That Awkward Moment When…

80 That Awkward Moment When…

That awkward moment when you know that this post covers those most moments that you think no one knows about it, except you. 

We don’t know when life puts us in such awkward yet humorous situations.


At the time of its happening, we might feel that kind of embarrassing or disturbing. But, after passing time… we, by ourselves share it with our friends and nearest ones as fun memories more than just awkward moments of life.

The reason you’re here, itself shows that you want to have some awkward moments, jokes, or ideas that you can share via your social media posts, as well. 

And so, here is the combined list of funny awkward moments that you’re looking for. 


Funny That awkward moment when…

  • you listen to your recorded voice in a group, for the first time
  • your chairs make that sounds, and people say “well done!’”
  • at night, you check for a monster under your bed, then suddenly realize you’re almost 26.  
  • your bonding with your bestie is so strong that people start seeing you as partners. 
  • you forget your password, but you don’t know the email to request the new one. 
  • they left the conversation, immediately after you sent the, Hi. 
  • everyone singing happy birthday to you and you don’t know what to do.
  • you have an extra plate to put in the sink when your mom is doing the dishes. 
  • your friend’s parents want you to take care of your friend. 
  • you get the call from someone to whom you just blocked on Facebook. 

Funny That awkward moment when...

  • a person you hate has more similarities with you, than someone you loved. 
  • you always have to take some time to remember what you’ve told them, because you’re a liar. 
  • you finally try to make a voice from the chair, but now it stops making the voices. 
  • you know the tune of the songs but forget its name. And, you’ve to remember it by any means, because you’ve been thinking of the song for the last four hours.
  • you loudly say the answer with full confidence, but that is the wrong one eventually. 
  • you say ‘that’s a great plan’ and then realize you’re not part of it. 
  • you’re trying hard to stop your fart from making a noise. But, it decided to just explode. 
  • only you laugh at your own jokes, while others are staring at you. 
  • you love English songs, but don’t know the lyrics and only sing on the recognized part that continuously repeats again and again. 
  • You throw the phone in anger and then rush to check, Is your phone okay?

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That awkward moment when quotes

That awkward moment when…

  • you want to take off your jacket and your t-shirt says i will come along, too. 
  • you call your teacher “mommy” accidentally, in front of the entire class. 
  • you say to each other Bye, and then you both go in the same direction. 
  • two twins fighting over which one is more ugly. 
  • your image is so funny that they start laughing just by looking at your face. 
  • your parents scold you in front of your friends. But, your friends are responsible for something wrong there. 
  • people start chatting on your Facebook post and you get the notification every 30 seconds. 
  • as a formality, you have to tell your guest ‘to stay’, but inside you want them to just leave.
  • want to inform a person that his zipper is open. But you look for what you’ll reply when being asked, why you were looking there. 
  • you are about to give them a high-five, but they want a handshake. 

That awkward moment when quotes

  • you and the person you hate both wore the same dress, at the party. 
  • you leave, immediately after someone comes and they believe that you’re ignoring them. 
  • someone posts a selfie with you, that you wanted no one to see it. 
  • your best friend tags you in the selfie post, with 49 other friends. 
  • your parents send you a friend request on Facebook. 
  • on-call, a person doesn’t stop talking and you have to go to the loo.
  • someone catches you talking trash behind their back. 
  • you can’t decide what to pronounce someone as he or she. 
  • you know that you’re doing nothing in life. 
  • a person beside you is taking extra supplementary and you don’t even know what to write.

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That awkward moment when you realize…

  • the winning point to mention, after the argument is over. 
  • the person who helped you with the exam has been failing for the last three years. 
  • you accidentally sent the request to crush, while checking their profile.
  • your ex liked the relationship status from “In a relationship” to “Single”.
  • even someone’s comment gets more likes than your entire post. 
  • you’re not invited to the party that you’re attending right now. 
  • the CAPS lock was on, for the last one hour and you thought you forgot your password. 
  • you have nothing left in life, after binge-watching all your favorite shows. 
  • google pick your worst pic to show when being searched by your name.
  • you’re single but getting the best deal on Valentine.
  • your chips are making noises in a quiet room and you can’t control them.

That awkward moment when you realize...

  • you’re wrong and still, you have to keep it in your favor, because you came too far.
  • you always misplace the word angle with an angel.  
  • you’re pushing the door that says, Pull. 
  • that shooting star you made a wish on, is an airplane.
  • you sent the wrong emojis and everyone teamed up against you. 
  • someone else is wrongly blamed for smelly farts. And you have to agree with others because you want to save yourself. 
  • you have no explanation over why you hate that one person. 
  • they aren’t waving at you, and then you start scratching your head. 
  • There’s nothing you can do about your life.

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That awkward moment when your crush…

  • see you when you’re looking worse or haven’t worn your make-up. 
  • is absent on the day, when you are well-dressed finally to impress her. 
  • has been listening to you and your best friend’s conversation about him/her. 
  • and you’re talking and your mom comes, asking who he/she is.
  • wants you to get married.
  • catches you picking your nose.
  • comes to discuss something, but you forget how to speak. 
  • reply with just ‘K.’ to the poem that takes 30 minutes for you to write. 
  • hears the growling sounds from your stomach. 
  • notices you do something stupid. And you make even more mistakes covering that. 

That awkward moment when your crush...

  • says you’re just a friend asking someone about you. 
  • is asking you if you love someone on campus. 
  • laughs hard, when you finally say ‘I love you’ to him/her. 
  • asks who is your crush. And you say or do anything there. 
  • wants you to set a meeting with your best friend. 
  • Informs you that her best friend has a crush on you.
  • and you are the only one in the room alone and you can’t decide what to do. 
  • caught you while you are staring at him/her. 
  • Is kissing someone and you have nothing to do other than turning off the television. 
  • listens to every talk that you have with your best friends after talking with her on call. Because you just forget to cut the call in over-excitement. Now she’s taking you as a pervert. And, here you made the shortest love story in history ever.

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What’s your ‘that awkward moment’ in life? 

Feels like most moments are relating to you? 

Yeah, we know your stories might be different and must be even more hilarious. Because no matter what we do, we can’t keep away from “that awkward” moment in our life, because that comes anyway. 

So, let us know which moment from the list makes you laugh a lot? And if you have any suggestions for ‘That awkward moment when…’ then feel free to let us know. And we’ll consider that, soon.