Difference Between Friendship and Relationship

10 Difference Between Friendship And Relationship

Last updated on December 21st, 2022 at 06:57 pm

Friendship and relationship- are the two influential connections that truly add value to our lives and actually give meaning to our lives.

Moreover, it fills our hearts with excitement, happiness, and confidence.


Each of these connections contributes to making our lives, worthy of living and heartwarming. 

One gives you all the craziest memories that you want to die with. While the second one gives you love for which you want to live long.

Romantic feelings or friendship, these both connections are an essential part of our life…

Without it, our lives would be boring, uninspiring, and meaningless.

But, still, there’s some difference between a relationship and friendship, and that’s what we are going to discuss in this post. So let’s discuss ahead. 


Know the Difference between Friendship and Relationship

1. Friendship is easy, relationships can be challenging, too. 

When two people are connected with the friendship they simply don’t have to make decisions related to each other.

Their decisions may or may not be related to one’s life.

They are free to have their own choices and other people can’t force them, too. 

In a relationship, two people have to make shared decisions, firstly.

In this connection, two people are not only related to mutual kinship but also sharing their own life choices, too. Here, one’s decision in life impacts them both very well.

Because here they are part of each other’s life. 

Friendship starts when mad people meet. A Relationship ends when either person gets mad.

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2. Relationships are more than just friendships.

Friendship vs Relationship

In friendship, friends are not committed to each other so well.

There are also some cases where some friends are connected but have no understanding at all.

Friendship doesn’t require investigating the person well.

Even after a lack of understanding, friendship is still possible. Because there are no high or personal-level expectations for each other.

Whereas, relationships are developed based on two people’s intimacy.

When two people’s understanding matches, then only it can be turned into romantic love, and acceptance.

There’s no chance of a relationship to build and grow, when two people have zero understanding.

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3. Friendship lasts for a longer period than Relationships.

When two people become friends, they will stay friends forever.

Friendship can be built from childhood, at any younger age, and lasts probably for the entire life.

Even though people do not usually meet every day, the same bonding between them stays there always. 

Relationships also can last forever, but there are some cases when it ends within a week, months, or a few years, too.

The relationship between a person is built after some period when two people understand and realize the shared feelings.

Yes, childhood attachments can turn into romantic relations later on…

But, that’s pure friendship and nothing at that time. 

‘Duration of connection’ is also a somewhat related factor to find the difference between friendship and relationship…

Whether it’s timeless fun or a lifetime commitment.

You don’t need to describe your friendship to anyone. You don’t want to describe your relationship openly. 


4. Friends are free yet connected. Couples in relationships are connected, But not free. 

Friendship and Relationship

Friendship is a free connection between two people and a group.

Even though they all are connected with each other, no one tries to convince others to live life in a certain way.

As friends are living separate lives and overall have no direct impact on each other’s decisions in life. 

While the couple is highly dependent but does not enjoy the freedom to make any decisions. Because there are two lives involved.

Especially, when such decisions impact both’s life equally, then taking the decision with mutual consent is accepted.

The decisions in a relationship have to be made after considering each other’s values and approval.

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5. Relationship demands more time plus attention than Friendship. 

In order to maintain a friendship with someone, a person need not invest their time and energy always.

This means a person can be friends even without putting in and showing no effort at all.

The people stay friends forever even after they haven’t met each other for decades. 

Well, the relationship is not the case.

Here you have to give your time and energy to be present and stay connected. Every relationship demands to have some effort from one another to fuel their connection going. 

Relationships are like Bluetooth which only can be paired with one that is open to sharing something with you.

Friendships are like public wi-fi, anyone can enter and leave, take anything even without asking permission.


6. Friendship won’t break when you keep secrets. Relationships…

Relationship vs Friendship

The major point difference between friendship and a relationship is regarding sharing secrets vs to hide them. 

In friendship, you trust your friends and they trust you back.

Many secrets may be exchanged and shared along… and yet, you can remain friends for a long time.

Here hiding secrets won’t make much impact in anyone’s life and not create that trouble as well. 

Even if you share some funny backhanded compliments for friends, they won’t mind but laugh at it.

But, when you are in a romantic relationship with someone, it’s not the right move to keep anything secret or pass jokes that easily. 

That person, your partner needs to know almost anything and everything of whatever going on in your life.

Trying hard to hide the secrets can end your relationship suddenly.

Here hiding is directly taken as broken trust and so the relationship ends too soon.

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7. Friendship turns into a Relationship. Hope your Relationship won’t turn into just FRIENDship.

Friendship is the first stage of any relationship that is built later in life.

