how to know if a guy loves you secretly

How To Know If a Guy Loves You Secretly?

Not sure about, if a guy loves you or not? Of course, you’re receiving some mixed crush signs from guy, but if you can’t decide, Is he really love you or not, then, this article is for you. Best ways to know if a guy loves you secretly or not. Some crush signs from a guy, who hiding his feeling for you. 

Totally accepted that guys are not best at hiding their own feelings for someone.

And, in most cases, they don’t even try to cover thier feelings that they love someone secretly.

Outspoken or introverted, guys always failed to hide their feelings and emotions, especially when thier love for someone is all true.

Because no matter how hard they try to hide it, their feelings and emotions are reflected by their actions anyway.

And here comes such secret signs to know that a guy loves you But is hiding it, anyway. 

In this article, we’re going to share some clues and hints to ensure that it’s pure love signs from a guy. And, all you need to do is to take a step forward and just accept his love. 

How To Know If a Guy Loves You Secretly?

1. He really loves you, When your presence means, a lot for him.

Smiling is the best reason/way to figure out that someone loves you one not.

If your presence really is something for a guy, then he smiles more often with you.

No matter how hard time he’s been through, your presence makes him smile even at that moment.

He may be that shy or in a bad mood, but around you, he behaves too gently and makes sure to take care of your smile.

2. When a guy wants to stay with you, all the time

guy loves you secretly

Yes, guys do something about it.

When he really loves you secretly, then he leaves not a single opportunity to show up and be with you.

By presenting around you, he’s giving signs that he’s in love with you.

It can be for grabbing your attention or to connect more with you.

But, guys really put a genuine effort for the girl he loves, truly. 

3. When a guy loves you he has no excuses for your plans.

That guy loves you secretly who keeps promises he has for you.

No matter what, he never cancels the plan with you.

Whether going for ‘a boring’ shopping or to attend a friend’s wedding, you can say that a guy loves you secretly, when he shows no excuses to come with you.

Because all he wants is to see you happy and feel loved by him. 

4. When a guy brings something common between you two, anyway.

He really wants to connect with you.

And so, you can find that guy always tries to find some common things between you two.

It can be a hobby, music & movie choices or favorite food, he keeps matching your both tastes as a common.

Doing this he just wants to inform you that you two are quite related and compatible enough.

All such are signs to know that a guy loves you secretly, and trying to strengthen your connections.

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5. When he prefers you, every time.

Remember, the guy who loves you secretly leaves no chance to be with you.

Moreover, he tries to be around so that you also can have him noticed always in your mind.

Sometimes, he’s so into you that he even forgets about other important things, too.

He never hesitates to leave something, just to be with you.

He really appreciates your presence, and so sometimes he shares reasons to stay with you, that may sound crazy and tough ones. 

Of course, that dumb reasons, showing that a guy loves you secretly and can do anything for your love and time. 

6. When he appreciates your presence, more than anyone else. 

Maybe he is actively flirting with you or not.

But, when a guy loves you secretly, he tries to keep the communication fresh and entertaining always.

Guys really know how to appreciate and make a girl laugh.

And they never fail to do that, for the girl they secretly love.

Just to make you laugh, he never sees how weird he may sound and bold he needs to act.

He just does that anyway, just for his love, for you. 

7. When he remembers everything about you. 

how to know if a guy loves you but is hiding it

Guys usually have no that great memory like a girl, that remembers everything.

But, when it’s related to their crush, a girl they secretly like, there is almost everything about her.

Yes, guys have the ability to remember things which they want to.

Whether it is about your birthday or your favorite color, guys remember everything you’ve shared about yourself.

That guy remembers these because you are special to him.

After all, these are the best signs and ways to know if a guy loves you secretly or not. That’s it. 

8. When he becomes too conscious about his words and his behavior. 

Even though he’s that short-tempered for others, but with you… he talks too softly.

Even if he is in a bad mood, but with you… he takes extra care of his emotions, too.

