I Know how it feels, I know

 I Know how it feels when…

Last updated on October 21st, 2020 at 07:58 am

I know how it feels, Friend. I totally relate to your situation and those struggles n your mind…

Sometimes life puts you in a situation, where there is no one with you. Except, YOU. 

Indeed, you have to face those times with all alone, with your thoughts only. 

You may have your people, family, and friends around you. But, not that someone to whom you can explain your situation better. Or even, probably it’s you who don’t want to describe them of What you feel inside.

Simply because… they care for you too much Or not care for you, at all. 


That’s one common thing from the 20s time and everyone has felt at least a one time in this phase of life.

Instead of complaining about that, prefer to take a Life lesson from that.  Because that’s all we can do and that’s what we should do.

I know how it feels…

When staying alone, with you only. 

I know how it feels when all your “So-called” friends left you alone when you needed them most.

Regret not, their purpose in your life is over here. Let them go, also prefer to thank them for anything they have done and not done.

Don’t think about how many times they have ignored you and not supported you. Think of the times they favored you. It’s just them because of whom, you could find how capable you are.

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When getting rejections only. 

I know those feelings How it felt after being rejected.

Rejection is hard. But, take it as a chance to improve yourself, instead of blaming others, just thank them and realize it’s actually good for you. As because of that you found new opportunities, that’s perfectly right for you.  

Again thank them to reject you and save your time and give the opportunity to explore new things. 

They could ruin your life, could have controlled you. 

Don’t feel low about that. It’s a part of life and handling rejection is quite a good deal for you. Aim to live with memories or with regrets, is all your choice only. 


When they Laugh at you.

I know how it feels when they laughed at your weakness. Also know what how it hurting you there and what’s going in your mind, at the moment. Just pass smile at them and walk away.

Let them laugh it out. You can’t do anything about them, and you should not. 

They can see your faults only, and it’s their problem. But, not yours. 

Be unique, stay different as you are.

You don’t need anyone’s approval and acceptance. Do what you aim for and trust yourself.

No matter what, just never lose your focus from uniqueness, just because they laugh.

It’s just showing that they all, are limited versions.


When realizing the backstabbing. 

I know how it feels when they broke your trust. Really, it’s should feel the same, as you are now. After all, it really pains when someone you trust makes you feel miserable and isolated. 

But, this broken trust is the reason, why you should not blindly trust in anyone.

Trusting them is not your fault. You have done a good job there. Sharing trust and helping each other, that’s what we humans are for. 

Don’t think that you lose them. Think, they just failed a person like you. 

There’s always that right one who suffers from love in any personal to professional relationships.


When being insulted

I know how it feels being insulted in front of everyone. Even though you don’t care for any of them, it still hurts the most. 

I know at the moment, you realize that everyone is the same and wants you to put down only. But, that’s not the case.

No one can put you down, without your consent. They just try to bring you down, mean they are down than you. 

Remember, when you give them hints over you care what they do, they will keep it doing to you.

Simply, think that they don’t deserve your time and attention, and walk away.

This is the phase that teaches you to take your own stand and Be fearless. That time you all need that a True friend who be on your side and handle you. And, you can find it there, too. 


When no one is there to support

I know what you feel when they refused to help you to learn something new. Never think over at it, it’s just their choice. But, because no one supporting you doesn’t mean your idea and approach is wrong.

Still, it’s their decision, so let it be. 

But, instead think of who are not supporting you, think you can do it, too. 

You really need someone to guide you way, but when there’s no one around you better to find it ownself, Right?

So decide to learn it by own. Never stop, just because no one helping you. 

That will lead you to become self-reliant in your field. And of course, you can say that you are SELF-MADE.

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When you fail at some, that you’re excited about. 

I know how it feels when you are failed on the things, that you really want.

You do something that you care for most, you put your most efforts into it and it failed. The feeling is really very difficult and hard, agreed. 

But, ask yourself…Can you do something about it? If yes, then try again and forget about that one experiment that failed. You have done good work, and have a deep focus on the work.

But, make sure even a single failure has not to damage your passion and interest, a bit. 

These Failures are actually proving that you prefer to create own road, rather than following the chains.


When having Low-moment in life.

I know that feeling when I went into depression and when you feel low.

Low moments really frustrate you high and you lose your focus from the work you suppose to do. 

But, I want you to make this low moment a stepping stone for your success. No matter how hard this phase may be for you, just never let this period slips away, anyway. 

Remember these daily struggles, this are the ones that will help you to reach there.

Find joy in low moments and inspiration in hard times, that’s what I want you to follow. 


No, you are not alone. I know how it feels, friend.

Life puts you in a tough situation many times, always.

You can be that one who complains all the time or the one who grow through this process. 

The one who complains always attract more problems, whereas the one who decides to make a way out of it…achieve something great.

Don’t compare for people and things anymore, they all are temporary. Explore every situation life puts you in. Find there’s always a Purpose for you.


Don’t think that “Why this happens to me…”.

Make it your “I’m thankful that this happened to me…”

We must stop complaining about life for being hard. It’s us, who are weak or lazy enough to do something challenging.

Everything happens with us having a certain reason.

Take that as a reason to update yourself. Take it as a medium to realize your true worth. 

Instead of feeling negative over that, do something about it instead.  Aim to do things that you are passionate about. Have a focus on your goals and not the problems.


Friend, I know how it feels, and what you think there.

Don’t think that you are all alone and only you have to face this situation. We all are connected and going through the same. Just we are not aware of that.  

Control your thoughts and feelings first. Or let them control you. 


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