what to do when you're feeling stuck in life

If You Are Feeling Stuck in Life, Then You Need To Hear This…

Last updated on November 14th, 2020 at 03:37 pm

Are you feeling stuck in life and thinking there’s no way to come out from this situation. Then, we have something for you here. Sharing a better approach to go unstuck, so that you can become limitless and free from this temporary situation. 


First, remember that time when you were so excited about starting this for the first time.

Rewind that time, when you got all the ideas and inspiration within. Know, how committed and dedicated you were while taking the first step. 

But, due to not getting the desired results even after all your dedicated effort and eternal excitement, you’re feeling stuck in the early phase.

And when you go run of out the ideas and inspirations… your inner-self keeps reminding you that, “You are lost in life.”


Why do we feeling stuck in life?

Sometimes life puts you in situations when you find no way further and all your hopes are gone.

Of course, you tried your best to do everything that you should. Even after that, when you are seeing no difference, then slowly you’re convinced with your negative thoughts, that you are stuck, finally.

It feels frustrating and hopeless when you don’t know what to do and where to go…because you feel stuck emotionally, mentally first, and financially second. 

There can be many reasons why you are feeling stuck in life. 

Similarly, life and priorities change from person to person, the reactions to challenges and hard times also change.

Some feel stuck in a career, while some feel confused in life. It’s all individual perspectives and choices that bring such situations. 


There’s someone who feels stuck because of working at a job with no career motives. While some lost because their ideas and passion flew away over time. 

There’s someone who feels stuck because they have so many options to start from. And, there’s the one who feels lost because have no ideas and clues where to start. 

Someone feeling stuck due to following a wrong route to their life purpose. While, some are just confused, finding “what is the purpose of their life?”


All your setbacks, confusion, limitations, and lost feelings are in your mind only.  It’s a personal approach that reacts to situations and taking results differently.

You can be stuck or unstuck with your thinking only.

But, you can’t be stuck just because of external people and situations around. 

It’s only you and you, who accept that “I’m stuck in my life”. So now you know that feeling stuck is nothing, but a mental state that your mind controls you in.

In the next section, we are going to share some things to do when you’re feeling stuck in life. These suggestive ways support you to go unstuck in life. It will support you to grow through this negative phase, as early as possible.


What to do when you feel stuck in your life?

1. Distance from negative thoughts, first.

The first thing you need to believe that feeling lost is just a mental situation only.

Means, you’re not actually tied up by life or another person, or even lost in a mysterious house. 

It’s just your thoughts that remind you, that you are stuck in life. 

So, firstly you need to control your negative thoughts and ideas that are now stopping you and controlling you anyway. 

Like ideas make you limitless, it also sometimes binds you in certain limitations, too. 


2. Get ready for a new life phase. And starting life over.

When feeling stuck in life

Believe it, there’s always a way to get back on track or even to start over from scratch

When you keep following your negative thoughts and emotions, you simply won’t’ get out of a trapped situation easily. 

You’ve all possibilities and desires to make something great. But, just don’t let your temporary situations stop you elsewhere.

As part of the next step, you need to think out of this stuck situation.

Redevelop your mindsets and check what other potential options for you to choose from.

Have some ideas over what other things are exciting you and prepare yourself to make some changes in your life.


3. Don’t feed your “Feeling stuck” too much.

The moment you feel stuck, do nothing much to your life, but hold you down and stop you think further from any certain level. 

Of course, you feel not inspired and active while covered with negative emotions only. 

The more you see the negative side, the more you go away from solutions. This is not a time for excuses.

If you are still covering yourself, then you are making even worse for you.

Accept your limitations and realize your mistakes truly. This is the best way to follow when you are stuck in life. 

Take responsibility and show that you really care to go unstuck.


4. Check more opportunities.

what to do when you're feeling stuck

Feeling stuck in a temporary plan, doesn’t mean you’re lost for your whole life. 

