You are a Perfectionist Personality

16 Signs To Prove That You are a Perfectionist Personality

Last updated on August 15th, 2020 at 11:34 am

Believe me, You are a perfectionist. Need reasons? Well, here sharing the signs indicates, you are the one who tries to everything done perfectly. 

Whether you know it or not, but these are some signs of perfectionism, from your regular and working life indicates you are being a perfectionist personality. 


Who is a Perfectionist?

A Perfectionist meaning the one, who…

  • Set own standards, (of course, extremely high enough) working hard by ownself,
  • Staying frustrated in the process rather focused,
  • Keep switching the routine process and try to make it “Perfect” every time,
  • Easily get demotivated when failed, and feels no satisfaction even when achieving the success. Because for them, it’s still not the perfect one.
  • Always complaining about the work standards and forcing others to work hard as they are doing on a daily basis.  

The main concern with perfectionist personality is… they’re always worried about the quality standards the most. They perpetually believe in fake perfectionism and set the imaginary figure about particular things to seem perfect and work level for a person, to become perfect on their own. If you are looking for some top characteristics of a perfectionist, then read ahead. 


Signs of Perfectionism: Count How Many Signs You Got, too?

1. They set goals too high, extremely high.

You can easily spot that perfectionist, by his own goals and action towards. Unquestionably perfectionists are highly motivated to work and invest solid efforts into it.

But, they aim high all the time, even for the less important things in the process, they most like to refuse to leave their professionalism. If improving yourself for reaching that fake standards in minds are the major driving force, that keep you moving, then believe you are having perfectionist disorder. 


2. Being a perfectionist, a person thinks more, rather doing.

Thinking is good, there’s nothing wrong with that. But in the case of perfectionism, when a person overthinks about even the smallest things, then it creates difficulties there, too. Perfectionists keep their mind open and always watch on everything happening around.

They are desperately looking for some best ways to do things, so that they can reach the level of, “Now, that’s perfect.”, goal. In some cases, their overthinking costs routine progress to surroundings in addition. 


3. They are being Hard to own and to others.

Perfectionists are so desperate for success and work quality. Hence, at some point when thinking about failing, they become more aggressive. They become too hard for themself and keep pushing harder to turn things in their favor.

Not only that, but they are also always forcing others to do the same efforts as they do. Even further, pressurize teammates, colleagues to deliver more and improve quality without valuing their unique skillset. 


4. Perfectionist having fear of failure the most.

It’s an undeniable fact that if you are a perfectionist personality, then you can’t see yourself fail anyhow. Know that, you don’t want to leave behind at any point. Perfectionists are afraid to fail, they can’t resist the lack of quality work. All they want is to achieve their imaginary quality standards, which of course are increasing by the time and not remains fixed.

Being a perfectionist, person always worry about what if they’ll fall behind and what if they failed at last. They expect, think, compare too much, and so perfectionists left with little time to work upon.

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5. They Procrastinate a lot, waiting for a PERFECT time.

Procrastinators and perfectionists are not so different, both are habitual to make things hard for themselves, as well. Procrastination forcing a person to delay the work for the next period, while perfectionism makes a person more worried over underachievement and failure. 

You are a perfectionist when many times you find yourself looking for some right time to start anything. Even further, you also delay the work for next Monday, next month or year…because that can be your perfect time, as you think. 


6. Perfectionists are Short-tempered.

Not applicable to every, but in most cases when it comes to working quality, perfectionists are short-tempered, who gets angry so easily. They just can’t tolerate the lack of work quality.

Even they won’t hesitate to scold their employees or teammates, on any mistakes regarding work quality and underperformance. Their nature of being too conscious about the work standards, make them frustrated and anxious all the time. Perfectionist personality, are very frustrated while they work and they are even more, when things are not going as planned. So, beware around them, likewise. 


7. They are not good Leaders. 

Not just a manager, but they also are not a good leader for the members. That’s always challenges for their colleagues and teammates to work with perfectionists boss, as such a person always interfering with subordinates’ work. They just want to take control of everything and on everyone.

Inside they believe that only they are the right one, and others need to follow as they said. Why, Because they are the ones who are the perfect always. If you are a perfectionist, then probably you find your people are always complaining about your behavior to them, and quite afraid of you. If so, then it’s better that you do some remedies to overcome your perfectionism at work, for everyone’s good. 


8. Perfectionists trying to do everything, by own.

Like said earlier, perfectionists want to take charge of everything and demand that everything has to go as “THEIR” plans. They take control of all activities and people work with them, they are masters of doing multiple things.

