21 questions to ask your crush

105 Questions to ask your Crush

First time approach or to develop a bonding though, you really need to have a good set of questions to ask your crush. After all, just one silly mistake, and you will be out of this game. And that’s what holding you back, right?

Well, then here sharing the list of questions to ask him or her over text or while together.

These mindful questions are ice-breakers and are a better way to make effective first impressions in front of someone you secretly like. For your help here sharing interesting questions to keep your conversation exciting and entertaining, indeed.

21 questions to ask your crush to know more about him/her

Good questions to ask your crush

good questions to ask your crush

Talking to a crush is always exciting plus frustrating, too.

No matter how confident and extroverted you are as a person but when it’s about a crush you become so concerned too.

If you are looking for some best way to ask your crush about themself and want to make an initial good impression then here’s your question list.

Sharing the list of good questions to ask your crush, when you are not that too connected, but at least have somewhat understanding built in so far.

This question is something personal and gives you a good idea to picture your crush’s personality well. 

1. What makes you confident about yourself?

2. Friendship or Relationship?

3. Do you have a crush on someone?

4. What are you passionate about?

5. Share your proudest moment in life.

6. What is the craziest thing you have done till today?

7. Who is your closest family member?

8. What are things that you are thankful for in life?

9. Name a movie, that you can watch multiple times?

10. Are you an introvert or an extrovert?

11. What are those things you are good at?

12. What are your spare time activities?

13. What do you prefer? Going to a party or alone with yourself?

14. At which age have you experienced the best phase of your life, till today?

15. What do you do when you feel low?

16. Whom do you call the first when you are not feeling well?

17. What are you better at? What makes you proud of yourself?

18. Skills that you are trying hard to build are,…

19. What is stopping you from watching television?

20. Virtual meetings or face-to-face meetings?

21. What motivates you in life?

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Funny questions to ask your crush

Funny questions to ask your crush

Jokes, funny stories, and crazy facts are the best way to connect with your crush.

If you want to make instant progress in connecting to your crush then make sure you have some interesting and fun questions to ask.

Such unique sayings and one-liners always work when any serious talk fails. 

After all, once you have built the initial conversion, you suppose to not be too serious with your crush.

Now you’re here at the stage where your crush finally notices you exist. And, to build more interest in yourself, you have to start with some right move.

While talking with your crush, you can use the next list of 21 questions to ask him/her.

1. Have you ever blush, because of me?

2. Will you join me if I approach you to go somewhere?

3. How great are you at keeping something secret?

4. Share the hilarious proposal you ever faced. 

5. Describe me in three words.

6. What were you thinking when we met for the first time?

7. How can we become a perfect partner?

8. What is something that you want to change about yourself?

9. How many hours a day, do you use tinder?

10. You can share some secrets with me, that you can’t with others. 

11. What will be your three wishes?

12. How much are you comfortable with being single?

13. Is there anything that you are ashamed of doing?

14. Are you crushing on someone?

15. What do you do when you are bored on weekends?

16. What is your funniest birthday present?

17. What are those self-rules that you live your life with?

18. What things are you proud of.. but, everyone laughs at?

19. Share some craziest things about you.

20. The biggest lesson from your past relationship?

21. How someone can impress you?

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Random questions to ask your crush

Random questions to ask your crush

As time goes by talking with your crush, you both feel quite comfortable with each other.

The mutual connections are built so far and there’s some essential understanding between you, too. That’s’ great, so now it’s time for some random question to ask your crush.

This will help you when you get a chance to talk with your crush daily via text, call, or face meetings. 

Moreover, these interesting 21 questions also won’t make them bored with you and the conversation. You really need these random questions to draw your connection in the right direction, while talking to your crush. 

