Signs Your Crush Likes You Back.

17 Signs Your Crush Likes You Back (But, He/She Is A Shy)

Last updated on June 19th, 2022 at 02:01 pm

Having a crush on someone is indeed a great feeling.

But, how about knowing secret signs your crush likes you back?

Yes, such hidden clues and special gestures from her/him are hints for you, proving that your crush has a crush on You.

Plus, that informs you that they are shy and want you to make a move. 


How do you know if your crush likes you back?

From keeping the distance when others are around to staying close to you when no one is there, and you can say that your crush also feels the same for you. 

But, that’s not the only one.

If you pay attention, from their approaches specifically to you, are further signs that your crush knows you like her or him, and with their special attention to you, they giving you a green signal to make a move.

Agreed that, there’s always a lot of confusion plus tensions regarding whether your crush likes you back or not.

But, when your crush is also into you, there must be some psychological signs of a crush, that you shouldn’t ignore. 

So, let’s have a glimpse at what are such interesting signs and how to find that your crush likes you back.

And for that, you can also start with using some of these funny and flirty pick up lines for crush when texting

Possibles that he or she is feeling shy to express it with words.

And so, with such hints, they secretly want you to approach them because they have the same feeling for you.


17 Signs To Know Your Crush Likes You Back. But, Hiding it.

1. Your crush ignores you so that you can notice them even more.

Here ignoring is not indicating to run away from you or to save themself, but it’s a hint to grab your attention.

Just like you are showing signs of a crush on someone, that special one also gives some indirect clues that they are into you, as well.

If they repeatedly steal glances at you, then this one is the most common sign you take into consideration. 


2. When your crush also tries to keep the conversation going. 

Whether you are usually chatting to him/her over a call or texting on social media, then read these interesting clues.

Just like you, your crush is also quite interesting to have a conversation with you, they feel confident while talking to you alone.

Moreover, they give you a detailed explanation even though you’ve not asked for it.

Instead of sending memes, or using Auto-message/emojis singly, they prefer to type and explain the whole scenario to you.

As they also like to talk with you and fancy about this never-ending conversion.

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3. They are always excited to know you more and more.

Crush excited to know more about you, crush stories

It’s a common sign, so no more surprises. Your crush seriously likes you back and has feelings for you when he/she wants to know more about you.

Which may lead them to behave quite overexcited around you and ask too many questions in very short.

Don’t take it as an interrogation or job interview, they want to explore more things about you, Simple as that.

The person only asks personal questions to whom they want to know more.

If your crush is also asking you the too personal question, with excitement then believe they are like you back but somewhat shy to directly say it, just like you. 


4. When your crush (also) remembers everything about you.

Your crush is already doing some investigation about you and collecting important information about you.

Do you still have a question over, how to know your crush likes you really?

Well, count how many things your crush still remembers that you’ve shared with his/her.

If your crush still remembers a tiny tale you discussed months ago, then your crush likes you back. 

After all, who has such time to remember everything in life, rather just important ones?

Whether it’s your birthday or songs you’ve played on his/her special day, they remember everything, just like you never forget their details.

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5. Top signs your crush likes you is, They Never forget to praise you, truly indeed. 

Never ignore these signs that your crush likes you for sure.

And that is, they never forget how many times you’ve helped him/her. No matter how small a favor it can be, they simply never ignore your help and contribution anyway.

Your crush always remembers how you support them and motivates them to do something they fear.

From your positive habits to getting good ranks on a hard subject, that special one just never takes it too lightly, they praise you heartily indeed.

Likewise, every favor you have done for them, they simply never forget that. 


6. When that special one prioritizes you over everything. 

crush prioritizes you

Everyone has their priorities in life, including your crush. And, that can be you, too.

If your crush stays with you and is always available with you in the time you need, then it’s clear that he/she prioritizes you over anything.

Your crush likes you back and has some solid desires to be with you, besides other things at the moment.

Moreover, you can observe that while with you, they are into the conversion totally, rather than scrolling IG and chatting to friends.

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7. When crush showing secret desires to stay connected.

You can say that you crush like you the same as you, especially when they don’t want to lose the connection with you, too.

Does he/she ask you for your number? Does he/she ask you to connect on Facebook or Snapchat?

Of course, this solely may not be the clear crush sign, but the eagerness to stay connected and worry to divide apart, proving that all. 

Just believe that your feelings and care reached your crush precisely. This leads them to take a bold move like asking for a connection, showing they also don’t want to lose you anyway.

Trust your feelings and their words as well, this is the pure sign your crush likes you back and hiding it.


8. That one feeling very comfortable with you.

The next psychological factor of improved bonding and crush sign is, a person becomes too comfortable with the one with whom they start liking.

Don’t ignore the fact that your crush shares secret things only with you.

If that is the case, then believe it’s a sign that your crush likes you more than any other one. Your crush trusts you and here it’s proved.