He really cares about you, more than for own self, His feelings for you just don’t change as per his mood.

When his love for you is true, he does everything that you like.

That guy who loves you secretly leaves no reason that you doubt him or stay away from him.

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9. When guys follow you on every social media.

Like a guy has something special feeling for you and desire to stay connected, as well…he sends you requests to every social media.

More than that, he never fails to appreciate and comment on your every post, too.

Maybe he is shy by nature in real life, but while talking to him over social media texting.

He freely exchanges and shares his ideas with you, about you.

By doing so, he just wants to keep the connection alive with you.

10. When his behavior shows, that he has a crush on you.

No matter how hard a guy tries to hide his love feelings, that can be pondered by their nature and behavior anyway.

Yes, it’s those nonverbal values that speak loudly and inform you that a guy loves you secretly.

He may be a shy person or doing hard to control his own emotions, but fails every time to control them.

When you see some awkward signs of him being uncomfortable around you, then it shows that he really carries some special feelings for you, but is hiding it. 

11. When he shares almost everything about him, with you. 

guy has crush on you signs

Guys do share things about them, but at the same time, they respect their own time, too.

They only speak to someone who really needs to hear that.

If you are the ones, with whom they share everything about their life, then it means they are into you.

Yes, it’s a sign to know that guy secretly loves you.

When he trusts you and secretly takes you as a special person, he discusses his life openly, too.

Doing so, he wants you to know about him and to feel comfortable together. 

12. When he notices even the smallest changes in your routine or styles.

In most cases, guys are not that much worried over how someone looks and what they do.

But when it comes to their crush, they notice everything about her.

Moreover, they appreciate new things, likewise.

If you find that a guy compliments you on even the smallest things about your route and styling, then he’s into you.

Really a guy loves you secretly and so he notices the smallest details about you.

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13. When he controls his voice while talking with you. 

This can be a definite sign that guy has a crush on you secretly when he talks too softly especially with you.

Maybe it’s not his natural voice, but with you, he tries to keep it low and soft, indeed.

You can spot the difference in his voice while talking to others, and while talking to you.

That clearly means that you are something for him. 

14. When you find him copying your accent or catch-phrase.

It’s an obvious thing that when you love someone secretly you are trying to act like your crush anyway.

Yes, even guys do that, too.

When a guy mimics your talking and accent, it means he has some deep feelings for you.

Changing your own parking slot close to you or to wear the same color shirt or to use the same catchphrase are the direct hints that he notices everything about you.

Why?? Because, a guy loves you but is hiding it. 

15. When his choice of gifts is always, something you need. 

signs he is secretly attracted to you

Like a guy notices everything about you and has some tiny things regarding your choices and needs, he surprises you likewise.

Maybe he is not that good at selecting gifts for someone.

But when he picks the perfect one for you, that means he knows you very well.

From the early talks with you, he may collect some important things about you, regarding your needs and desires.

And, on any special occasion or your birthday, he ensures that his gifts, are all offbeat and special for you. 

Really, you are special to him, and so he admires and treats you specially, too.  

16. When you are his top priority. 

This can be the ultimate reason to know that a guy loves you secretly when he takes you as a special person in his life.

Even though he has Bros/best friends around him, but still he prefers you over anyone else, then are clear signs that a guy loves you but is hiding it.

He stays respectful to you every time and prefers you, over others.

When he appreciates your presence and give you the required attention, then you can say that his love for you is genuine.

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Still, waiting for more signs to confirm, Is he love you or not?

Totally agreed that guys are better at controlling their emotions than the girl, of course.

But when it comes to expressing love for someone, they can be too bold or too reserved, too.

It depends on other aspects, related to your mutual connections, his internal belief, and confusing mixed love signals. 

But, more than anything, his behavior and nature will speak when he has true feelings for you.

Here shared are some of those signs are enough to know if a guy loves you secretly or not.

Especially when you receive such signs from a guy, and you also feel the same for him… then don’t wait for even longer. Don’t overthink and just express your feelings, too.