When Someone Rejects You

When Someone Rejects You, Simply Thank them and Move on…

Last updated on October 24th, 2020 at 05:23 am

Handling rejection is hard for anyone. Yes, it’s tough…because when someone rejects you, you have no other option than to accept that.

Job interview, in a relationship or business deal, getting rejections is indeed a big challenge to accept, especially when you have so many expectations and dreams involved in there.

Agree that being rejected is not a good impression on a person’s life, it feels like you have one door closed forever. But, at the same time, it also opens other doors of Better opportunities and success.

Well, we are not going to discuss How to handle the rejections, but sending a good feel of “why rejection is good for you”.

Presenting the positive sides, benefits of rejection that you usually have been ignoring. Here are some suggestive things to do when someone rejects you. Don’t think about revenge, this is not our approach here.

It’s all about doing some positive things in life, after rejections. It’s a way of accepting own flaws and get ahead in life with the right lesson. So, let’s discuss what you can do about it.

Why rejection is good for you and for your future?

1. You are Rejected… But not Ruined

Pure acceptance or direct rejection, is always good.

It actually shows you that you deserve something else in life, but not this one. This clearly informs you that you need to try more and work more. 

Being rejected is far better than getting FAKE acceptance.

Remember rejection is a one-time event and can be forgotten after reaching a better level. But, acceptance under certain conditions and beliefs, can ruin your other life possibilities, too.

Thank them for not wasting your time.

Thank them to show you an exit door.  Thank them to show the right path for you. 

After rejections, start believes in yourself even more, stop complaining and start doing to achieve our goals.


2. Rejection opens more doors for you. 

Why rejection is good for you and for your future

Know that rejection is that one chance, one option, one door, a single idea that didn’t work for you. 

Feeling down when someone rejects you is obvious. But, don’t forget that now you’ve one option wrong. Which means you’re open to more opportunities to try on. 

By rejecting you, they gave you a chance to explore new things in life and to find what you are good at.

You should thank for denial, cause that brings your full potentials out.

I know what you feel after being rejected, but don’t let it feel you down for too long. Dealing with rejection is a short term, that leads to long-lasting success.

Regrets Less. Live more. 


3. Rejections save your precious time

You may hear that Time heals everything in life.

True, but simply waiting for time to heal everything, that’s not the case always. You always have to do something, after being in a hard situation in life.

It’s your actions always, that decides what you’ll receive in the future. 

Remember when someone rejects you, they take away one opportunity from you. But, not the time.

Yes, your time is still in your control. 

Think positive that you’ve saved yourself and your time. Their rejection is not stopping you, but giving you the opportunity to explore new ways and options, By yourself

So stop wasting time thinking your negative sides. Look for the possibilities you have, after rejections.


4. Thank that someone who rejects you… They’re honest.

Rejections make you creative and daring.

Fake acceptance itches every day. Whereas rejection hurts only a single time.

It may happen that those who accept unwillingly, may question your capabilities later on. Means, you always have to prove your qualifications and ability for that.

Prefer those who say the truth on your face, over that ones who hiding it from you.

So it would be better if someone rejects you with a valid purpose. Fake acceptance just creates doubts alone. That may cost you not a time only but also a reputation as well.

Rejections in love and relationship actually open a door for that right one, who meant for you. Someone who actually needs you.


5. Rejections actually push you forward

Related to career perspective, if you are in the early career stage getting rejected is a regular event that you should be ready for.

Accepting own limitation and knowing their intent will bring you to a positive side. That helps you to know why rejection is good for you and for your career. 

Of course, you are in the learning phase and have no clues of what to do to life. You don’t know your possibility and hence it’s okay to try every opportunity you have. 

As far as you learn, you can never fail.

Make yourself ready for more failures and rejections. Just be habitual with this in your learning stage.

Due to dismissal in a job interview then don’t feel ashamed to ask for reasons for that.

