How to Deal With Backstabbing Coworkers

How to Deal With Backstabbing Coworkers? 12 Defensive Tips to Save Yourself.

Have some clues that your backstabbing coworkers? Even though you are not sure about it, you better be aware of office politics and sabotaging. Yes, if you are in a corporate job and that’s also the undeniable part of the office culture. 

In the race of professional careers and shiny promotions, sometimes things get too personal and give birth to office politics and putdowns. Of course, you are a dedicated, passionate employee who gets appraisal based on performance. Even though you think that you have supportive coworkers and friendly colleagues. But still, keep eyes on that secret cues about backstabbing office reality. 


Can you really save yourself from Office Backstabbing?

Well, the answer is partial yes and partial no. Both depending on competition level, work culture, and of course your reaction towards it. Not everyone has the same approach to respond to office politics and backstabs. Some colleagues do this to entertain themselves or some prefer to stay away, by following extreme professional behavior. 

But, whether you want it or not, but you will be pushed in a similar situation eventually. Yes, you’ve control over yourself, but not on your colleagues and on your boss. You can’t be fully safe from backstabbing coworkers, but at least you can prevent the situation before it occurs to you. 

So, further, in this post, we are sharing the best ways to deal with backstabbing at the office. Even if it’s just a hint, or in the early phase but these some required things that you better to do instead of waiting to get things even worse. Because we know you don’t want your office place to go miserable, isn’t it?


1. Don’t take the situation too lightly. 

Don’t take backstabbing too lightly, office politics.

The majority of backstabbing cases are done by coworkers who are self-centered. Yes, selfish personalities, prefer their self in every situation. Other’s success and appraisal hurt their ego. Results, office jealousy, putdowns, sabotages, and of course, backstab. 

So, instead of trying to make them more jealous of your success, you better save yourself from them. You better work on yourself, to improve yourself work performances, rather beat others with it. Keep distance from such negative personalities will save your time and you can focus on office work. 


2. Mind your words and action from now onwards. 

Workplace backstabbing can be from any of your team, colleagues, or any superior teammates, or even your boss. You have no idea but your tiny mistake can lead to long term trouble for you. So, the best thing is to stay awake and aware of what’s happening around.  

Whether it’s jealousy or laziness, coworkers become more active when finding someone’s mistakes. Yes, even in some companies, coworkers are more focused to find others faults, rather minding their schedule. Mind your words and things you do to them because they track everything you do and speak. That may be collecting the proofs against you as well.

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3. Find the person who carries some secret jealousy for you.

secret jealousy for you, sneaky coworkers.

Till you don’t make any further move to save yourself from any office politics, you first know who is your backstabber colleague? Find that one coworker(s) who has shared some hints or left their negative remarks. It’s very important to know who actually can backstab you. 

Indeed, it’s quite a tricky part. But, instead of putting yourself in a big trouble by pointing the wrong one. You first have to collect some proof to ensure that who is the reason behind all these troubles at the office for you. Find that mastermind at the office who gets direct benefits when you are in a problem.


4. Talk with that backstabber coworker, straightway. Simple. 

Hard one, but indeed worth it. Yes, you have to speak to the coworker who is the confirmed backstabber. Talking to the problem in the early phase is always better than waiting for things to get hard to solve. Ultimately, your mindset to wait too long leaves nothing, but just regrets

Let the coworker know that you’ve noticed their action and what they are doing behind you. Not strictly, it’s the first time so inform them you are not a fan of this game. If your backstabbing colleague is clever and having some respect for office culture, they will understand their own mistakes in the first phase. And, if not then we have other options over how to deal With backstabbing coworker read ahead.


5. Inform your senior or HR departments.

Save yourself from backstabbing. 

Once confirmed who is that coworker trying to pollute the office environment, the next thing you can do is to inform your seniors. Also, even your first notice aren’t impact your jealous coworkers, this is the next best thing you can do to save yourself from this game. 

Talk to your manager or HR departments, about the situation in the early phase. The earlier you do something about it, the better it’ll be. In the end, you all are working for a company, and you have to think from everyone’s perspective. Inform your superior that you want to maintain the office standards, but not in exchange for your personal values and work respects. 

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6. Don’t wait too much, Save yourself from backstabbing. 

