Don't Take Life Too Seriously, Friend

Don’t Take Life Too Seriously, Friend

Last updated on November 14th, 2020 at 03:37 pm

My Friend,

Don’t take life too seriously… you’re not here to live with just worries and die with regrets only. 

Of course, you have to figure out key aspects of life and have dreams to fulfill. But, don’t make your entire life miserable following those goals, that you set by yourself.

Just don’t be so serious my friend. Please, Don’t. 


You’re given a life to live it fully and make it purposeful indeed. 

Simply putting pressure on yourself due to failure and hard times, is not guaranteed that you’ll achieve success faster. 

The goals are yours, you decided that. No one is interested in your goals. Even, your life doesn’t want to waste your time getting serious about everything at all. 

Stop figure out everything alone. Lower your expectations, and Start Living your life fully. 

If you are being too serious in life and sometimes it becomes too hard for you to enjoy your success, then we have important self reminders for you. Sharing the best ways of how to stop taking life too seriously.


Don’t Take Life Too Seriously, Do this instead…

Develop your mindsets, Develop your life. 

Being too serious with every little thing in life is nothing but your approach to take everything, as important ones. 

When you think of problems only, you attract the problems only.
When you think of solutions, you end up doing something meaningful. 

Means, you need to transform your mind to think differently. A change in perspective will support you to get out of a hard situation too easily. 

Start with making some metal shift, start thinking, and seeing things differently. Everything doesn’t have to be that complex in life, as you used to think. 

Find the opportunities in the problems, not the problems in the opportunity. 


Learn to laugh at yourself.

laugh and don't be serious

If you are always worrying over what others think and their comments at you, then you never do something New to your life.

Learn how to support yourself, learn how to laugh at your problems. 

When you develop a habit to laugh in any situation, you’ll never take your life too seriously. 

Remember, When you laugh… someone there will also laugh with you. 


Stop being too serious. Stop being hard on yourself.

YES, you are being very hard on yourself. 

You put so much pressure on yourself then you can carry. 

Agreed, that you have to face competition at career, and in life. Stop forcing yourself to get better at everything… you can’t do everything. 

Sometimes, you have to accept things as it is. 

You have to accept that particular skills are not worth your time, because you’ve certain limitations, too. 

Find something that you are motivated to positively, invest your energies in the right direction.

Just relax and seize every opportunity that life has for you. 


Always challenge yourself, but to do something creative.

stop being too serious in life

Every day is an opportunity to do something great. It’s not about waking up with worrying in mind. 

In order to stop being too serious at life, you have to get ready for exciting challenges. 

Be ready to tackle exciting challenges, rather than living with challenges only

You can do anything… you want in life. Your whole life is all set to have some great things and make it enjoyable indeed. 

Worries just keep your life boring, try something else. Try something creative, like harder challenges.

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Don’t be serious. Be flexible and stay relaxed. 

Sometimes we get so serious in life, that we forget the last time when we feel relaxed. 

Life keeps moving and updating always. With limited mindsets, you can’t get any further. You have to leave your place, to explore a new world. 

Life is always evolving, but you can’t, due to that reserved mindset

Be flexible and adjustable with any situation, that life brings to you. Don’t take life too seriously, that you miss the important opportunity in life. 

Count your blessings..and not the problems. 


Thankful for the things that you have. 

being too serious in life

Stop feeling frustrated over what you failed to achieve in life, that’s something that will keep annoying you. Start, believing that you are more blessed than you think. 

You have so many things to feel grateful for in life, rather than staying regretful. 

Do everything you can do in life, but don’t expect too much

The expectation in life is well, indeed. But, when it’s the reason for taking life seriously then you better to lower your desires. 

Enjoy every little thing in life that you have. 


Understand your responsibility well. 

Anything happens in your life, only you are responsible for it. Others can influence and try to affect your life. But, it’s only up to you how much to allow their ideas and opinions about you. 

When you understand your life responsibility, you won’t take other advice and judgments too seriously. 

Because you know you are controlling your life and not someone else.

Believe, you can make an impact, too. Stop worrying and start developing your life. Stop relying on someone’s opinion about YOUR life, who don’t know their own purpose in life.

You get what you deserve, and not what you demand.


Stop being perfectionists. 

Stop Taking Life Too Seriously

Not everything in life has to be perfect as you demanded. 

Yes, stop being perfectionists, you are judging everything and everyone as your reserved criteria. 

Stop being too serious about life, Being perfect at everything is not possible, and not desirable, too. Not everything is in your control. So, stop trying to.

Accept that situation and person, as they are. 

When you keep measuring everything by personal views, you’ll miss important opportunities and ‘a person’ from your life.

Don’t take life too seriously, this life is not enough to become a master at everything. 


You are unique, STOP comparing with others.

Learn from everyone, but never compare with them. 

Everyone here has their own purpose, but different life options and unique skills. You always can get inspiration from others. 

But, ignoring your uniqueness and trying to be great than anyone is your choice only. Yes, it’s an unnecessary competition that forces you to take life too seriously. 

It’s your competitive mindsets that pressure you to think… Life is a war and not an opportunity to Grow along.

Be with like-minded people who support you, to get ahead in life. Avoid being serious all the time   

When you are comparing yourself with them, you are just insulting yourself.


Worry over anything will change nothing.

taking Life Too Seriously

Stop worrying too much, and don’t be too serious about life. Stop worrying over anything without doing nothing.

Believe in yourself that you already are doing enough work, as you should. 

Working under pressure and fear of failure won’t solve any issue… But, it creates one, instead

Set yourself free from any unmotivated worries.

Prefer to focus on your present, and Learn from the past, that’s it.


Start living your life. 

The ultimate reason to stop taking life too seriously is because… We focus more on results than the process. 

Means, goals, and results are of course important to focus on. But, the process is the major part that you spend your more time of life into. 

When you are too curious or frustrated due to goals, you end up losing focus on what you need to do in the process. 

Always have eyes on the goals, but have to focus on putting the right efforts to achieve that. 

Stop worrying over results, when you’ve ever started.

Don’t make your goals too seriously, take your steps seriously, instead.


Value yourself and your people, Right.

Avoid being serious at everything in life

Don’t take life too seriously, you are not here just to make money and to die while counting it. 

Agree that money is essential to live a better life and to provide everything for your family. 

But, simply focusing on money, ignoring yourself and your loving people… is not a good option either. 

You probably think that more money is the first thing your family expecting from you. Money just fulfills their regular needs and nothing else. 

More than the money your parent wants your time and attention. And that’s you are trading with desires to make even more money.

In the end, you will be remembered by the time spent and memories created together, and not what things you bought them.

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You’ve just one Problem…and many Solutions. 

Stop being frustrating with just one problem over and over again. 

It’s okay to think about a problem seriously, just to find the solutions. But, when this problem keeps you stuck, then you better divert your mind and mood to solutions.

Instead of feeling worried and serious about a life problem, you can invest your time to get more options. Explore more opportunities and ideas that excite you. 

Just, don’t get too serious about your life problems. Have creative solutions. 


BUT, Don’t take your life too seriously, friend. 

The idea of this reminder is not to become free from everything and just live like you don’t care for anything at all. 

It’s not about…

Taking additional pressure than it already has.

Focusing on problems more, than the opportunities.

It’s about…

To have a purpose to LIVE, rather than being frustrated to it.


Remember, your problems are not that great as you think. 

You just need to transform your ideas. Look at the situation from a different perspective. 

Don’t take life too seriously…because everything in life is… to excite you and not to scare you. 

Remember that, your life is not that complicated, as you are making it.