Don't be too hard on yourself

Don’t Be Too Hard On Yourself

Last updated on March 14th, 2021 at 05:36 pm

Yes, my friend.. you are being too hard on yourself. I don’t want to see you get depressed on achieving something, I want you to enjoy the process of it.  Because I wish you to become successful later on. Don’t be one who give up in midst anyway.


I believe in you, you have all possibilities to do great in the future. But, before that, don’t beat yourself. Don’t be too hard on yourself, because that is not a reward for your efforts and trying to do something.

Agree with you that, you have got many mistakes and wasting so much time till today. But, pushing hard ownself to exceeding the limit and trying to recover everything you missed, is not a better move either. In the process to make everything seems perfect, you end up being hard for yourself. 

Sharing the clear signs, that you are being too hard on yourself. Once you realize that you becoming over-conscious about yourself. Then things become easy for you to save your energies, and putting better work with complete focus. 


Signs: You are Too Hard on Yourself, If Following these…

1. You get frustrated with yourself, even if mistakes mean nothing to your life. 

You get frustrated with yourself,

Many times, it happens that you being hard to yourself as you demand so much from your life, and yourself. At the time, when you make any mistakes or seeing signs of failures, you get outraged over.

Because here you can’t undergo any slightest mistakes or leave a chance, that can put you in hard situations. Even small details, and negative remark from yourself, makes you feel anxious over your entire future.

And, that results in making you hard on yourself day-by-day.


2. You want everything in life just Perfect.

too perfect, too hard

Believe me, nothing else, but your high ambitions to become perfect in every aspect of life makes you concerned over anything. All you desire is to do everything perfectly like you have expected standards and goals to reach.

Perfectional personalities are more likely to become too hard for ownself. They always live in fake standards of life also work. An imaginary standard that has no end, at all.

Over expectations and objections from the present achievement, makes a person disappointed all the time.

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3. Your expectation in life… is just damn too high.

Your expectation in life, being too hard

Goals in life are indeed an expected thing. Yes, we all have to have some life goals and things to achieve in life.

Great one, but when you are always worried over your goals, instead of appreciating your growth process, you end up being tough for yourself.

You want everything in life, in the real quick. Moreover, believe that you are expecting too much and performing so little. If so, then you become too hard on yourself. 

Instead, just complaining, work on yourself, and improve on a daily basis.

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4. You Procrastinating a lot. And, Being hard on yourself to do something.

You Procrastinating a lot.

You have so much expectation to do in life, similarly, you have many “To-do” things on your list. But, instead prioritizing and complete it one after another, you keep ownself busy in just outlining and planning alone.

Yes, you always plan to do this or that in the future, rather than focusing on execution. And, of course, you are procrastinating, so actual work never happens at the right time.

This ultimately results in mixing up all things, then you get frustrated with the workload. And yes next, you being hard on yourself because you fail to fulfill a promise to yourself.


5. You just can not imagine that your life can be better, too.

Being hard on yourself

Life is hard, not only for you but, for every one of us. When you seeing others’ life as all perfect, then you start complaining about your ones.

Indeed, you are putting hard work, but with the frustration of achieving success. You are so desperate over results, that you even miss the quality work.

That results in, you start to losing hope in life, and always get hard on yourself.

Because you couldn’t make something big till today,  you believe you will not succeed in the future either.  And, that something you better to avoid. 


6. You are giving up too soon.

You are giving up too soon.

For you, that early failure, rejections, and ignorance are not like a part of success, but an end result to you. These drive you to give up at any phase because you start thinking negatively about your life.

If you always judging yourself on your failures, instead of learning from it, then believe you end up being too hard on yourself. Giving up is not the option, you always have some learning and experience out of it.

Read the message from this hard time, and it’ll lead you to your success goals.

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7. You blaming yourself always.

Hard on yourself, blaming yourself

Yes, you’re now conceived that it’s your fault all the time when any negative happens around you.

You blaming yourself all the time, and thinking negative about yourself anyway. Whether you losing your friends in your 20s or lost a job due to crisis, still you think it’s you are responsible for it. Like, you are thinking negatively about yourself, you keep complaining about yourself for being too weak or not so worthy.

My friend, you are not the reason for everything that happens around you, there can be many factors, which are not in your control. It’s not only you always, so don’t be too hard on yourself. 


8. You mostly live in the past.

past mistakes, Being hard on own self

We can’t ignore facts, that your past life influences your present and future also.

Agreed, but that doesn’t mean that you always have to blame your past, overlooking the present. If you’ve faced any failures in the past, due to missed opportunities, chances are high that you criticizing yourself later in life.

Yes, you always complaining about your failures and mistakes, that you’ve missed the important chance of success. Instead, have a look at your present and create new opportunities by yourself. 


9. You feel scared by your future.

Self criticism, hard on yourself

The Past gets you frustrated, The future makes you scared. Due to past bad experiences and failures, your mindset can’t expect that you have a better future ahead.

Instead of getting excited about future success, you end up being frustrated all the time. My friend, don’t let your past takeover your future possibilities. You are in a better position than past, don’t be too hard on yourself and work for your better future.

Your actions and hard work, are itself showing that your future is bright. Believe me. 

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10. You just punish yourself anyway.

Self punishment, Too hard

Every time, when you fail to maintain your winning streaks or predetermined work standards, you end up getting irritated on yourself.

Having any failures and mistakes from life, are not a learning advantage for you. And, that keeps you bothered over “what-if you failed” in the next phase. Here, you don’t work, because you like to do it.

But you’ve to do, as you don’t want to left behind. You just literally forcing yourself to become something in life, without knowing your abilities, personal characteristic, and passion. 


11. You always compare with others.

comparison with others

This can be the biggest reason, why you think your life is not perfect. True, because you always comparing yourself and life quality with someone else.

All you want to do is to stay ahead of others. When you don’t have your life purpose, then you become hard on yourself all the time.

As you always too much forcing yourself to become like someone and do it anyway to any extent.


12. You are a Hard worker, Who’ve surpassing all limits.

Hard worker, being hard with own

Yes, my friend your affection for work is just too high. You are so concerned about making your life better with your work, that you even forget to live your present life.

All matter for you is to, when you will have your next big deal or when you’ll achieve your targeted profit in business. Don’t be too hard for yourself, work is indeed a requirement of success.

But that never should be the only priority in life always. Take a movement of break and don’t forget to live your life as well.

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If you are showing any of these signs then you are being hard on yourself.

And, so this reminder is for you, my overly self-critic friend. Accept that you have to work hard to achieve your life goals and success as you desire. Also, there’s not any other option, a shortcut to reach that, other than working hard with dedication.

But, my friend, everything is acceptable to some extent only. Anything beyond the limit, just start showing its negative result. 

When everything gets positive in life always, or you acquire success so easily, how you will understand what successful life feels like. You tend to enjoy your achievement more when you have put so much effort and experienced the process along. 

My friend, I know you are putting hard work, and updating yourself daily. So don’t be too hard on yourself, also not forcing yourself to achieve everything so quickly. Just keep doing the work, your time will come soon, and you’ll reach there anyway. Because you are already working for it.

Don’t be your own worst enemy, Be your friend and Start believing on this new friend. 


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