It’s just one option, a plan that didn’t work that way. 

You’ve tried everything you could, tested things better, but no getting results… are not your faults always. 

Maybe this thing is not meant for you. Maybe you are destined for something greater. 

Even If you feel stuck anywhere, Be optimistic.

Keep exploring the new opportunities, and never stop. 

Think out of these situations and options. Check what other things you are great at and what were the other options that you ignored earlier.

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5. Accept it or Let it go.

When you’re only stuck with your limitations and failures, you feel stuck for life.

It’s okay to experience temporary failures. It’s okay to understand your own limitations.

But, that doesn’t mean you can’t do any great by yourself. 

When you take responsibility for your failures, you show that you’ve done your part well. When you accept your limitations, you know what your true powers are.

You always have that ability to achieve something big and to bring a change in your life, too. 

First, just accept the present situation and take the responsibility for results.

That clearly shows that you are ready for the next phase of your life and new challenges. 


6. Divert your mind first, rather than Being stuck

Like said, it’s all about a mental state that is trying to limit you with some idea and hints. 

Inform them back that you’re not ready to feel stuck in life anymore. 

Have your backup plan ready and standup to make something worthwhile. 

In order to think limitless, you need to invest your time in productive things, too. Do something that you really love and care about.

It can be anything from your free-time activities, taking a short break, or spending time with family and friends. 

Staying alone with a stuck mindset, will do nothing but control you even harder.


7. Don’t be hard on yourself.

The most common thing that a person who is stuck in life, do it they become too hard to oneself. Instead of accepting their own limits, they become hard to ownself, for not being that compatible

Everyone has some positive and negative sides. You are not here to do everything by yourself, alone. 

No one expects you to be perfect in everything and you better not try to.

Stop being perfectionists. Stop being a victim of your own thinking. 

You are here to do something that you’re great at. Focus on your strengths and not the weaknesses only. 


8. Take this as a chance to explore something new.

feeling stuck in life

When you are feeling stuck in life, you probably think that you’ve no other ways and options to get out of it. 

But, actually, this is the time to develop yourself and explore something new. 

There’s no perfect time to start something new. The best time is now.

Remember…You deliver your best when there’re limited options and resources you have.

Presently, you just have one option and plan that not working as expected. But, you have your time. 

Do something that you really wanted to do earlier. 

Now, it’s time to start your own small business and now it’s time to spend more time with your family and to enjoy a little break.

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9. Start something new, something creative, and exciting, though.

You really need to start something new to end your past regrets.

Of course, your past decision is not working great right now. But, it’s time to update yourself. If you don’t want to change your goals then change your plans.

It’s just a thought and situation that makes you feel stuck in life.

Adopt a growth mindset. 

Follow a futuristic approach that gives you purpose to stand up. Do something that you really care about and are exciting to you.

Give your morning a purpose. 

Let your negative emotions know that you have something amazing to do. 


10. Stop thinking and Start doing. 

when you're feeling stuck in life

Stop waiting for someone to come and do some magic in your life. 

Only you can make yourself unstuck from any situation after any hard failures.

Of course, you are stuck and can’t see hope further in life. But, take it just a mental limit. Redesign your thinking to see beyond those walls. 

Don’t let your thoughts control you too much. Don’t let them stop you from doing something great in life.

‘Thinking’ will either show you the ways or control you with the limits. It just shows, and never performs.

It’s you who have to do something to make it happen. 

Nothing changes, if you don’t want to make some changes. 


What you do to unstuck in life?

Feeling stuck in life is nothing but an alarm, that informs you that it’s time to update yourself.

You need to work harder and your future demands you to become a lot better than you’re now. The best way to keep yourself away from being stuck is to distance yourself from any negative thoughts.

Yes, better to stay away from people and thoughts that keep reminding you that you are stuck for life.

Feeling stuck is not something you need to worry about more. Worry, when you prefer to stay stuck for life.