They don’t want quality lag by any means. Instead of focusing on managing core task, they got themself busy in things, which are none of their concern. Perfectionist personality, also feels insure about delegating work to their subordinates, and which leads us to our next point. 

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9. They are not good Delegators.

Following the earlier point, being a perfectionist like to examine everything by themselves and are always worrying about work quality. That affects them to do everything on their own. They are hesitant to delegate tasks to others. Even though they are not good at particular things, they always hesitate to share the work with others.

They are not good delegators, as in most cases they want to do it by themselves, perfectly and can’t easily trust others’ skills and ability. Because of a sign of perfectionism, of course. 


10. It’s hard to work with a Perfectionist.

If you are a boss, manager, or leader, who usually worrying over why your teammates are leaving your team or company, then look in your own. Find, are you a perfectionist or not? Your perfectionism can be the reason for that.

That’s right if you are a perfectionist, and always watch on their activities and overly conscious about work quality, then things become very difficult for others to work with you. Indeed, perfectionists are always found working alone in their cabin or in the room.

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11. Their Perfectionism always challenges others, as well.

The good thing about being a perfectionist personality is… such a person always keeps working harder to improve his or her work. Indeed, we need to agree with this for sure. But, things become turn out to be the worst, when they always comparing with others and working in frustration of left behind.

Challenging for getting better at something is good, but comparing, and competing with others sacrificing time and inner happiness is not acceptable at all. You always find perfectionists, challenge themself, and others to meet their level of perfectionism. 


12. For perfectionists, everyone and situations are the same.

Perfectionists feel no differences in personal traits, skill sets, unique ability, and behavior. They believe that… all are the same and can do everything by themselves, without knowing others’ core strengths and limitations. After all, you’ve to believe that you are different, you’ve got your traits and unique skills, you don’t need to be perfect in everything.

And, perfectionists think the opposite, they always forcing others to do anything, without knowing the individual’s personal interest and unique skill set.

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13. They think of others first, They are driven by society. 

The fear of failure, fear of being judged, etc. come when you are thinking too much of, what others will think of you. These are major signs you are a perfectionist when its society and your surrounding whose opinions are making you uncomfortable and driving to make something perfectly, or at the perfect time.

You just don’t want to stay normal and different, all you want is to make everyone happy and prove your worth to them. Your most activities and life goals are just to show off in society because you are a perfectionist personality for society and you have to maintain that label.


14. Announcing, “I’m Perfect in everything”, But inside fear of making mistakes. 

For perfectionists, anything somewhat below a certain level is not good indeed. Perfectionists are self praisers and showing that they can’t make mistakes. They want to get more attention and keep their perfectionists label. Even though you seem that perfectionists are confident and satisfied enough outside, they are scared of failures inside.

They live in fear of being ignored and losing their perfect reputation. Maintaining winning streaks, getting particular sales figures, or even achieving A+ in every exam, are imaginary standards, also the signs of perfectionists, have in common. 


15. Get frustrated with failure. But, can’t celebrate success completely. 

Perfectionist people get easily offended by the negative comments and remarks, they can’t tolerate the criticisms when they fail at some. All they want is to maintain the imaginary quality standards and success ratio of their own. Majority of their work, direct towards not ignoring failures instead of attaining success actually.

They are too conscious about the failure, rather excited about future success. In success, they feel incomplete, while in failure, they get frustrated over anything so easily. They are the one, who work hard for success, but lastly don’t enjoy it fully. 


16. Perfectionists are the ones, who submit their work last.

Perfect time to start saving, the perfect time to launch a product, the perfect time to start a blog…never comes anyway. Perfectionists are always thinking of that right time to do anything and keep procrastinating about it. Even in some cases, they start work, but due to their self-settled standards and imaginary perceptions, they always take more time to do things.

Due to their habit of changing processes to the perfect level, they keep working on projects until the last moment before submission. Perfectionists are the one, who starts first and deliver the last.

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Final thoughts

Don’t panic if you see some of the perfectionist personality traits in you. It’s just a mindset that you better change. It’s a habit that you need to redesign and nothing else. But, the very first thing to stop perfectionism is to know, that you are being a perfectionist. Believe yourself that you are afraid to lose at some point and can’t resist the low quality. 

When finally you get to know that you are a perfectionist, then things become easy for you to overcome it. Make yourself a promise to never live in imaginary professionalism. Make yourself believe, nothing in the world is supposed to get PERFECT, things are great as they are. But, first accept it: You are a Perfectionist. 


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