Things That Don't Determine Your Self-worth

46 Things That Don’t Determine Your Self-Worth

Last updated on February 3rd, 2023 at 04:57 pm

Your ‘self-worth’ depends on you, and don’t let anyone or anything define it for you.

What matters is how happy you are with yourself.

If you seek validation from outside, you may be doing things that have nothing to do with your self-worth.

Be aware of such things that you shouldn’t have time for as they add no value to your life.


What Are Things That Don’t Determine Your Self-worth?

It is how you perceive yourself, your unpopular opinions about life, and your thoughts about ‘you’ that separate you from others.

And, based on that how you live your life, defines your ‘Self-worth’.

‘The problem’ is that most of us are so driven by external factors that have absolutely no connection with our ‘value’. 

This is just our thinking that makes us believe that these things will increase our value. 

When you’re concerned with how others perceive you rather than how you see yourself, you let your worth be determined by the wrong criteria.

It’s important to know such things that do not contribute to your self-worth. 

Also, the more you stay away from such things, the more you save time and improve your value.

Let’s take a look at those things that add no value in your life. 

What are things that don't determine your self-worth

1. Making yourself available to everyone in your life, and making sure that everyone is happy with you. 

2. Having too many contacts in your phone number. But, not a single person to contact without any reason.

3. Leaving a perfect first impression on someone. And, thinking that there is nothing you can do, when you have a bad one.

4. Try to impress others and hope that they’ll accept you. 

5. Completely changing yourself just to be with someone and get their approval. 

6. Worrying about how others see, think or talk about you. Prefer others over yourself.

7. Expecting that others will value you one day and let them take advantage of you. 

8. The number of times you get rejected from a job or in your career. 

9. The failed relationship you have and how many times you’re being left alone. 

10. Being wished ‘happy birthday’ by hundreds if not thousands of people on social media. 

11. The price of birthday gifts you buy for someone or to partner in a relationship. 

12. How big is your house compared to anyone in your circle.

13. The brand of the watch you are wearing.

14. The branded car, mobile, or accessories you own. 

15. Having a million dollars before a certain age, like before 30 and so. 

16. Whether you are single or have a loving relationship.

17. The attendance in school, colleges, and grades, of course. 

18. How good-looking and sexy you are.

19. How many followers you have on social media. 

20. The fame, popularity, and money you earned following shortcuts. 

21. In which restaurant you go for lunch or dinner. 

22. How many girlfriends or boyfriends you’ve had in your life. 

23. High big goals you have in your life. 

24. How much does your perfume cost and of which brand. 

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25. Your past, whether it’s good or bad. 

26. Your future plan, because you have no idea where you’re going. 

27. Giving up on something that you thought will work for you. 

28. How many social media challenges and trends you took part in. 

29. How updated are you about celeb’s private life and affairs. 

30. The job position you hold in your current company. 

31. How many workers are working under you and in your company. 

32. How big your company is- in size and revenue.

33. Having more luxurious things to show off to others. 

34. Getting revenge on people who tried to ruin you. And showing them their level. 

35. Studying at a reputable university just to prove your worth, without study interest. 

36. How many times you went to the movies in a month. 

37. Being busy 24 by 7, but with no caring, if you produce something helpful. 

38. The biggest things you achieve, are just to prove your worth to others. 

39. The Kind of job or profession you’re in. 

40. How powerful and mature you appear compared to others. 

41. How big, smart, rich, and good-looking you are. 

42. The amount of money you have in your bank account compared to others.

43. The types of hobbies and desires you have that make no sense.

44. The Total number of bank accounts or credit cards you own.

45. How many hours you study, work and practice for something.

46. Where are you in life, compared to others of the same age. 

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If Not These, Then What Determines Your Worth?

Your worth is not measured by anything or anyone but you

The answer is, ‘Only you’. Yes, it’s you who decides how worthy you are.

When you expect someone to value you, you prove that you don’t respect yourself and have no idea how valuable you’re.

There’s no point in expecting someone to know your ‘value’. 

In fact, others will value you based on how they see themselves and the benefits they get from you.

If you want to check your worth, you have to create it by yourself.

Whenever you seek validation from others, you might be busy with things that don’t determine your self-worth. 

Consequently, you have to do things that actually aim to make others happy, at the expense of your own ‘value’.

Which isn’t a fair deal at all.


Instead of looking anywhere, look in you… have ‘a faith’ in yourself more than anyone else. Because the way you can value yourself, no one can ever.