Accepting rejections and knowing limitations in early-stage, support you to find your weak points to work upon. Moreover, you can work on your core strength and area of interest, too. 

Have your reasons for being rejected, ask for advice, and learn how to improve yourself.

Now, it’s time to Leave things like rejections and all, you have a lot of other things to focus on. So, Go ahead.


6. Your self-learning journey starts…after being rejected

Rejections release you from self-doubts, when someone rejects you

Don’t be too hard on yourself, when someone rejects you. It’s not your fault always. Sometimes, you are not that much ready as you’re expected. 

Dealing with rejection is a life lesson. Because if you are not rejected then how you can find your inner strength.

Thanks, them for making you self-reliant, and self-dependent.

Thank them for not holding you with their conditions.  

If they have helped you then you have to follow their every rule, anyhow. Rejection is good,it lets you create your own way and give you the required push to stand up by yourself, alone. 


7. Rejection helps to Build a Self-Confidence

If they haven’t rejected you, you will not get to know your hidden talents.

Don’t think that you are helpless, just because one person or company has rejected you.

No one can limit you, no one can stop you. Only you can stop YOU. 

Eventually, when someone rejects you, they are supporting you to become self-independent so that you can get all the things done on your own.

Believe that they want you to grow without their support and favor. Don’t ignore their contribution to your success. 

The time you have after being rejected, is the time to focus on self improvement goals you have in mind.


8. Rejections release you from self-doubts

after being rejected, when someone rejects you

They denied to help you, agree. But, believe me, this will solve your self-doubts.

It eliminates your personal doubts and improves confidence, which is the best reason why rejection is good for you.

Sometimes rejection hurts a person so deep, that a person becomes too dedicated to do it all alone. ‘That’ rejections feelings always come to their mind, and mentally supporting them to work harder.

After going through rejection, you start doing that work on your own and achieve the success you desire.

So, thank someone who rejects you.

Because they are the ones who help you to accomplish your goal on your own. You should be grateful to them who reject you, as that unleashes your inner strength


9. You really need denials to get ahead in life

You really need some time and inspiration to get back on track…when someone rejects you.

You may get inspiration from that Podcast you listen to, or from that youtube motivational videos, or even from Instagram’s quotes about rejections.

But, above all, it depends on you, on how you handle situations and feelings after rejections.

Stop feeling down. And start taking denial as a turning point of life to get better.

Rejection is the greatest motivation above all.

Remember that, it gives you a spark in your lazy soul and push you forward, where you want to be.

When you stop focusing on the negative side of rejections and start thinking of your next move, you make anything possible for you.

Focus on the positive side only and do something purposeful that proves why rejection is good for you. 


10. Rejections make you creative and fearless. 

you need rejections in life, someone rejects you

We have discussed all the positive sides of rejections, indeed it benefits your life way more than you can think.

But, above all which I notice after disapproval is, it improves your thinking and make you go creative.

Yes, it’s a normal thing that you get the best idea and plan when you least expect it.

It’s their limitation of thinking, and not yours. 

You value your resources right when you have not any. You understand your true worth when you’re pulldown by others.

With limited resources, you get creative on how to use it effectively. Like rejections have closed one door for you, you get to know more and more ideas and opportunities to work next.

But, that only happen if you keep yourself away from “getting rejection feelings” too quickly.


Quick note when someone rejects you…

I can feel… what you are now, after getting a rejection. But, believe me, this time will be over soon.

Of course, this is time to feel down for yourself.

Feel it, there’s nothing wrong in there. But, make sure your feeling of ‘being rejected’ has to be that great enough to give you the push that you need.

Find the purpose, accept your limitations, and do something for yourself. And, show what you learn from rejections and why rejection is good.

Take it as a ‘push’ that sets you in a stage where you want to be. But, don’t let it ‘pull’ from your confidence, anyhow. 

Take your rejections as an opportunity to grow, and not just to feel low only.

By rejecting you, they just show you their limitations. But, you know what you are capable of, Aren’t you?


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