Why am I so Lazy

Why Am I so Lazy and Unmotivated?

Last updated on September 29th, 2021 at 06:13 pm

If you keep asking yourself, “Why am I so lazy and tired?” and want to know the honest answers then this article is for you. Here we are about to share valid signs to prove that you are a lazy person. 


Well, the reasons for Being lazy can be personalized and highly dynamic.

Just because you’re not interested and unmotivated to certain things, doesn’t mean you are lazy in life.

There can be many signs and personal reasons that keep you lazy and tired all the time. 

You can do anything to stop acting lazy and unmotivated in life. But, the first thing you require is to know the reason behind why you are so lazy.

You need to know… what is something that lets you procrastinate about everything. 

If you are relating to the next given signs in you, then my friend: You are a lazy person. And, this life demands you to do something about it, right now. 


Why am I so lazy and unmotivated always? Signs you’re a lazy guy

1. You work with no goals.

Most lazy people are clueless, they have no idea what to do and where to go.

Yes, you do something in life but have no clear motive for why you are doing this. You do only things that life offers you anyway.

You have no plan right now, for your career and life. You are not motivated to do something new & unusual. You want to do the work which you already have been doing. 

Having no goals is something that keeps you frustrated, defocused, and lazZY. 


2. You have no reason to set the morning alarm.

why am i so lazy lately

When you can’t wake up early in the morning like 5 am or 6 am….directly doesn’t mean that you are a lazy person and tired from life.

Maybe you are a night owl, who working on side hustle till late or someone who feels creative while in the night.

The problem is… when you wake up in the morning and you have no ideas of what to do today. Well, if that’s the case, it will motivate you to continue your sleep, rather than wake up. 

You very well know that you’ve nothing to do the next day, and so no need to set the alarm. And just like a lazy guy you love sleeping the most.

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3. You are dreamers. 

Like you spend most of your time sleeping, you see a lot of dreams every day. 

You have some great ideas and dreams in mind to follow. But, hold yourself back. You want to achieve what you just show, but when it comes to putting efforts, you just skip that idea. 

When you are dreamers, who avoid doing something for that Dreams, then you’re lazy and unmotivated. 

Simply dreaming big won’t help, you need to do something big, too.


4. You have zero passion and no motivation to do something.

why am i so lazy all the time

Being lazy means you want to stop doing particular things, or doing nothing at all. 

Passionate people have specific things in mind which give them motivation and enjoyment while doing it.

Even dedicated and passionate people feel lazy while doing something…. they don’t like it. 

Not taking an active interest in doing something doesn’t make you lazy, it’s just showing that you’re not motivated to that work, simple. 

When you are feeling lazy and tired of doing everything, then you can consider yourself ‘a lazy person’.

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5. You’re a perfectionist.

Perfectionists have a lot of reasons to do something over and over again. 

If you are perfectionists, you keep doing things to meet that inner expectation. 

You are a perfectionist plus lazy when you keep yourself involved in regular things so that you can avoid the next bigger task or project. 


6. You belong to a Boring and Lazy group. 

you are lazy and tired

When you’re highly inspired by the boring and clueless people in your life, you become like such group members. 

Moreover, your friend circle is also of the lazy ones, who have no motivation to share with you. 

Like your surroundings, you learn a lot from your friends, too. 

lazy and unmotivated friends, lead you to nothing but to develop negative mindsets only. All you learn from them is to stay relaxed and bored at everything. And, to avoid doing something as far as you can.

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7. You procrastinate all the time. 

If you are habitual to postpone things to next time again and again, then you are a procrastinator. 

A procrastinator is sharing some common signs of a lazy person. Here, you procrastinate over everything, and feel mentally tired to do something right now

All you want is to delay your work as far as possible. 


8. Sleep…is the only thing in your weekend plans.

why am i so lazy and unmotivated

There’s some direct relation between sleeping and lazy person.

Whether it’s time to relax from work or school holidays, you prefer to sleep always. Some have exciting weekend plans with friends, some have me-time activities to do for oneself. 

But, if you are waiting for weekends, just to sleep the entire Sunday, then you’re a lazy person. 

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9. You can be distracted, so easily.

