How Do You Know When You Love Someone

How Do You Know When You Love Someone? Well, Here are 21 Signs to Prove that…

Last updated on June 20th, 2022 at 04:47 am

Of course, It’s you… the first one to know when you love someone.

But, as the most complex thing, love is hard to predict, even if you are feeling with a true heart and have some signs to prove. Yet, you just don’t want to leave this feeling of being loved on a chance like, “She loves me…She loves me not.”, right?  And the burning question is, How to find when you’re in love with someone or not?

Well, there are some clear hints from your behavior, signs that you fall in love. Love has the power to change a person’s behavior, and these sudden changes in your feeling, personality, thinking clearly show when you love someone.  

So, How do you know when you love someone? Here are some of the clear signs you’re falling in love with a person you thinking about from the last few days. 

Signs: What Makes You Fall In Love With Someone?

1. That Person is Always in Your Mind. 

It’s the common nature of our humans, to keep thinking about something/someone we love. Whether you are connected with them yet or not, but still you keep thinking about that person. You keep thinking about the memories, you have built along or have the chances to create in the future. 

No matter what, you just can not get that person out of your mind. Whether you’re watching a movie or TV shows, you picture that person and build your own stories in your minds. 


2. You Plan to Spend More Time with Someone You Love

When you are in love, all you want at the moment is to stay with them and spend some time along. Whether you are spending enough time daily, or not. But, you just don’t want to leave, when you are with that someone you love. 

You enjoy spending your time with that right one. Spending some time along and making some good memories, that’s what you do with your time. Indeed, you like that someone’s presence and trying hard to keep the conversion entertaining and going as much as possible. Also, you know what makes a relationship interesting and alive


3. You Ignore Their Mistakes & Flaws

True love recognizes no flaws.

Whether the person is complete or not, you always find something great about that person you’re falling in love with. You just don’t lose your temper while with them, as you don’t want to feel a person hurt by any means. 

Even If your crush, or future partner has done something wrong to you, and they feel sorry for that, you just end the further discussion on that and forget about it. You don’t want to spoil your relationship, as you trust a person and you forgive them so easily. 


4. Time Really Flies, When You’re With Them

When you are with that someone you love, you are not thinking about time. Even if you forget about your important meetings, exams, or even partying with friends because you want to spend more time with them. Time flies very fast, especially with someone you love to be with. 

Love is a powerful feeling to make a person’s life more exciting than ever. You get to know that everything around you just seems interesting to you, and nothing is there to feel you bore anymore when you are enthusiastic by mind and heart. That’s right, it’s love that makes everything interesting for you.

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5. You Daydream a Lot about Your Next Meeting

You start daydreaming a lot, more about your conversion with them, when you’ll have a chance to talk over finally. Especially when you have a crush on someone, you end up picturizing the conversions and meetings in your mind. Thinking that, you’ll speak to them about what you are feeling. 

When you’re falling in love with someone, your most conversions take place in your mind only. But when you have that chance to do so, you either feel shy or just procrastinate for the next opportunity. You are always excited about your next meeting, but just control oneself at the last time, when a chance to. 


6. You Just Start Caring about A Person.

Normally, you keep thinking about the person you love, means all the time. You love a person and like to be with them. Likewise, you also worry about the person when you aren’t seeing them around, you used to. 

Like you feeling positive when with them, similarly you get to feel some negative thoughts that make you worried for them. Without a person, you feel incomplete inside. You just can’t imagine yourself without a person in the situation, whether you are at school, college, or elsewhere. 


7. You Want to Make Them Happy, and Feeling Loved.

True love needs nothing, but care and happiness for each other.

And so, when you love someone, you want to see the person smile every time. You never hesitate to do any stupid things to make a person smile, when they are in the lowest moment.

Love means to make others feel complete for own self, and that’s you doing here. All your respect, worries, tiny efforts are for them to feel loved inside. And to realize them, how special a person is for you. 


8. You Become Happy and Sad Too Soon, When it Relates to Them.

Loving someone is a good sign, bringing a positive feel in life. Of course, you feel positive when you’re falling in love. Everything seems great, you feel right for your own, surrounding, family, friends and the world around. Sometimes you become a relaxed person due to positive mindsets and happy moments in your heart. 

But, on the next phase, you become too conscious about the person you love and worry over what-if you lose them. Means, you are happy with them, but also feeling concerned about how long your relationship will last with the person you love.

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9. You Get Excited Over Almost Everything, About that Person.

When you’re in love with someone, you don’t judge them on how they look and what they wear. But, you end up like almost everything about them, at all. From start liking romantic movies, to starting watching soccer games, your perception toward life quite changes, thanks to that someone with whom you felling in love with. 

You just found yourself more interesting when you are with the right person in your life. There’s a heavy shift taking place in your interest, hobbies, and spare time activities when you are with someone, you love. You are serious about your complete makeover to match with that person.


10. When You Just Can’t Stop Looking at The Person You Love

It’s our, human tendency to take a glance at the beautiful creation in the world. Kinds of appreciation for something or someone’s attractive nature. Well, who isn’t attracted to beauty? Right, but there’s a slight difference between staring and seeing. You are not just literally staring to make them feel uncomfortable or insecure. 

