Special Falling In Love With Your Best Friend Quotes And Sayings

86 Unexpected Falling In Love With Your Best Friend Quotes And Sayings

Last updated on November 15th, 2022 at 04:57 pm

You fall in love with your best friend, that’s not a problem. The challenge is to let them know about it.

We can’t help you but, we have some unique and special falling in love with your best friend quotes and sayings that may give you the reason to be patient on your journey to become friends to lovers.

Because it may take some time. 


Friends are the ones who accept us without thinking or expecting much. When it comes to life partners, there are a lot more things to consider than just feeling special to them. 

Because here it’s not just about spending time, it’s about living life together. 

There could be a separate discussion about best friends and lovers or how feelings change over time.

Plus, you can read this article on the difference between friendship and relationship to learn how upgrading your connection changes your life. 

But for now, we are going to share the special, meaningful quotes and sayings about falling in love with your best friend that gives you hope, trust, and strength to believe in your love for your bestie. 


Unexpected Falling in Love With Your Best Friend Quotes

1. Being in love with your best friend is itself one of the greatest and worst feelings. 

2. That feeling when your best friend touches you this time and now you feel something else, like never before. 

3. When you and your best friend turn into lovers, it’s not the end of a friendship, but the beginning of a great relationship. 

4. You find the love of your life at the least expected moment and from the least expected person, that person can be your best friend. 

5. You no longer do such crazy things around one friend as you used to. Because, now you kinda start liking them and you want to impress them, seriously. 

Unexpected Falling in Love With Your Best Friend Quotes

6. From making them laugh to seeing them happy in life because of you, you can say that you’re now falling in love with your best friend. 

7. Here you two are feeling shy about approaching your feelings for each other, while your common friends already know something is going between you two in the name of friendship. 

8. Well, this romantic feeling for best friends takes time to build, so don’t waste it by taking a wrong move or doing it all at once. Give it time and check how your friend is feeling towards you.   

9. The best feeling is not that you’re in love with your best friend, but your best friend is also feeling the same for you.

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Unique Quotes about Friendship Turning Into Love

1. When you love someone, your best friend helps you pass on the message or cheats. But, when you are in love with your best friend, no one is there for help. 

2. My best friend teases me because she thinks I’m falling in love with someone, but she has no idea that she’s the one I fall for. 

3. Falling in love with your best friend is nothing much but the updation of your feelings for them.

4. When friendship turns into love, the usual friendship things keep going just some new couple things come into action. 

5. Well, so far as friends you have touched and hugged me many times before. But then one kiss comes and everything is just changed upside down. 

Unique Quotes about Friendship Turning Into Love

6. It was all started normally, but now you feel like there’s be more than just friendship and hope your best friend also feels the same.  

7. Falling in love happened many times in life, but when you fall for your friend, it will be a lifetime experience, that you can’t easily get rid of. 

8. Not every friendship ends with disappointment. Some just end and then get better in the relationship. 

9. Falling in love with a friend is normal, but I wish it would be that normal and easy to express your feelings to them.  

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Cute Falling in Love With Your Best Friend Quotes

1. You spend your time together, enjoy each other’s company, greet each other and specially treat each other like you never would to anyone else. How can you still say that you’re just friends? 

2. When your best friend is your lover, you have no fear of losing them, because you know them and they know you very well. 

3. Some best friends are there to make the best time of life, while some make the best couple of life. 

4. You may search for your soulmate all around with the help of your friend, but forget that your soulmate is already right beside you. 

5. I really feel so happy for the couples who are more like friends than the regular couples out there. 

Cute Falling in Love With Your Best Friend Quotes

6. Every great relationship in the world has one thing in common and that is, it all starts with a friendship. 

7. Well, so far you’ve been doing silly things for them, but now you really want to be happy together. 

8. Please help me, I’m feeling like I’m in love with my best friend and she’s the craziest person I have ever met. 

9. Don’t blame anyone or yourself, falling in love just happens. And when you fall for your friend, then blame no one but your best friend for being such a cute and loving person. 