You can be friends for years and that can turn into romantic love when you two are comfortable with each other and decide to spend life together. It’s the first stage where a lifelong bond is built upon.

When two friends become life partners and their friendship never ends, it just updates its level

There are no connections built straight away with a label of a Love on it.

It’s a systematic process of understanding and analyzing each other well.

They become friends first and build a mutual connection thoroughly. And then friendship turns into a romantic love link. 

A friendship that turns into a relationship is desirable.

But, when relationships that turn into “just friends”- is not something that anyone wants in life. 

When a relationship builds, the friendship never ends.

But, when the relationship ends, it’s even hard to keep the friendship, also. 


8. Friendship grows fast between IMPERFECT people. Relationships want you to be PERFECT. 

Friendship and romantic love

Friends can never be that much demanding to one another.

Moreover, they don’t expect other people to behave maturely and act nicely. They can act weird, do crazy things together, and stay friends forever, too. 

Relationships develop through respect, care, and a mutual understanding of each other.

Here you need to be accepted by another person, to get involved in a romantic love connection.

There are some criteria and qualifications decided by one person, that another has to meet to build a relation.

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9. Friendships are always informal. Relationships are in some way formal.

Friendships are just a mutual connection between two people who come together, support each other in life, and stay friends forever.

Friendships are never bound by any rules and regulations to control each other.

It’s like a free contract, that anyone can enter and leave as it demands. Friendship is the real meaning of informal connection.

Relationships are quite different ones, you have to follow certain rules and regulations of your partner. You are really responsible for the lover’s happiness and sadness.

Romantic love connections are like contracts that you both agreed first, before entering into. It’s like a friendship but with a formal association.

Friendship: You can show your love and attention to more than just one person without any problems. 

Relationship: The problem arises when you give the same love and attention to more than one person. 


10. Relationship vs Friendship, How does it start?

Relationship and Friendship

To make friends you don’t generally have to ask “Will you be my friend?” or something like that.

You just make friends with regular interactions and being around.

Most other friendships start without any formal introductions, meetings, or pre-planned approaches.

It just starts randomly and mostly is unplanned.

Just ask yourself… Have you ever expected more of a friend than just the time spent together?

Relationships are quite different from friendships.

Because here one person always has to express their love feeling to another one. In return, the other ones accept love, and then the relationship starts.

This means, here Mutual acceptance, as well as intimacy, is everything.

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Difference Between Friendship and Relationship Quotes

friendship vs relationship quotes

It’s time for some quotes about friendship vs relationships. We have come up with some funny and unique quotes here, which you might want to share with your friends and partner, as well. 

1. Happiness is when your best friend and love of life are the same person. 

2. No matter what happens there, that right person will never leave you alone, whether it’s about a relationship or friendship. 

3. Having a true friend and trusted partner is such a blessing in today’s world.

4. A friend who doesn’t want to know about you but ends up knowing everything about you. A partner first knows you and then decides whether you’re compatible or not. 

5. Every open friendship proposal, especially, is aimed at establishing a relationship in the future. Because friendship never needs a proposal from one person, it just happens. 

6. Being consistent with your feelings is the number one requirement for a long-lasting relationship as well as in a friendship. 

7. When there is love between two great friends, crazy things happen. When there is a friendship between two lovers, crazy things happen. 

8. Accept your friends whatever they are, you’ve no choice. Don’t blame anyone, your partner is your choice alone. 

9. Relationships: You take care of each other and never want to hurt each other. Friendship: After seeing one of your friends get hurt in a relationship, you group together and laugh along.  

10. There’s no complicated relationship. You clearly know what this connection means for you, friendship or relationship. Because you know how you feel every time, when you see that person.

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What Are Your Thoughts On Friendship vs Relationship?

Friendship vs relationships is talked over many times in movies, in books, and in real life.

To have an exciting and interesting life, you really need both connections equally. 

You need someone to create some crazy memories and have a lifetime of fun. Similarly, you require that one person by your side take care of you and share romantic love. 

Friends are better to do some crazy things and provide good support in life. Whereas you also need a partner to receive and provide love feelings, too.

No matter which connection you prefer, each one is important to make your life worth living.

You cannot sacrifice one connection over another, as every relationship and friendship are equally important.

You find no major difference between friendship and relationship when you two understand each other well and give enough time and room to enjoy own life. 

Because no matter whatever connection you take, conflicts are everywhere.

But, what a person chooses between, personal ego or Love of another one’s...that’s something makes the difference.  


After all, we are “social animals”. We need some good friends and also a loving partner, as they are the one in our life who gives us the best memories of life to live by.