Why You Are Bored With Life

Why You Are Bored With Life?

Wondering… Why life is so boring for you?

Then here sharing some valid reasons behind “I’m bored with life”… that you really want to know. 


This is going to be some harsh truths that you have to accept about yourself. It’s your approach and choices first, that forces you to stay bored with your life. 

Because overall, feeling bored in life is, all your own decision only.

You think your life is boring, just because you let it be. So, here are some personal factors and reasons that force you to live a boring and pointless life.

Why life is so boring for you?

1. You live your life clueless.

Exciting life goals and daily challenges are really essential to add value to our life. 

You feel that you’re bored with life because you have no desires and dreams that keep you going. Moreover, you have no challenging things to do right now. 

Have those goals that frustrate you, at the same time excites you. 

No matter what, but you are not doing something great in-between waking up to going to bed at night. 

You simply have no goals and clues, about what you want to do. That makes the ultimate reason for why your life is boring. 


2. Because you are being too hard on yourself.

why life is so boring

The next reason why life is so boring for you because… your expectations from yourself, are too high or too low.

Simple means, you are being too hard on yourself

Indeed, you probably need some rules and regulations for you. You have set some boundaries and limitations that you never want to pass.

Self-discipline is required to keep focused and keep going.

But, that doesn’t mean to control yourself from every other desire and enjoyment in life. 

Of course, you don’t want to stay bored and inactive. You want to do something great, but it’s just your boundaries won’t let you. 

In short, it’s your self-promises that control you.

Stop sacrificing every great opportunity. Release some burden from you and live life freely

Nobody cares about your streaks, until you are a player of national sports. 


3. You think your life supposed to stay boring forever.

It’s your mental state that keeps informing you that “you’re a boring person.” 

Believe no one else, but it’s you who can make you bored with life. And, you have accepted that, already.

When you are convinced by own belief, then it’s really hard to get out of that. 

You can’t think that your life can be fun and exciting, either. 

You are now so convinced with living a boring life that you believe, there’s no room for any creative plus new things.

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4. You don’t trust people fully.

why my life is so boring

No matter how worst your past relationship was, or the rejections you have faced till today, such negative things also be the reason for eliminating excitement from life. 

Heartbreaks, failures, etc… are such things that impact you really badly. 

Due to such rejections, backstabbing, and broken trusts you’ve developed thinking that “everyone’s the same”, “No one can understand you.” Which further leads you to trust no one. 

All you do is just following formality to maintain a connection.

Yes, you trust literally no one in your present life.

No trust and so not being with anyone too much can be the reason why life is so boring for you.

Because you avoid any healthy conversation with others and stop expecting any support, too. You just stopping yourself from making stronger connections.


5. You are perfectionists. 

Like you have your own standards principles to meet, you are never satisfied with your work. 

Yes, get it right, you are a perfectionist.

And that makes you busy yet bored, plus alone with your work.

If you don’t think that it makes you a boring person, that it probably be felt by the one who works with you. 

Due to your perfectionism, you can never be satisfied with anything or anyone. You always find some faults in your situation and look for ways to make it better. 

Your habit to do Perfect things only, sometimes prevent you from enjoying exciting moments with small achievements.

Whether success makes you excited or not, But failure always feels you down.


6. You cancel your hang out & party invitations, every time.

life is so boring

Before arguing that “I’m bored with life”, you have to accept that it’s you who makes it. 

Remind yourself of how many times you have avoided going out and party invitation from your friend and family. 

Probably you’re not feeling good to go out or not a party animal, whatever the reason maybe, but you really have to accept this one.

It’s only you who ignored such exciting opportunities.

It’s you who feel shy and controlling yourself, from making great memories.

Believe, you are responsible to make your life boring and lonely. 


7. You compare your life with others. 

Comparisons with others are the best way to feel demotivated and boring. 

If you always compare yourself with others, then you feel bored with life. It’s reminding you that you are not worthy enough and your life is not as it has to be. 

Only you are the reason for your happiness, excitement, and boredom. 

In the time of social media and the internet age, a daily comparison is an inevitable part of our life. 

After seeing your old friend’s posts about chilling at the beach, enjoying a “set” life, may or may not inspire. But, that definitely feels you down, when you are comparing your life with them.

It’s just a lifestyle difference, that keeps you frustrated and bored with life, likewise.

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8. You don’t believe in yourself. 

you're bored with life

In simple means, you are not confident to make some positive impacts. 

You really living a boring life, as you thinking that nothing great will happen ever. You just don’t trust yourself enough, to make something challenging and do exciting things.

Forget everything and start believing that your life can be better, too.

