Fake Friends vs Real Friends

Fake Friends vs Real Friends: Spot The Difference

Last updated on December 21st, 2022 at 06:55 pm

Of course, not every friend gives you the same vibes, and positive and unbroken feelings from the connections.

But, the question is: Are they your real friends or fake ones?

Consider presented signs to identify the difference between fake friends vs real friends. 



Do you really trust your best friend? Can you feel confident about your friendship with them? Is your best friend, a really true friend or a fake one?

The answers to these questions are tough to find… but totally worth it to save you from such ‘So-called best friend’. 

It seems like you have a great bonding with your best friends, but do you know are real friends, truly or not? After being with them regularly and you can spot the difference between fake friends and real friends.

Don’t ignore some signs like their usual behaviors or indirect intention, that might leave some hints for you to check their real face. 

Undoubtedly it’s quite challenging to differentiate between real friends vs fake friends. Because, nature, behavior, and feelings of someone are tricky and casual anyway.

Hence, here sharing a few points that actually help you to identify, Are they really your ‘True’ best friend or ‘So-called’ ones?


What is the Difference Between Fake Friends and Real Friends?

1. When you really need support from the best friend:

A real friend who encourages you every time.

That friend is your real friend who is with you, inspires you, and actually supports you to achieve something.

From the smallest favor to handling you during the hardest time, and you will get to see… there’s only your real friend who stays with you.

True friends are genuine with their feelings and truly care for you, and have the desire to see you grow and succeed in life. 

A fake friend who only has excuses for you. 

Indeed, fake friends never show any interest or desire to support you.

Even further, they never show up after knowing that you need their help and favor at something. A fake friend actually feels peaceful inside when you’re in trouble and actually too much dependent on them.

Such so-called best friends will advise you first, but when you ask for their support, they only present excuses for you, and nothing else. 


2. When you are different than others:

Real friends accept you the way you are. 

Real friends completely stay real with their feelings and never change by any pressure or social standards.

They never force you to change or do something to match their level. Real friends have no concern about your clothes, hairstyle nor the money in your pocket.

Only your true friend accepts that way you are, without any doubts and expectations, Remember that.

Difference Between Fake Friends and Real Friends

Fake friends criticize you when you’re not perfect for them. 

Fake friends are more conscious about their standards and friendship level.

They take it as social status and use it to show-off and to look great. The reason, they make friends with a hidden purpose.

They can’t easily make friends. As for them, it’s about their personal benefits, self-image, and reputations rather than mutual feelings or understanding for each other.

When you’re different, a fake friend often makes fun of you and criticizes you for anything. The way your friends treat your differences is the direct way to differentiate between fake friends vs real friends.

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3. When you did something wrong, by mistake: 

Real friends forgive you because they know it was a mistake. 

Accidentally or mistakenly, when you mess up something, a real friend won’t overreact. They know it was just a mistake of yours and not an intentional act.

A real friend gives more importance to his best friend and their friendship above anything or anyone else.

Because they trust their friend, That’s it. 

Fake friends use it against you, to make you feel regretful.

They simply overreact and use it against their friend to put him down.

Such fake friends never miss this opportunity where he can criticize their friends, which he secretly hates.

You get to know the true face of such a so-called best friend when you did something wrong, wrongly, and give them chance to put you down. 


4. How often they contact you:

Real friends stay in regular connections. 

You can easily spot the difference between fake friends vs real friends, just by noticing how often they call you and the desire to stay connected.

Real friends call you anytime, without any favor or reason. Because they are more interested to maintain the connection further.

They show up regularly without any reason or favor. Even though when they don’t call you more often, but never forget you on special occasions of their life. 

What is the Difference Between Fake Friends vs Real Friends

Fake friends contact when they need something. 

As the most obvious signs of a fake friend show that… they only contact you when they want something from you or want to gossip about someone.

Fake friends never show interest to stay in touch, nor call you randomly. They call you with a purpose, especially for their cause.

When such so-called friend gets to know that you have nothing to help them, they’ll ignore you and stay away from you. 

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5. When friends know many things about you:

Real friends keep your secrets, the secret forever.

Indeed, best friends know almost anything about you, most obviously those dark secrets. But, not every best friend keeps it a secret, as it should. Real friends are great at keeping secrets.

Because, when you share something secret to them, they feel appreciated plus take it as a trusted sign. And never share it with anyone else. 

