How to Manage Time Wisely

10 Time Management Tips: How to Manage Time Wisely?

Last updated on August 6th, 2020 at 08:36 am

We all have been given that common advice from our parents and well-wishers like, Manage your time wisely. Stop wasting your time and use it for worthwhile.

And till we do not get the lesson from life itself, we just simply never understood that they were right actually.  Time is the most precious thing, yet most of us have taken it for granted at some point, in our early phases. 

If you are also in the stage now where you realized that you’ve wasted so much time, but not anymore. And if you are looking for some way to manage your time wisely, then this article is for you. 

Sharing the best 10 tips for time management that you need to know if you want to make more out of your 24 hours a day.

10 Steps to manage your time wisely, 24 hours a day

1. Start with waking up early in the morning. 

Probably you have heard or read a thousand times about this concept of waking up early, in the books or in productivity or time management speech, right? And, that is right, it is the best time management approach as well. If you are habitual to wake up late, you missing the most growth opportunity of the early morning. 

Take an example of the world leaders and role models, waking early in the morning is the most common routine they all have in common. Not just to copy them, but understand a reason behind it. Early morning has a positive vibe in the air and a favorable environment to fill someone with excitement and curiosity. Also, it’s a time where you can expect sound work conditions, with zero distraction. 


2. Just make your today’s goals clear

After having a habit of waking up early, you better be prepared with today’s plan. Make a schedule to plan your whole day, after finishing the morning initial activities. Take around 30 minutes to plan and organize the whole day’s activities you are going to follow in the coming 24 hours. Of course, you can make a plan for the whole week or month. But, in order to stay committed, it better to first know how to manage your 24 hours a day. 

Just make your today’s goals clear

For the weekly and monthly plans, you can organize the time on the first day of month or week likewise. But, in the time of indecision when you don’t have fixed work and chance of getting the new one in between, you better be clear about the monthly goal. But when it comes to following, the daily schedule is far more productive and a better time management option to manage time wisely.

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3. Learn from the leaders and motivators

Till you are not habitual with productive routine and time management, you need to learn from the leaders talking about the same over how to manage time wisely. Follow some motivational speakers and feed yourself with some positive ideas to keep in mind. Reading and interacting with some positive vibes, will free you from other distractions and keep focused on your work. 

Set your 10-15 minutes of the morning, to recharge yourself with such positive feeds. At that time, read some self-improvement books or watch life-changing tips that make you feel motivated and inspired. Because you will need it later the most. 

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4. Do something that makes you happy

Early morning is the best time to do something that you are passionate about. This is also the most productive time to make yourself feel confident and refreshing. Apart from reading newspapers, you can take a walk to your nearest park or listen to your favorite music. Reading books or favorite music, or playing instruments before starting work, boost your personal moral and confidence in life. 

So incorporate some me-time activities that you usually like to do when you are with your own. Doing this in the morning will ultimately make your rest day worthwhile. Also, the excitement of doing things you love, helping you in waking up early in the morning. 


5. Avoid social media distractions

The biggest challenge one has to face in managing time wisely, is to control own self from social media addictions. Without any doubt, whether you use social media for work or entertainment, but that are highly addictive and take up the major portion of your work time. Especially when it comes to time management for students, social media usage time needs to be fixed to avoid any extra time wastages 

Similarly, students and business people need to set a specific time for staying on social media. It can be the evening time, when you are returning from work, and not in the highest mood to do anything in the evening. Schedule one hour prior or later to your dinner time, dedicatedly for social media, if you are using it for just entertainment purposes. That’ll save your time, and manage it to the things that matter the most.

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6. Maintain a Journal

Don’t limit journalizing to register your stories and memories only. It can be the best time management tool, notifying you how to manage time wisely. You can add your routine daily activities as a record indeed. That helps you to find out where your time is being spent and wasted eventually. 

day planning, journal

Make journalizing a habit, that saves you a time that you can utilize for some productive stuff. Set quick notes in your journal and make a daily worksheet, that helping you achieve tiny tasks at the right time.

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7. Stop multitasking. Set your work priorities.

Multitasking is a big time waster and productivity killer that you should be aware of. If you have to do multiple tasks at the same time or in a day, then set the priorities first. Choose which work needs your immediate attention and do it based on its urgency level. You don’t have to perform everything at once, and even single-handedly. 

Further, you can ask for some freelancers and VAs to do the work that is not very important and need your concern. Focus on things that demand your time. Learn how to manage time wisely among the different work sets and choose the one that has the highest attention and better quality required. 


8. Stop Procrastination.

Don’t be so lazy, Don’t delay the most important things that you’re supposed to do a day ago. When you procrastinate, then believe you are doing it and being lazy at the moment. Don’t let it control you. You better learn how to control your procrastination or else you keep delaying the important work and never reach your ultimate work goals. In most cases, when a person procrastinates, they postpone work and that next time never comes. 

stop being lazy, procrastination

The key to overcoming procrastination and laziness is to strictly follow your work schedule. Tough one, but a person with full focus and complete dedication can learn how to manage time wisely over it. There are many ways to control laziness and procrastination, but the common thing is to develop oneself strong and committed to do the job that you need to do. Make a promise to yourself and follow that. 


9. Divide your bigger goals into smaller ones

Thinking big is far more important in life and staying in own comfort and limits. Great tips indeed, you have to think big and develop a futuristic approach. But remember whatever you do today defines your future. Every great thing starts small. Divide your bigger dreams and goals into smaller parts, then organize likewise. 

Of course, you can aim for the big goals, but that is only possible to achieve when you have some smaller steps contributing to the ultimate goals at the end. Segment your goals, into monthly, weekly, and daily goals and follow the systems. You will see the more you do small goals, the closure you get to your end goals. 


10. Go to bed on time. Because you have to wake up early. 

Like our first time management tips, you need to wake up early, for that you have to go to bed on time, as well. Take eight hours recommended sleep that will keep you active and focused on daytime activities. If you have a habit of watching TV and social media before sleep, that may damage your sleeping quality. 

early to bed, 10 time management tips

For waking up early the next morning, you have to get to bed early. Set the time to sleep enough that you complete the required sleep quota for your body. The more you have better sleep, the refreshed you feel the next morning. Changing channels and scrolling feeds, ultimately keep you awake till late and make you late for the next day adventurous, as well. So don’t forget that.

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Final thought

Till here you know how to manage your 24 hours day, but all the time management tips and productive tips will work, only if you are devoted to your goals and inspired enough to make something worthy. All it takes is your mind and heart, that keep you directed on things you better spend your time on. 

Hope our tips on how to manage time wisely, help you at the end. We also want to know what you are doing to make yourself committed to your goals? Are you using some productivity tools, software, or already set your biological clock to do stuff at the right time? We are happy to know, let us know in the comment section below.


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