But, you are seeing that loving person, as respect, appreciation, and as a future. And, that person also can see the spark in your eyes, when you are seeing your destiny with them and thanking you with a smile. 

You definitely know, Love at first sight. Isn’t it? 


11. You Become Jealous of Someone with Them, Every time. 

It’s perfectly fine when you get a bit jealous due to finding their friends or best friend always around them. It’s a sign that you really care for the person and you love someone truly. But, it’s okay,  at some limits only, . 

If that jealousy gets over and the person has to face a hardtime due to it, then it’s not a love that you are thinking about. Also, showing a relationship red flags, to stay away from you.

Trust is everything in love, as far as there’s trust, things are positive for everyone. 


12. You are Excited To Meet Them, To Your Family.

And that’s also showing how serious you are about the person and the relationship, of course. You are having a long term plan with them and so want your family to meet that person. You like to develop the relationship between them as well. 

Similarly, you also want to meet that person’s family as well. A person who is serious about a relationship takes an interest in making family connections. You also are excited to see the relationship that will build between your two families.

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13. You See…You are Becoming a Better Person.

When you are in a relationship with the right person, things also become positive, too. You just get positively influenced by the person and that nature they carry. You become a fan of their personality and positive behavior. 

You can find that you start taking your life seriously and thinking about the future as well. All you want is to improve yourself, as you are falling in love with someone and what to give them everything you could. 


14. You are Taking Your Future Seriously, From Now.

When a person gets involved in a relationship mentally or emotionally, they become more conscious about the future. When you fall in love, you start making your plans focusing on Both of you. 

You now become clear about what to achieve, what to do, where to go, because you also have someone now to take care of. All your plans including “I’ now turned into “WE” and that’s because now you’ve found that right person in your life.


15. You Believe In Good Things of Life

Love brings positivity and trust in everything.

Believe it or not, but you see your life turn quite positively, when you fall in love with the right person. You can see that you are now attracted to the most positive things in life. And, that person has the support you to believe in good things. 

Indeed, there are always some challenges to tackle. But, now you feel complete inside because you are powered up by someone who you love. You become stronger when you love someone and are ready to do anything for them. 


16. You Feel Complete Inside. When You’re Falling in Love

The purpose of love is to feel each other completed while together. When it’s true love, you can see that due to the person your life feels complete and you feel great about it. 

The right person is there to accept each other’s flaws and accept the way they are. It’s not always beauty, money, and any favors. But, it takes a pure heart to love someone, Which cares for others and can think what another person feels.

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17. You Become Confident About Yourself

As said earlier, that love is a powerful feeling. The person who experiences true love, builds a strong personality within. It’s not about competing with each other, but to complete each other. 

When you are with someone with whom you have built understanding and connection to share anything and everything, easily. And also the person can feel the same as yours, then you are falling in love with someone. People who love someone feel confident about own self. 


18. You Controlling Solid Desires to Say, “I Love You.”

So far, you have built a connection with them, and also have some hints from them as well that, they love you back. But, yet the love isn’t proposed or accepted by any end. You want to be that one who takes the next move. 

You keep thinking about the perfect moment to say those three magical words. No matter how shy you feel inside, you don’t want to miss any opportunity to describe your feelings to them.

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19. You Remember Everything. They Told You. About Them.

Probably for others, you are a good listener or not, but for the person you love, you keep your ears open. You listen to everything they told about themselves and also remember for long. Here, you make sure you listen to them properly.

From remembering birthdays to sending them their favorite gifts, you want to be the first person to wish them. You don’t want to take any chance. And so listen to everything they share with you.


20. You Start Believing…He/She is the One, For You.

Inside you feel that you finally met that one person in life. You have that strong feeling in the heart that you, two make the amazing couple. From matching the life interest to hobbies, positive thinking to future planning, you both are matching quite a lot.

Solely just believing is not possible, you also do everything to make a person feel great about themselves. You two have built a strong connection so far and now ready to take the next step, your actions reflect those true feelings.

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21. Your Parents Feel Suspicious About Your Changed Behavior.

Don’t forget your parents are smarter than you. They can easily figure out that their son/daughter is in love with someone or not. You can not trick them anyway, especially with your made-up stories and secretive nature. 

The way you talk about your crush and creating stories to hide something from them, is enough for parents to realize that you are falling in love. Sudden change in your behavior and nature, talking and being serious over life, to become happy and sad quickly, staying alone in your room and talking when no one is around and many signs itself showing parents when you’re in love with someone.

Because they know, it has to be the right person who brings some positive change in you. Don’t forget, your parents know you very well. With merely your routine behavior, then get to know that you are in love with someone. 


Close contents

Love is undoubtedly the best feeling in the world.

It has the power to fill a person’s life with equal positivity and negativity also. But, it all depends on with whom you are getting into the relationship. Also, how much you can adjust with that person you love. 

But, above all, one thing is sure that is, love never happens eventually.

There’s always some process followed from both ends. Here sharing signs are just our researched behavioral signs, a person shows. when they are in love. Of course, there are many more signs are to prove that someone is falling in love or not. 

Do you have some extra points or suggestions to add here on, how do you know when you love someone? Then, Let us know in the comment section below. 


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