1. Who is your celebrity crush?

2. What makes you the happiest person?

3. Share something that you’re excited about, but others don’t.

4. With whom you want to spend your happiest and lowest moment.

5. What is your favorite movie, Btw?

6. Are you a bookworm?

7. Which series do you prefer to binge-watch?

8. What superpower do you fancy to have?

9. Do you talk to yourself, regularly?

10. Something, that you want to change about your past.

11. Mountain climb or relax at the beach?

12. What is your favorite genre of movies?

13. Name a song that perfectly describes your life.

14. Early bird or night owl?

15. Cutest compliments someone gave to you.

16. What are you regretting in life?

17. What do you prefer, Loudspeakers or headphones?

18. What do you enjoy the most, working in a team or alone?

19. What’s your advice to live life fully?

20. How serious are you about romantic relationships?

21. What do you prefer…web series or games?

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Deep questions to ask your crush

deep questions to ask your crush

Starting conversion is the first step in making a stronger bond with your crush.

No matter what, you really have to take the first step and approach them with the right question. Like the person and situation are changing, you better to tweak your approach, too. 

Your personalized approach to ask mindful questions, will not only support you to make a good first image, but also save your back always.

These are 21 questions that you can try to make even further healthy connections with your crush and learn a bit more about him/her. 

1. What’s your regular schedule, be like?

2. What’s next on your bucket list?

3. Where are you seeing yourself in the next five years?

4. How serious are you about your career?

5. What you prefer the most, career or relationship?

6. How do you keep inspired yourself?

7. Rate yourself between a hard worker to a smart worker.

8. What makes you feel more confident about yourself?

9. Who are there in your family?

10. When is your birth date? 

11. Do you believe in astrology?

12. What will be your three wishes?

13. Who are close to you, school friends or college friends?

14. Have you ever experienced love at first sight?

15. What do you wish to change from your past?

16. What will you do if you become the president of this nation?

17. The platform on which you are active mostly? Facebook or Instagram.

18. Who are your top supporters and critics?

19. How serious are you in life?

20. What are your best childhood memories?

21. Describe your life in just one sentence.

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Flirty questions to ask your crush

flirty questions to ask your crush

At this stage now you are somewhat comfortable with your crush and probably know some deeper secrets about them.

But, most importantly you also have some hints from your crush, that he/she likes you back, too.

Well, if that’s the case then congrats you are very close, and now it’s time to improve your confidence and ask some bold questions about him/her.

These are a set of flirty 21 questions to ask your crush over text, messaging or any time.

Flirting is a required phase when you two are getting comfortable with each other and already know many things about each other’s life.

If you two are sharing common feelings, then it’s good to go ahead with these flirty questions to ask crush over text or in regular meetings. 

1. Are you crushing on me?

2. Money or love? What do you prefer?

3. Describe yourself in three words.

4. How to stay attractive like you?

5. What were you thinking when you saw me for the first time?

6. What quality do you look for in your future partner?

7. Share something that your parents don’t know about you.

8. What were your childhood crush stories?

9. What makes the perfect date?

10. How would you react if I asked you for a date?

11. How hard were you crying after your break up?

12. Which cartoon shows make you feel romantic indeed?

13. What’s your favorite topic you can discuss for hours?

14. What’s your first move, when you have a time machine?

15. The cutest compliments you received from someone. 

16. What is something that calms you down easily?

17. How concerned you are about your look?

18. How do you rate someone, you just meet them for the first time?

19. How dedicatedly you are searching for that one person?

20. What gifts do you want on Valentine’s day?

21. What will be your response if I propose to you?

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So, which set of questions you’re going to ask your crush?

Of course, questions are a great way to start new connections.

But, it doesn’t look like an interrogation or job interview. You probably don’t want to look like an integration office or interviewer, right?

Feel free to use these 21 questions to ask your crush, but also make sure to notice your connection with your crush first. Depending on thier behavior and mood, prefer a good set of questions and go-ahead step-by-step.

It has to look like a fun time to share something, to know about each other, better. 

Be very approachable, and give some room to your crush to open up, as well.