How to be happily single and enjoy life

How To Be Happily Single and Stay Single Forever?

Last updated on February 8th, 2022 at 06:40 am

We often hear about the ‘happily married’ life, but can anyone be happy being single? If yes, then how to be happily single and what to do live your life on your terms.  And if you’re looking for some inspiration Or want to know how to stay single forever, then this post is the one for you. 


If you have been in a toxic relationship, cheated or being ignored by your previous partners… and if that’s your only reason to be single forever, then my friend… you really need to think of your decision again.

As, that will be of course tough for you. 

Because living a single life is not that easy as it looks.

You have to have an uplifting reason, a purpose, and a set mind to stay single forever. 

Simply forcing yourself to be single, and just to save yourself from unnecessary relationship stress and that’s not possible.

Here, you are just being hard on yourself and nothing else. 

So, what to do and how to prepare yourself to stay single, rather than making yourself isolated and lonely in life?

Read on, as here we are going to share some effective ways over how to stay single forever and actually be happy with your decision of solo-living.


How can one enjoy being single forever?

1. Make sure you’ve your encouraging reason to stay single.

The first thing you want to check before starting a single life is… Is it your decision to stay single Or It’s because of someone else? 

If you have your inspiring reason to live a single life, then it’s perfectly fine.

Because it’s your decision and you have to have something to keep you to stay happily single. 

But, if your decision is due to someone else, like your present or previous partner who hurt your feelings, then it can’t be a valid reason to stay single. Because you’re affected by someone else.

And so literally forcing yourself to stay alone and isolated. 

You are not looking at the positive side of being single, here you are just punishing yourself. 

As your relationship wasn’t good enough. You aim to isolate yourself and definitely won’t enjoy living a single life. 

So, make sure you have encouraging reasons, to stay single forever than negative ones.

2. Discover more things about yourself. 

how to stay single forever

Maybe you aren’t meant for a relationship for a time, maybe you just need some break from a serious relationship.

Well, there can be anything in your case. So you don’t make an instant decision of being single, based on small details. 

Take time to analyze your situation and priorities in life.

Learn about your interests, hobbies, and preferences so far.

Learn about your plan and what you’re trying to achieve with a happy single life.  

Don’t just think that living a single life is the ultimate solution there. It can be tough for you, especially when you plan to stay single for the first time. 

Stop expecting, and start evaluating first. 

Everything has positive/negative sides and so does the single life, too. Such time spent on analysis will inform you about your possibilities to stay a happily single person in life.

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3. Start being independent. Your first step towards, How to be happily single.

Earlier steps are just an initial phase that actually presents single life challenges and personal reasons to live alone.

With this step, you actually take the first step towards your single life. And, that is to be independent for the first time. 

Well, don’t take it as a sign to disconnect from everyone and just lock yourself alone in your room.

Being independent means, to be with yourself, rather than staying away from others. 

You’ve been in a relationship for a long time and relying on someone for literally everything, right? And so, here we want to start practicing doing such things on your own. 

Practice being independent for every activity, for which you were relying on others.

Start doing more things by yourself, and not everything.

Of course, you can ask for help from your friends, family, and parents. Because you are here to learn how to stay single forever and not isolated and alone. 

4. Strengthen your relationship with your people, not be so alone. 

how to stay single and happy

Surprised to hear that, Aren’t you? Well, you should. Because this is what we aim to inform you.

You are on a journey to be happily single person, you are not making yourself miserable and isolated from the rest of the world. 

With that meaning, you better power up your existing connections.

Spend time with your best friend, your nearest ones like family and all. 

Remember, it’s your decision to stay single, and not your family’s or friends’. So don’t forget them, you really meant something to them. 

If you’re being single for the first time, then you make new friends and be with like-minded peoples as well.

Such things will keep you happily single forever, even without being isolated and disconnected from others.

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5. Never let such negativity spoil your happiness in a single life. 

Just like relationships have their negative side, the living alone lifestyle is also not an ultimate reason for relaxed life, indeed.

A person who lives alone may have to face equally or even more troubles, than a person in a healthy relationship. 

It’s all about the routine life choices and personal decisions to every situation due to living a life alone.

If you are constantly feeling lonely and isolated, because you are new to this single life, then probably you’ve taken this concept of ‘Being single’ all wrong. 

Maybe you are just pushing yourself to stay single or it’s your environment and people around who have even doubt or question about your decisions.

So, beware of such negativities from the outside world, there may create troubles to live a happy single life. 

Stay away from such negative people who only have negative things to say about you.

Especially the one who keep putting pressure on you with such questions like Why are you single or when are you get married and all. 

It’s your decision to stay single. And so make sure you’re confident about your decisions, overall. 

6. Present yourself confidently without any fear. 

how to enjoy being single

Well, your journey to living a happy single life won’t be that easy, remember that.

Even your nearest people or close friends may also express their opinions and suggestions to rethink your decisions. Because they care and worry about you, you can convince them with your valid points. 

But, when they are influenced by society’s standards and norms, living a happy single life will be a daily struggle for you.

Of course, it’s your life, and the decision to live on your own terms has to be yours alone. So try to ignore those who only have negativity, doubts, and questions about your relationship status. 

Be confident about yourself and about your decision to stay single forever.

When you are confident in yourself, no one’s opinion and judgments affect your mindsets a bit.

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7. Develop your unique schedule for your newly single life. 

The freedom to manage own time and plan activities are the most common benefits that come due to a single and independent lifestyle.

If you are just being single or starting your journey to happily single, then firstly reschedule your routine life. 

You are now free to organize and manage your time on your way. Set your unique schedule by considering every activity that you have ignored or procrastinated earlier, due to being in a relationship.

Following a new schedule for this new lifestyle not only keeps you busy but also it is the best way over how to enjoy being single, via doing things you love.

Decorate your house, redesign your room interior, cook for yourself, go for a walk, and do anything that you never did earlier or haven’t got time to do so.

This single life has to be enjoyable and memorable. So, don’t just make it boring and isolated, by any means.

Always have something on your list that inspires you to stay single forever. 

8. Follow your passion, work on your life purpose. 

Can you be happy being single forever

This is one of the strongest reasons that encourage many people, to stay single and live a happy life forever.

Indeed, single people actually have more time to work on their passion and things which they can call ‘purpose of life‘. A single person has more freedom to devote their time to doing something which they truly also love.

Whether you are just being single or planning to stay single forever, then having a passion in life becomes very essential there. 

Have a purpose that makes you feel excited for every morning and to enjoy your solo-life to the fullest, every single day.

Keep doing your stuff and develop new hobbies or learn new skill sets, this single life can be happy forever when you know how to make the right choices.

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Can you be happy being single?

Of course, you can be happy being single for your whole life.

But, it’s up to you what you do with that spare time in life alone. Do you use it for yourself, doing some creative stuff, or again secretly wishing to live a happily married life, as your friends and peers are living? 

Well, a person can be happy in the relationship and also can be frustrated in a single life, without any close connection, too.

Because it’s all about the priorities and personal choices that a person have and that further decides what a person deserves.

Also share with us, what’s your experience of being single? Do you have any valuable tips on how to stay single forever? What important lessons you’ve learned from your happily single life?

Share your thoughts and opinions here in the comment section below.