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Being rejected ? Just thank them who reject you, know why…

Handling a Rejection is hard for anyone.

Job interview or in the relationship or professional life, rejection is a life challenge to accept.

Agree that being rejected is not a good impact on a person’s life, but it opens up more opportunities than acceptance.

Looking at the positive side of rejection, you need to Thank those who reject you in life. Here sharing…

Way to handle the rejection and reasons why to thank them for rejecting you.

You are Rejected But not Ruined

Being rejected is far better than the accepted and ruined for life. Remember rejection is a one-time event and can be forgotten after reaching a better level. But once ruined, the impact stays lifetime.

You need to thank them for not wasting your time and show you an exit door. So that you can create your own way later. At this time, we need to stop complaining and start doing to achieve our goals.


Rejection opens more doors

You may think that they can accept you and limit yourself to explore new things. Due to rejection, they give you a chance to explore new things in life and to find what you are good at.

You should thank for rejection, cause that brings your full potentials out. I know what you feel after being rejected, but don’t feel bad for that. Dealing with rejection is a short term, that leads to long-lasting success.


Rejections save your precious time

You may hear that Time heals everything in life. True, but in today’s life who have that time to wait for healing everything. Those who have rejected you, have taken away your one opportunity but not the time.

Believe that ruined is time-consuming but rejection is not. Ruined is the time wasted whereas Rejection saves time from the unnecessary conflict afterward. 

So stop wasting time thinking about the rejection you had, look at possibilities you have.


Thanks your rejectors, for not being fake

Fake acceptance itches more than the rejection at the first instance. It may happen that those who accept willingly or forcefully, may a question about your capabilities later on. And you always have to prove your qualifications for that.

So it would be better if you are rejected now, rather giving you a chance unwillingly. That cost you not a time only but also a reputation as well.

This also makes room for that right one, who meant for you. Who actually needs you.


Rejections force you to pull own self up

In the early stages of your career and if being rejected then do not ashamed to ask for reasons for that. This way you get to know which are the point you have to work on.

If the person is really want to see you successful, then surely will provide a reason for your being rejected and also give you a point where you need to improve yourself.

That person is like a teacher who guides their students to the right direction.

Leave things like rejections and all, you have lot more things to focus on.


The process of self leaning starts after being rejected

Don’t be too hard on yourself, after facing denial anyway. Dealing with rejection is a life lesson. Because if you are not rejected then how you can find your inner strength.

Thanks, them for making your self reliant and let you not bound by their conditions.  

If they have helped you then you have to follow their rules. Rejection is good,as that let you create your own way and guide you for self-development. 


Rejection helps to Build a Self-Confidence

If they haven’t rejected you, you will not get to know your hidden talents. By rejecting you they just not make you feel helpless.  

They make you that much self-independent so that you can get all the things done on your own without others help and favor. 

The time you have after being rejected, is the time to focus on self improvement goals you have in mind.


Rejections release you from self-doubts

They denied to help you, and this will resolve your self-doubts. Till the day of being rejected, you can’t think that you can accomplish that.

After going through rejection, you start doing that work on your own and achieve the success you want.

Hence they simply help you to accomplish the goal on your own. You should be grateful to them who reject you, as that reveal your inner strength. 


You need rejections to get ahead in life

You may get inspiration from that Podcast you listen, or from that youtube motivational videos or even from the Instagram’s Quotes pages.

Rejection is the greatest motivation above all.

Thought of being rejected gives you a spark in your lazy soul and makes you hardworking one.

Believe me, it is.

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