through a tough time today.


53. Excitements

If there was zero excitement, nothing new would be there as we have right now. Without excitement, we are not able to land on the moon and even can’t figure out that we are protected with ozone layers.


54. Supports

Feel grateful because of all those who have supported you in your life. Even some tiny favor or efforts of them bring a maximum positive impact in your life. So never forget that.


55. Forget and Forgive

Love this rule, Forget and Forgive. Forget those who ignore you and forget you anyway. Forgive them, who truly care for you, but make some mistakes unwillingly. 

Forget them who don’t care, But forgive them who Do care for you. 


56. Tears after greater success and achievements.

Don’t control your tears of happiness, let it free. It just reminds you of all the struggles and hard work you have put to achieve this amazing feeling. 


57. Favorite playlists

A big thanks to that favorite playlist to feel free from all the tensions and struggles. Thanks to all those singers and musicians for this best composition that relaxes millions of souls while listening to it. 


58. Headphones

Best friend of the introvert, without any doubt. Feeling thankful for the person who has invented headphones to calm down your negative thoughts and emotions and get back with positive feelings. 


59. Vacations

Holidays, vacations…thanks for there with us, to give us a moment to enjoy our life. Feeling grateful because of tiny vacations, because of it, our life is more enjoyable and worth living right now. 


60. Festivals

Feeling grateful for having all cultural, national, social festivals to be there and give us a message to stay connected and stay entertained. 


61. Possibilities

If you have an approach like… I can do this, and I will do this. Then you are grateful because you have that ability to push yourself forward.


62. Blogging

We like reading blogs, Right? Thanking all those bloggers out there to share their views, experiences, and knowledge to help/entertain and guide others. 


63. Dinner time

At least a specified time, when the whole family can sit together and share the whole day story. Feel blessed you’ve your family to exchange your food and today’s events. 


64. Work from home

Thanks to the laptop lifestyle being there and allowing us to work from anywhere, anytime. Thanks for all work from home benefits, even knowing some drawbacks as well. 


65. Lessons in life

Be grateful for life to bring so many challenges and lessons in life. A lesson that you should learn to grow and understand your true worth. 


66. Negative peoples

Never ignore the role of a negative person and situation in your life. It’s only because of them, you challenge yourself and make it done, on your own. 


67. Dreams

No talking about the scary dreams that frightened you with its creepy nature. But, those dreams that you see with your open eyes, those dreams that excite you to wake up early the next morning. 


68. Expressions

We, humans, are grateful for having non-verbal clues like expressions. Thanks to this, we get to know what people are excited about and feel bored about. 

It’s always expressions that created many relations and also saved many ones as well. 


69. Camera to capture moments

Don’t just thank you because you can take a selfie with it. Also, thanks as the camera make it possible for us to collect more memories and events that we probably will never live again. But yes, now we can better remember that again for sure. 


70. Unconditional love.

If you are receiving unconditional love from your partner, family, friends then you are grateful in life. As not everyone is that much fortunate to have that love without any demands and expectations.

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71. Adjustments

Life keeps moving and always places you in new situations and conditions. Thanks for your flexible nature that keeps evolving and adjusts to the situation very quickly. 


72. Early morning. 

The vibes that you can feel in the early morning are nothing to be found elsewhere. Thanks for this amazing early morning to be there, to make our day opening more exciting and relaxing every time. 


73. Me-time.

You are doing enough for everyone else in your life. Take some time for yourself, too. Spend some time alone, treat yourself, and feel your presence as well, my friend.

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74. Payday

Thanks for the payday to give us excited to work harder and to stay focused on our work. Don’t ignore that excitement, you have a payday when you hear the message tone, and thinking the message says “your salary has been credited.” 


75. Supportive neighbor

Neighbors are the first relatives. You are fortunate to have such a caring neighbor around you, who cares for you. Not everyone has cooperative and excited neighbors like you, nor we have. 


76. Self-awareness

Be thankful for the moment in life, when you realized the need for self-awareness. Feel grateful because no other one, but it’s you who realize by own that you need to change. When you realize your mistakes on your self, the better it will be. 


77. Career goals. 

Goals in professional life are very important. Don’t take it as challenges and deadlines only, but as a motive that keeps you going. Such deadlines are better to have in life because it makes your purpose clear and process easy. 


78. Long drive

Believe it or not, but there’s some magic in that unplanned long drive.  The magic that takes all your negative thoughts, impacts, and worries away from you. 


79. A Life purpose. 

If you’ve found your life purpose and put enough work on it, then congrats you are those of few people in the world, who live a life truly. 

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80. Time management.

Thanks to the concept of time management, because of it we handle and organize our time well. It not only tracks your tasks but also helps in prioritizing the task to eliminate defocus and procrastination. 


81. Online learning.

We are grateful that learning can be done anywhere, anytime. With lots of online classes and courses available to your fingertips, now learning has no limits.

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82. Translations. 

We are thankful for the translation tool to convert foreign languages into your known ones. Like the internet has eliminated the geographical distance, but translation tools have eliminated language and cultural differences. 


83. Hospitality

Guests are god. Hospitality is one of the positive things in the world right now. Which we can get to know by asking someone who has visited the foreign country and brought the best travel experience from people over there. 


84. Curiosity

Having immense curiosity in learning new things and concepts is required. Not everything seems exciting to you, that’s fine. But there’s always something that you want to know more about anyway. 


