I Know how it feels, I know

 I Know how it feels when…

Sometimes life put you in the situation, where there is no one with you.

And you have to face those situations all alone.

You just can not describe what you feel inside to others. 


That’s a common thing from 20s and everyone has felt at least a one time in that phase of life.

Instead complaining of that, prefer to take a Life lesson from that.

Because that’s all we can do and that’s we should do.

I Know how it feels…

That loneliness feeling

I know how it feels when they left you alone, when you needed them most.

But still prefer still thank them for that.

Because if they don’t leave you, you can never found how much capable you can be.


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When getting rejection

I know that feelings How it felt after being rejected.

Rejection is hard.

But a chance to improve yourself, instead blaming them same ,as own self. 

Again thank them to reject you and saved your time.

They could ruined your life, instead. 

And i think that handling rejection is quite a good deal.. than to live with that regrets entire life.


When they Laugh at you

I know how it feels when they laughed at your weakness, and what happening in your mind.

Their laughs change you completely and help to focus more on Self-Improvement.


Broken trust

I know how it feels when they broke your trust.

The broken trust is the reason, why you should not blindly trust in anyone.

Trusting them is not your fault.

Think about they just lose a nice person like you. 

Remember in most of the relationship, a right one is the one who suffering from love the most.


When being insulted

I know how it feels being insulted in front of everyone.

That make me realized how it bad feels when everyone against you.

Also teaches you take own stand and Be bold. 

That time you all need that a True friend who be on your side and handle you.


When no one around to support

I know what you feel when they denied to help you to learn something new.

Because that is the reason you better to spend time alone and learn by own.

That led me a habit to learn by my own, without waiting for anyone.


After failed

I know how it feels when you are failed on the things, that you really want.

Because that way I came to know their true faces who used to say they are with me.

These Failures are the reason why I have a few, But true friends with me.


Low-moment in life

I know that feeling when I went into the depression and when you feel low.

Because that reminds me of days of my struggle, I have faced at that time and even the come back in life, i have later on.

That feeling helped me to put more efforts into my work.  


That ignorance

I know the feeling when they ignore your words.

Because that way I came to know that they simply don’t deserve my words and it saved me lots of time.


When you lost because of your own

I know what you feel when you came to know their secret strategies to defeat you.

That way they showing…you are strongest than them.


Final Note: 

Life put you in tough situation, But there’s always a purpose for it.

We must stop complaining about life for being hard, we behave lazy to tackle it.

Everything happen with us having certain reason, A lesson that life want us to know.

Instead feeling bad over that and waste time in thinking about it…all we can do is to handle this situation.

And keep doing things that we passionate about, to achieve our goals.

We better to control our thoughts and feelings, that try to control ourselves. 

Writer’s note:

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