Lack of confidence leads you to those frustrating moments. And, that’s something stopping you to set some great goals and do something worthwhile.

Sometimes you know the reason why life is so boring, and still, you don’t want to do anything about it.


9. You never learn new things, as you should

You are way too comfortable with the simple life, you have been living. 

The comfort zone really kills creativity. You are so habituated to live a regular life, that you avoid taking any chance.

Stop avoiding any exciting things to try, you may not get the chance later on.

Staying in a lane and never taking any risks are common reasons why you feel bored with life. Moreover, you are not learning enough to develop new skills or update your mindsets. 

You just get used to your traditional thinking and nothing else. 


10. Your daily routine is just boring.

living boring life

Like you have no clues to what to do with your life, you also may not have that idea over what you are going to do today. 

Every day is different, make sure you have exciting things for this day.

Not having exciting plans and fun things for today, of course, gives you another boring day.

If you repeatedly wake up with no interesting thing to do today, probably the whole day you will feel bored and like a regular one. 


11. Being social means staying on social media.

Whether you are an introvert or not, but it’s the best reason that makes you bored with life. 

You really feel socially awkward when going to any party or function.

Social media are supposed to bring people together… and not to take the nearest ones away. 

Instead of meeting with people around you, you prefer to check your social media notifications and chat with virtual friends. 

If you repeatedly do that every time, then you are making “a boring person” image in the minds of your friends and relatives.

Moreover, the reason behind ‘why life is so boring’ is also because you are so habitual live in the virtual world.

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12. You lose friends more than you make. 

why am i bored with life

There can be many reasons why you are losing friends in your 20s

But, the main reason is can be your behavior to them as well. When you are avoiding any regular meetups and get together, slowly you lose your importance, too.

You don’t need hundreds of friends. You just need that one, to whom you can call anytime.

Due to your sudden behavioral change, you’re gradually losing attention from your group. 

The rate of losing friends from life is just way too high than, you make new ones usually. 

Find, Is it your boring behavior that keeps your friends away?


13. You live in regrets only rather than in excitement. 

Pessimists see no hope, even though there are enough opportunities for them.

When you are thinking down for yourself, you attract the negative things only. The reason why life is so boring for you, is also because you get attracted to the negative side only. 

Stop living with regrets. Start living with memories. 

If you are not feeling excited to do anything in life, right now. Then probably, you will have regrets of choosing a boring life. 


14. You expect too much and do nothing. 

why i'm bored with life

Setting goals and planning… is not always enough. You really have to put effort, as well. 

The next reason why your life is so boring is that you expect everything in life and do nothing about it. You have all those desires to acquire something.

But when it comes to implementation you are not that into it fully.

Make sure you are spending more time in implementing, rather than just planning.

All you want is to achieve most things in a short period of life. And, so you lack patience and getting bored with life too easily. 

You just aim to hit the goals, by eliminating the process between.


15. You are comfortable with a boring life. 

Seriously, your better not to complain about why life is so boring… when actually you don’t do anything about it. 

You are not making the first move to do exciting things, such as talk to your crush. You just let things go as it goes.

All you wish is to get better things eventually.

Stop holding yourself back. Nothing will change, if you do nothing.

Before anything else, you are just getting used to your boring life. And, you are kind of enjoying being bored.

Moreover, you feel bored when you have to do something important. Agree?

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16. You procrastinate and wait for the right time.

bored and alone

Like most other people out there, you just wait for the right opportunity.

You are waiting for the perfect time to do start something or even to enjoy something in life. 

Seize the moment as it right now, maybe you won’t get another chance.

Just waiting and praying that things will come to you, that never happens anyway. You always have to take a step and be ready to do something about it. 

Like you are always in your “Boring mode”, you procrastinate things and avoid doing anything. 


17. You are demotivated or lazy or Both at the same time. 

No one can motivate you to become successful, when you’re not in the mood to make a move. 

It’s your choice to feel bored, right now.

Only you are in charge of your mood. No one else and no one should.

There can be many personal reasons for it. But, the common ones are, either you feeling frustrated or aren’t that enthusiastic at this work.

When you don’t want to do any exciting things and feel lazy inside, it’s a sign that you are a boring person.  

Similarly, when you are not supported by your thoughts, you will never do some right move towards it.


What makes you bored with life?

Being bored is a temporary state of mind.

That clearly indicates that you are not in the mood right now. And that can be changed by you, with good habits and external support, too. 

Staying bored in life, is your choice.

That indicates that you are lazy and tired of the idea of doing something in life. And, only you can help yourself to get out of it. 

Rather thinking… Why life is so boring for you? The better idea is to ask yourself… What you’re doing to make it exciting? 

That makes a valid question. What do you say?