85. Celebrations

Success parties, festivals, birthdays, or break-up parties, no matter whatever the case may be, the celebration always brings joy and the best time to enjoy for everyone. 


86. Meditations

You have tensions and a very fast running life, there’s no option. But meditation is there to calm your negatives down and feel you some good inside. Medication makes one of the unique things to be thankful for in life. 


87. Exercises

Like health is important, a habit of exercising is an investment for better help. Thanks to those sets of exercises and running to be there, to keep us active and energetic always. 


88. Management.

Feel grateful for the concept of management. Because of it, we can plan, organize everything and most things in our personal and professional life.


89. Learnings

You are doing a great job. Appreciate your efforts you are putting to achieve success. Like your approach to learning more, rather complaining and excusing over anything.

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89. Mother

Feel grateful for having a caring mom. There can be a separate blog or whole book, to outline why you have to feel grateful for your mom. Check our dedicated post on Mother’s Day message for mom


90. Brother

If you’re a younger brother, be thankful for having him in life, also to keep you entertained and make you laugh. If you have an elder brother, then be thankful for him to always protect you from anyone and any situation. 


91. Sister

Thanks your elder sister, for sacrificing here most wishes and desires to fulfill yours. Feel grateful for having her, because she’s the one who takes care of you when your mom is at work.  


92. Father

You are so busy growing up, you just forget that your parents are also getting older, too. Take a moment and thank your father for everything he has done for you. 


93. Immunity

Thanks for our human body’s healing ability. It’s our immune system that keeps us active and protected. We don’t know but our immune system has protected us from several diseases already. 


94. Fear

Yes, you also have to be grateful because of that fear. Fear of failure or anything, but that realizes what your goal should be. Fear not just challenges you but also gives you the option to improve yourself. 



Be thankful for all the quotes, on the internet we get to see every day. Maybe it just seems that some small texts, but these are indeed powerful enough to change someone’s mind and so the world, as well. 


96. Mobile phones

Agreed, the mobile becomes the necessity of today’s life. Be thankful for the innovators who have developed this technology and give the world a very handy but essential device. 


97. Yourself

In thinking about all the grateful things in life, don’t forget that you are precious, too. Take a moment aside and appreciate yourself as well. If you’ll not motivate yourself, then who will? You deserve credit, so respect yourself. 


98. Online shopping

Feel thankful for the concept of online shopping, now you don’t’ always have to rush to store and wait in the queue for hours. Now, you get things you want on your doorsteps. Just because of online shopping and eCommerce platforms only. 


99. Hugs & Kisses

Beautiful emotions, thanks for being there to express our love and to exchange our cares for each other. Nothing can be better at expressing love, than hugs and kisses. 


100. Freedom

Be grateful for your life, as you are free to take any decision you want. Feel thankful for the freedom you are enjoying and experiencing in everything you do. 


101. Google

There’s some special room for google for being thankful. Really, without google, the information accessibility won’t be that much easy. Not limited to your class homework research only, but from every aspect from marketing, sales to education and knowledge, google makes our life so easy, like never before. 


102. Supportive Colleagues

If you have supportive colleagues who stay true to you and never indulge yourself in backstabbing and all, then believe you are grateful to your life. Not everyone is as fortunate as you. 


103. Social workers

Thanking all social workers, NGOs, and nor profiting agencies, who are working day and night to support those who are in need. Just because of you all, there are some who can feel grateful in their life, so big thanks and respect to you all. 


104. Depressions

Don’t be surprised. Indeed, depression makes one of the unique things to be thankful for in today’s life. Yes, it’s bad, but just take a moment and think from the bright side. A person who has felt it later turns out to be a greater achiever and life learner. A person who has experienced some hard situations in life will never let others live the same. 


105. Horoscope and Forecasting

Even we also don’t trust in horoscopes and fortune-tellers. But, inside we all have that secret desire to see our future, right? The idea is to not to involve in that too much, but just to see the positive beliefs and put your effort with trust.


106. Hope

When there’s hope, there’s always a possibility and there’s always a success. Feel grateful, if you are hopeful in your life and have already planned to do so. Hope keeps you going and never lets you lose at any point. 


107. Feedbacks

Thanks for the feedback and reaction for being there, because as an audience we can share our views with it. And, because of feedback, the promoters, advertisers, hosts, marketer, company, get an idea over how much their products or content become successful to serve its purpose. 


108. Audience

Thanks to the audience like you. We feel grateful for having people like you, for whom we are creating content and showing their support all the time. Without you all, we can’t create the contents and are excited to come up with new concepts and ideas.

So thank you all for being our people. We are grateful to have you here.

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A question to you, What you are grateful for in life?

This is not the end list, there are still many things that we need to feel grateful for in life. Whether it’s your promotion, birthday presents, family celebration, or thanking notes to yourself, many things in life make you feel better about how blessed you are in life. 

Feel blessed my friend, you are more what you think. I pray that you will have more than you expect. No matter how hard this time may look, always be thankful for these times. As this time will later realize that your success is not a LUCK, but you’ve paid your price for it. 

So, Instead of feeling low due to any short negative thinking or situation, Prefer to feel grateful for things you’ve right now. Do you have some suggestion regarding more things to be thankful for in life, then let us know in the comment section below. We feel grateful that you suggest something valuable to us. 


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