Fake friends use your secrets against you. 

Whereas real friends keep such things to themselves, fake friends keep sharing your secrets with anyone, everyone else.

They either use it against you to keep you in control or to make you feel scared. Moreover, they never hesitate to reveal such secrets to damage your image. 


6. How often you’re spending time together:

Real friends take time for you anyway. 

Spending time together is the most common factor to differentiate between real friends vs fake friends.

Well, that doesn’t mean that you have to spend a particular time together every day. It’s about how often you both meet and for which purpose.

If you and your best friend can meet without any reason and direct purpose, then your friendship is 100 percent real.

Because true friendship never requires any reason or purpose, it’s just about a feeling to spend some time together. 

Real Friends vs Fake Friends

Fake friends have some other priorities than your friendship. 

Fake friends show up when they need something or have some purpose behind contacting you.

Whereas true friends prioritize their best friend over anything, a fake friend gives excuses to such meetings. They are not interested in spending some time with their best friend, nor have the importance for good friends.

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7. When you’re in a troublesome situation:

A real friend stays with you when no one is there. 

The ultimate way to spot the difference between fake friends vs real friends is knowing how they treat you when you’re going through the hardest phase in life.

A real friend starts with you, supports and encourages you to come out of such situations. They inspire you, advise you and do anything to change your life positively.

Real best friends don’t just talk, they actually do something for you. 

A fake friend is the one who puts you in trouble.

May your best friend look equally worried about you, but inside they actually feel glad to know that you’re in trouble.

Fake friends are great at manipulating you with their nicest gestures and tons of advice. And in most cases, such fake friends are the ultimate reason behind such problems and troubles in your life. 


8. What does your best friend usually do in your absence: 

Real friends never let you down. 

The most common thing about real friends is, they never change with their feelings and respect for their friends.

They stay consistent and loyal to their friends, and in their absence. No matter how often you both meet each other, but they are the real friends who stand up for yourself when everyone speaks negatively about you.

Real friends don’t support rumors, they protect your image when you’re not around.

What is the Difference Between Fake Friends and Real Friends

Fake friends talk behind your back. 

Spreading rumors, being inconsistent with own feelings and words… are the most common signs of fake friends.

They never stay the same, they keep changing with their feelings and views about you. In your presence, they talk good things about you, but in your absence, they use your secrets to make fun of you.

Fake friends are more interested to spread the rumors and do negatives that eventually hurt you.

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9. What’s their reaction to your success and achievements:

Real friends celebrate your success truly. 

Your best friend’s reaction to your success is the ultimate sign to check… Are they real friends or fake friends?

Real friends actually celebrate your success like they have achieved something. Because for them, you’re a part of their life, your achievements make them feel confident and successful, overall. 

Fake friends show their jealous behavior. 

While real friends feel great and celebrate your success equally, fake friends actually doubt your achievements.

The question about your ability, and mostly they ignore your efforts and hard work. For them, you’re just a competition and not a part of life.

Your so-called friends may look happy outside…But, they are feeling jealous inside about you. 


10. Are you really confident about your best friend? 

You truly can say that they are your real friend. 

There is no checklist to the identity whether someone is your real friend or fake friend.

It’s all about that feeling, a mutual connection that you both have as a form of attachment. But, when your best friend is your true best friend, you never have to prove anything there.

You just simply feel it within.

Because the experience and events are enough to prove what your friendship is made of. 

fake friend or real friend

You’re totally confused about fake friends’ feelings towards you. 

In the case of fake friends, their behavior and feelings are completely doubtful.

When your best friend is moody or self-centered, you can’t confidently say that your best friend is your real friend. As in the past, this so-called best friend has shown some unusual shocking behavior towards you.

Of course, the above signs are better ways to find the difference between fake friends vs real friends. But, when your gut feeling tells you that someone is not trustworthy enough, then signs they are your fake friends, which you have to be safe from.

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Final thoughts 

Knowing the secret cues from the behavior that your so-called best friend shows, you can easily identify if they are true to their feelings or not.

Furthermore, that not only helps to spot the difference between fake friends vs real friends, but also will save you from a broken friendship plus losing the ability to trust someone in the future.  

Learn about the secret signs of fake friends from the early friendship stage… that’ll save you for your better life.

Indeed, friendship is important for life, but having that one real friend beside is more crucial in life than… having a bunch of fake friends in the contact list alone.