Like a lazy guy, you are easily distracted by something demotivating and frustrated, the most

If you are attracted to negative vibes, that stop you from putting in enough effort then you’re lazy and unmotivated in life. 

Lazy people are more interested in taking a break, than putting in enough work. They are always looking for ways to stop doing something.

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10. You love being in your comfort zone.

Lazy person

The idea of doing something challenging, makes a lazy employee feel tired and frustrated.

If you feel lazy and in the work out of your interest, but still doing because that’s your comfort zone then… you’ll try to avoid challenging and creative things, for sure. 

You are just comfortable with your boring life and regular work. So, you try hard to avoid something new there. 

Well, there can be multiple reasons why you don’t take extra responsibility at the job. But, here you just don’t want to leave your comfort level. 

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11. You complain about everything.

Lazy people are masters at avoiding things, they always have some set of excuses and complaints. 

Like a lazy one, you are searching for ways to avoid your work

Complains, excuses, arguments, and unmatched demands, are your favorite weapons when you want to avoid doing something by yourself, and for your group of lazy guys.

Innerself you think “Why am i so lazy and unmotivated”, but never take action to do something.


12. You are dependent on others. 

why am i so lazy and tired

They just don’t want something to be done by their own self, they want someone to do it for themselves. Yes, they are lazy people. 

If you are the one who passes your important work and responsibility to others, just because you’re not interested. Then, you are lazy and tired, too. 

You’re not frustrated, but simply don’t want to do something about it.

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13. You’re ACTIVE more on social media than in real life. 

If your favorite timeless activities and hobbies involve watching tv and social media. That means you’re not doing interesting things in your life. 

Social media and TV or web series are of course gives you a fun time and required entertainment. But, are actually mediums from which you bring fun to you

When you are less active in your real-life and stay ACTIVE on your social media sites, then believe me you are not just a boring person, but also a lazy person, too. 


14. Like your life, your workspace is disorganized.

signs you are lazy

Workspace impact directly to maintain focus on what you do.

The environment of people and things you are surrounded at work, have an immediate impression on your work. 

If your desk or workspace is always that disorganized and messy, then it’s a clear sign that you are Lazy and unmotivated. The environment itself puts pressure on you and you’re feeling unmotivated to work. 

The lazier you feel to remove the unnecessary things from your desk, the more it will keep you frustrated and tired at work.

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15. You think you are Super busy. 

The better question for this point is, How can being busy be a sign of being lazy, right?

Well, that’s the point.

You think you are busy but simply have no clues what you are doing all time. Because you don’t think that you’ve done something productive after spending these times. 

Sometimes you do things, but that just keeps you unproductive and nothing else. You do things just to show yourself Busy and engaged. 

Means, you prefer doing unimportant things, to look busy…and to avoid any extra work. 


16. You’re a master at “Art of sleeping”. 

signs you are a lazy person

A lazy person likes sleeping a lot. 

Just like hard-working people fall asleep fast due to working the whole day and managing stress. The lazy ones fall asleep with just an idea of doing the work.  

If you can sleep anywhere, in any position, and without any reason, then you are lazy first and tired second. You sleep fast not because of work, but with mental tiredness of doing something. 

Hard workers feel tired because of work. Lazy people get tired with just thinking of work. 


17. You always have some backups to avoid parties and invitations.

Whether getting any party invitation or family functions, you always know how to save yourself. 

You have a backup plan ready to show that you are busy and have no time for partying and fun.

Maybe you are shy, but that doesn’t mean every shy person is lazy. 

An Introverted or shy person wants to do something but hide that desires due to internal awkwardness. Whereas a lazy person keeps avoiding exciting plans as part of thier habit. 

You want to avoid social gatherings, because you prefer to sleep longer, than meeting peoples. 


You know, you are a lazy person…

When you know things you passionate about. But still do nothing, because you’re just too lazy and tired

Not all lazy people share the same characteristics and nature. Depending on the personality, interest, and inner motivation, the level of laziness changes from person to person. 

One person can be lazy to do particular things at specific times. While others feel lazy all the time, at everything in life. 

So, it’s just your choice of Staying lazy. 

Apart from just asking ownself, why am I so lazy and unmotivated you can also ask what is stopping me to do some exciting things in my life. 

Because, when you really care for something, you end up taking any toughest step you should take.