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Best Friends in Love Quotes and Sayings 

1. Before proposing to your friend for love, wait and check whether your friend feels the same or not. Because you may not be ready for losing two-person at the same time. 

2. Take a calculated risk whether to start a business or whether to propose a friend. 

3. Things never going to stay the same when you love your best friend no more ‘just as a friend’. 

4. Dear friend, you keep asking me who am I in love with. How can I tell you that I’m in love with you? 

5. Not every friend you have to request someone to be your friend. But, when you have to, that means this friendship is something else from the very start. 

Best Friends in Love Quotes and Sayings 

6. I hope we can continue to enjoy the best time as best friends with great excitement, even after being a couple. 

7. Sometimes, I feel jealous of that person who finds a best friend and a life partner in the same person. They haven’t had to do it the hard way. 

8. Waiting is not my thing, usually. But, if I know that my best friend has the same feeling for me, I can wait for the right time happily. 

9. You’re amazing, it’s your best friend who keeps helping you, supporting you in life to find yourself. But, you found the person for life in them. 

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Emotional More Than Friendship Quotes

1. I wish telling a friend you love them, is that easy as falling in love with a friend. 

2. If you take too much time to tell her, you might lose a partner, if you say it too early you might lose a friend. That’s not good at all. 

3. Definitely, I feel scared to say that I love her. But how could she have no idea about it, even being my bestie? 

4. The turning point in my life is, the day when I proposed to my best friend for love and she said yes. But, in my case, nothing has gone wrong since that day since. 

5. I will never recommend my best friend as a life partner to anyone. Because it’s only me who can handle him, well. 

Great Friendship Turning Into Love Quotes

6. What if I told you that your best friend is also feeling the same for you, the same love and the same fear of losing you to someone else. 

7. My heart says, your best friend also loves you back. My mind: Nope. 

8. When you’re confused whether you’re in love with your best friend or not, then wait till you see him with someone else.

9. Happiness is knowing that your best friend has a crush on you and you were just afraid of approaching her. 

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Confessions of Falling in Love with Your Best Friend Quotes

1. I don’t care how imperfect you are as a friend, I’m just in love with you because you’re my type. 

2. Me and my friend are the crazy ones in the group. I couldn’t think any more about what happened when we became one. 

3. Thank you so much for being my friend. Now I want to end this relationship and wish to see you more like a partner than just a friend. 

4. Your friend can understand everything you feel at the moment. But still, can’t realize that you’re in love with her secretly. 

5. Earlier we had sleepless nights because we were having great fun. Now you don’t let me sleep because I can’t stop thinking about you. 

Confessions of Falling in Love with Your Best Friend Quotes

6. I’m totally in love with you, my friend, but I’m afraid I don’t want to lose you because you’re my only friend. 

7. My best friend has all my secrets so far, but I’m still hiding something from him, and that is I love him more than just a friend. 

8. My next goal for the year is to propose to my best friend and express my feelings for her. But, I’m confused about how to say it and when. 

9. Waiting for the day when I can get all the strength and finally let you know more friends. I’m really so much in love with you and want you to be by my side for a lifetime. 

10. Falling in love is easy but falling in love with your bestie and keeping it secret, is very tough.  

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Best Friend to Life Partner Quotes

1. I’m not worried about the rejection, the other person is my best friend and I don’t want to lose her either. 

2. There’s a   friend in a ‘boyfriend’ and ‘girlfriend’. Still, I don’t know why I feel stressed about turning my friend into my boyfriend/girlfriend. 

3. It’s always a pleasure to be with your best friend. But now, I want to be your everything more like a couple in love. 

4. Dear friend only you can make me laugh when I don’t want to. You’re the one who understood me when no one else could. Can I have you for a lifetime, because I don’t think anyone can fit me so well. 