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9. Your crush actively participating in stealing glances.

participating in stealing glances

Just like you they too secretly notice you and watch you, however.

When your crush is also repeatedly stealing glances with you, then it’s a clear sign that he/she is also equally interested in you.

Sometimes, they also even feel embarrassed when you catch them as well.

Just read that smile, and blushes which are enough signs to prove that your crush likes you back but is shy, actually. 


10. You both feel the same when around…Extremely Uncomfortable. 

Same as you are conscious about yourself and your appearance, your crush is also feeling the same.

Especially when you two are at the same place and have a crush on each other, then these are one of the perfect signs your crush likes you, but just feeling shy more than you.

Read, Is your crush also showing the same excitement and nervousness when you are around or not.

Depending on the individual nature, these psychological facts of a crush can vary from person to person.

But just observing their behavior actively, you can confirm that any way of what your crush is feeling about you.

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11. When a person is so interested to know your Relationship status. 

A person always carries that frustrated curiosity to know the status of their crush.

Yes, we want to confirm that our crush is single or not, Right? Similarly, your crush also has the same feeling to know your close ones, when he/she likes you, too.

This one is the most common yet useful approach of, how to know your crush likes you?

That way they also confirm that you are seriously into them or not.

If during your conversion with a crush, when they ask more about your past and current relationship stats, then definitely they are checking their chance with you, for the upcoming future. 


12. Behaving too high and too low, when you are around.

crushing too high and low

Expressions and behavioral clues tell so much about a person’s minds.

Words are tricky, but the behavior is not. When your crush is feeling too nervous and uneasy around you at the same time, it’s a clear sign your crush likes you back.

From touching you gently to praising you on the smallest thing or even making you feel confident about yourself, everything is basic clues that you can also check in the same aspects.

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13. When crush becomes way too comfortable with you. 

Like in earlier cases, they feel extremely awkward with you.

Once you are open up with each other and know each other well, you and your crush now completely become comfortable very well.

Even though you two haven’t approached each other yet plus haven’t accepted the love still, you both never forget to appreciate the presence of each other in own life. 


14. That jealousy when you are with someone else.

After all, why can’t he? He likes you very much and just can’t tolerate any other ones getting close to you.

It’s a common sign showing they feel a bit jealous when seeing someone with you close.

Sudden change in your crush’s behavior and leaving a place or talking sarcastically, are the signs that your crush is feeling a bit competitive. It says he/she doesn’t expect from you this anyhow.

For your better, it’s good if you stop that from happening again.


15. Imitating you (their crush) knowingly or unknowingly. 

how to know your crush likes you

It’s psychological facts that we tend to copy and imitate the one we follow and like the most.

If your crush notices what you do and likes it as well, then, later on, you will find that he/she is also doing the same as you.

Whether they know about it or not, but things that are running in their mind about you, lead them to do this.

Or even better case, they do it willingly to tease you or to grab your attention. Cute, Isn’t it?


16. When your crush also blushes a lot when with you. 

Yes, it’s a natural and pure gesture, showing that person likes you. When you compliment them, praise them or even touch them accidentally, you can see that your crush is blushing high.

Means, they are sensing your feelings and have some room for you in their heart, too.

These are the most common signs that your crush likes you back and carries the same interest as you have.

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17. When your crush flirts with you and gets closure. 

When your crush flirts with you and gets closure

Love and crushes are such powerful feelings, that no matter how hard you try to hide, you can’t. They are no different. 

Maybe they are too shy and seem too hard to approach for you. Nevertheless, when they feel the same about you, they can’t help but get a bit flirty with you. 

Well, you know, the way they treat you is exclusive to you. They never act such exciting and flirty with nobody but you. 

Such an approach to know more about your relationship status and flirting with you playfully are signs that your crush is also into you and wants you to make a move and approach her.


When you know that your crush likes you back… 

Well, if you are relating with such signs that we discussed, these are enough to know that your crush is also feeling the same for you, but they are a bit shy and prefer to hide it.

And we hope that possibly makes you feel confident now, Isn’t it?

But, before you make the final next move, just never forget that these are just signs and assumptions discussing “How to know your crush likes you”, it can be true, but not in all cases.

Also, it’s better not to avoid psychological and personal behavior that varies from person to person.

Moreover, you also need to look at the connection your crush and you have in common. 

This feeling is indeed great and may inspire you to ignore all your inner negative thoughts and make a confident move.

But wait and remember that there are many other signs your crush likes you back but is shy the same as you. So it’s a good idea that you also need to consider the extra signs as well before making the sudden move. 

You have fear of losing a friendship with them, but you also can’t keep that secret with you for a long time.

There will come a time when you have to say it. So take your time, wait for such signs from your crush and simply express it.


After all, you also have to check… what if your crush likes you, But he/she is waiting for you to make a move.