The most common mistake that suffered employees do is, they wait for too much or too little for addressing their problems at the workplace. Don’t be the one who’s thinking that everything will be better soon eventually. That’s not happening in all cases. Especially, when things are not in your control and your sneaky coworkers are in the mood to backstab you. 

Better to save your self from such negative work personalities. Like said earlier, to inform HR and your manager about your teammates’ behavior is the best option you opt for. The department or place shifting, moreover assigning to another project is the best thing that your HR/superior will do at the primary concern, which helps a bit.


7. Save your back, always. Have your PROOFs. 

Have your PROOFs. , backstabbing colleagues

You can’t ignore that fact there can be someone who is ready to take your work credit. And that’s the same person who blames you, when things go wrong. Beware of such credit seekers, have you all performance reports and project details clear. Make everything documented, secured.

Always carry your work schedule and maintain your daily work updates. Save it for yourself, for an uncertain future. That not only be the backup of your track record but also be your secret weapon when backstabber attacks and trying hard to put down with false reports.

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8. Keep Distance from them. 

Negative personalities like arguer, backstabbers, credit-takers are highly skilled in their art of getting others involved anyway. Yes, they want you to participate in office politics and want to get pleasure from it. 

Save yourself from the blame game, save from the backstabber coworkers. Don’t respond to everything they say to you, too quickly. Minimize your connection with them, have work one-liners ready to give them. That’s the best reaction, an office backstabbing coworkers lacks.


9. Show your respect for the office work culture. 

Keep Distance from office politics. 

By any means, simply don’t get yourself involved in office squirrels, or gossips. You are not here for complaining and arguing on someone’s behavior. So try some early action, as you get the hint from backstabber. Don’t give them any clues or reason to point at you. 

Create the environment around you that makes people want to work with you. Show those backstab, colleagues, that they have no chance to involve you in their dirty game. Be with some dedicated and hardworking co-workers that come to the office, for working only.


10. Don’t open up too much with office colleagues.

Backstabbing coworkers are always looking for some proof and evidence to point at you and to your performances. As a focused employee, don’t give them any chance. Mean, never share your private information too early without knowing someone at the workplace especially.

Separate your work and personal life clearly, also follow professional behavior. Too much personal in a professional environment sometimes brings big troubles for sure. Until and unless you know your colleagues well at a new office space, keep things to yourself. Don’t open up too much. Don’t give them any hints which they can use later on.

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11. Never entertain them back. Don’t backstab in return.

Never entertain them back., backstabber coworker, office conflicts

Office gossip, backstabbing, hidden tactics, flavorings, sabotage are the favorite entertainment elements for some sneaky coworkers. Not all come to the office to make their career, some exist there to destroy others as well. We know the enthusiasm you carrying from the day you selected for this job. But, professional life is not that easy. 

The real challenges start when you enter into the corporate game. From day one, most backstabbing coworkers with jealous mindset activate their ears against you. You’ll be their ultimate target when you are about to overtake them. So keep a distance from negative colleagues and do your job well.


12. Learn to stay focused on your work. 

Overall, the office is the place where you go to work and achieve your career goals. And not to impress with your personal life and thoughts you carry. But, as you know, office politics in the corporate environment is indisputable. You are better to save yourself from such hard professional realities. 

Negative thoughts, situations, and even your sneaky coworkers are of course hard to ignore. They simply never let you work on your stuff so easily. So, train yourself to maintain your cool in negative surroundings. Learn how to stay focused on your career goals.  You are here to make a career, not to win against anyone. 

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Final thought

No matter what you do, whether you follow a defensive approach or just let time decide what to do with a backstabber colleague. But, you simply can’t ignore the fact that office politics, put-downs, and backstabbing are the undeniable parts.

You can’t save yourself from it, so easily. Even if you are that passionate worker, who just wants to come office on time and leave on time. But there’s always some others who just can’t let you work with full focus and dedicated mindsets. So beware of such sneaky behaviors and colleagues from the very first instance.

Hope you are in the early phase of backstabbing and have some insight from our article. Do you have some experience from a toxic work environment? Or have some extra points to add over, How to deal with backstabbing coworkers.

Let us know in your views in the comment below, We are happy to add that.