5. They accept you as you are. But, when they accept you as a life partner even knowing you’re crazy as hell, that means their love for you is real. 

Best Friend to Life Partner Quotes

6. You should never drink around your best friend if you’re in love with them because it will be the worst proposal ever.

7. I’m actually facing big trouble right now that even my best friend can’t help me. Because I’m in love with her and the problem is how to say it to her. 

8. To me you’re more than just a friend. I mean really, I see you more than just friends, more like a life partner. 

9. I know as a friend I tease and make fun of you a lot. But, now I don’t want to hurt you anymore because I love you and this time I am really serious about that. 

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Falling in Love with a Friend Quotes and Sayings

1. Dear friend we fight a lot as friends, and I think it’s a sign that we can make the best as a couple then. 

2. The way you look at each other while saying ‘no, no, we are just friends.’ itself says everything that you both are not sure about it. 

3. There was a time when my friend was crying and I laughed because we were just friends. And the day after we became more, I became more concerned about her smiles and cries. 

4. Dear God, I ask for nothing more. I just want my best friend to be my partner because I think no one can handle us. 

5. Friendship and relationship are the great connection in the world. And it can be even greater when your best friend and lover is the one.

Falling in Love with a Friend Quotes and Sayings 

6. First you have a crush on them and want to be their best friend. Now you’re their best friend and about to let them know that something you’ve been hiding from the day you met them. 

7. I am not afraid of expressing my love to my friend. But I know he is crazy and first after listening to this he’s probably going to think that I’m joking. 

8. You have made my whole younger age filled with great stories and adventures. But now I want you to be older together. 

9. So far I have been running away from love. But, god you’re great you eventually make me fall in love with my best friend. I never saw that coming.   

10. God bless them who fall in love with their best friend. 

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Meaningful Friends Falling in Love Quotes

1. Don’t get too rushed and ruin your friendship to turn it into love. It’s worth the patience maybe your friend still doesn’t see you the way you look at them. 

2. The most surprising and confusing feeling in friendship is when you say to your best friend that you love her and she just says, “I know.”

3. Don’t blame me it’s only you who makes me fall in love with you a little more every single day. 

4. You know your friendship is not just friends anymore when their good morning and good night wishes to become the most important to reply to before anything else. 

5. I don’t know how we met and when we fell for each other. Everything just keeps happening and we couldn’t do anything at all. 

6. Best friends usually fall in love with each other, but some fall too early, some too late, and some from the day they see each other. 

Meaningful Friends Falling in Love Quotes

7. I have not felt a good friendship like anyone else but you. So how could you imagine that I fall in love with anyone except you? 

8. Falling in love with your best friend can lead to many great memories and a lifetime experience. But, still, the idea of losing a friend stops us from expressing our love for our best friend. 

9. Your life is already going great with my friend. We enjoy and spend the most time together. But, then we fall in love with each other and things have never remained as usual since that day. 

10. I’m feeling like I’m about to fall in love with my childhood friend. I’m scared because I’m losing my friend who’s turning into a lover and can’t feel the same friendly vibes anymore. 

11. In the end it’s only the best friend who turns into the best girlfriend-boyfriend and then the best lover for life. 

12. Believe me, I was trying to just be your friend for life. When these love things happened, I didn’t even know. 

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Final thoughts

No matter how intense your love feelings are for your best friend, that fear of losing a friend always bothers you and keeps you distracted from enjoying routine things that you used to do as friends.

And that could have happened to anyone. The thought of losing a friend is totally logical and meaningful.

Because of the way you feel about your friend, it’s possible they don’t see you the same way. 

So, it’s always a good idea to give your connection some time rather than hurrying things along due to overexcitement and emotional overflow

Trust your love, first and foremost. 

If your best friend and you are meant to be together, nothing will stop you from turning your friendship into a lifetime relationship.


Now, let us know which falling in love with your best friend quotes means the most to you. We would like to hear from you. Feel free to share this article and special quotes and sayings with your best friend, to give them some hints.