What To Text Your Friend With Benefits

What To Text Your Friend With Benefits (69 Hookup Messages To Make A Mood!)

That was a satisfying experience last time. 

Still have no idea, what to text your friend with benefits to get them to do it again or keep them interested? 

Well, you find the right post, then. 

It covers some casual, cute, flirty, and hook-up messages to text your FWB, to spice up your ‘situationship’.


So, What To Text Your Friend With Benefits (And, When?)

You and your FWB might not text like most of the time. 

But what you’re texting to your friend with benefits is equally important as ‘when’. 

You might send routine hookup messages to turn your FWB ON, when it’s time for ‘It’.

But, ‘the creativity’ in your casual texts… keeps them UP for more.

After all, you probably don’t want to text your FWB only with the same mood, always.

Sometimes, you want to share some cute messages to make their day, casual messages to stay connected, flirty messages to tease them, or hook-up messages to get them ready for the next round. 

Yeah, avoid being repetitive, even in causal relationships. 

To add a little spice and have the excitement alive, have these the best messages to send your FWB considering the situation and moods. 

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Flirty Text Messages To Share With Your FWB

You both agreed not to get serious and get tangled in the feelings. But, that doesn’t mean you can’t flirt with your fwb. 

To tease them and celebrate this situationship fully, here are the flirty messages to text your friend with benefits at any time. 

Flirty Text Messages To Share With Your FWB

1. Can’t stop thinking about me and you going out of bed before morning. 

2. You’re bored and I’m naked. Is this the right time to be together? 

3. What a great experience it was, wasn’t it? Ready for the same, again?

4. The benefits I got yesterday weren’t enough. Now I want more of that. 

5. Right now, I’m so much in the mood, that you don’t want to miss a chance. 

6. Wanna have this? You can have it. But only when I get my package. 

7. I wish you under me. I wish you over me. I just wish you here, but right now. 

8. Yesterday you were all over my mind. Tonight, I also want you all over me. 

9. Can you come here, please? I have some good business to do with you. 

10. Wanna come over or sleepover? Whatever, I’ll be over you tonight.

11. Feeling so tired today. But don’t worry, I’ll be fine before our time.

12. Time for the Role-playing babe! I’ll be you tonight and you’ll be me. 

13. I’m alone and turned on. Come here, before I feel turned off. You’ve 15 minutes.  

14. Hey dear Fwb. Where are you? Let’s finish what started yesterday. 

15. I’ve a new fantasy to share with you. Let’s try something new next time. 

16. I told friends that I’m not in the mood to hang out. You know what kind of mood it is.

17. Available for not anyone, but only for you. If you know what I mean. 

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Cute Messages To Text Your Friend With Benefits

When you can’t wait to meet your FWB or want to appreciate them for being equally passionate about you, share something cute.

And, this is the perfect text message to send your friends with benefits to keep them engaged in your casual connection.

Cute Messages To Text Your Friend With Benefits

1. Getting ready for tonight’s show. Share emojis to show how excited you’re. 

2. Seriously, I can’t stop thinking about our last time. You’re great at this.

3. Wow, you’re doing so amazing in it. I fear I might fall for you. 

4. Dear friend, your ‘benefits’ are ready. You can take it whenever you want. 

5. I’m planning something new for tonight. Want to know the ‘benefits’? 

6. It was a sweaty workout. I’ll certainly try that tonight, as well. 

7. Hey, come over. I’ve something important to share, it’s me. 

8. I was impressed with your first performance. You’re invited to the next round. 

9. Let’s play a final round, not like the last time. But as if it is. 

10. I’ve packed your benefits with great decoration. Just waiting for you. 

11. I recently learned about the new position. Can’t wait to try this with you. 

12, Hey, I’ve so many benefits to offer. But some expectations from you. 

13. You’re selected for this job. You did great yesterday. And I’m expecting the same energy from you.

14. Got so many new things to try, but all goes to achieve one goal. 

15. I don’t think about others. But I got the hottest FWB. I admit that.

16. I’m so grateful to have you as my Fwb, who is as passionate as I want. 

17. You’re such a stressbuster. Every time we meet, I release my stress, too.

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Casual FWB Text To Share Anytime When You’re In Situationship

You two both are doing better at your casual relationship.

Maybe there are not any deep feelings, but friendliness is there. So when texting your FWB casually, you want to show some creativity there.

So, these are some best friends with benefits messages to make it a fun conversation.

Casual FWB Text To Share Anytime When You're In Situationship

1. Come on! Don’t be shy, I know you want it. We’re doing great together. 

2. Make sure you’re ready yourself for the next round. It was going to be tough. 

3. We may hang out and dine out with friends. But we’ll take dessert together. 

4. This time I’ve planned and practiced well. You’ll be getting more benefits.

5. Last time it was my choice. Now you decide where’ll be the next hook-up?

6. Can I borrow ‘you’ from you tonight? Don’t worry I’ll take care of ‘you’ well.

7. We don’t need to make it too regular. We should try something new tonight. 

8. I’m not sure if it’s always this fun or because it’s all because of you. 

9. I don’t get jealous. But I’ll do it by myself… if you’re not coming tonight. 

10. Damn, you know how to move your body. Last time you totally shook me off. 

11. Dear, friends with benefits. It’s time for some naughty fun, waiting for you. 

12. Let’s Netflix and chill. Oh, sorry, Netflix and ‘benefits’ for our situationship. 

13. I’ve some special plans for you to make our next trip a refreshing one. 

14. Yesterday I was top. Now I’m giving you a chance to get on the top.

15. The good news is my neighbors are gone out of town for the next six days. Sorry for the six nights. If you know what I mean?

16. We’ve met in the dark so much. If you come to me in a day, I’m sure I won’t recognize you.

17. You’re such a great friend, who is there for me when no one. 

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Hook Up Messages For FWB To Invite For The Next Round

So, the time for benefits is here. You’re in the perfect mood. But, you’re not sure about your FWB.

So, to simply turn them on and get ready for the next round, these are some best hookup messages to text your friend with benefits without waiting much. 

Hook Up Messages For FWB To Invite

1. Our time is about to come… make sure you’re ready with your strategies.

2. I’m going to give you twenty minutes, get ready to get naked. I’m on the way. 

3. You can have me all in one piece or not in a single at all. 

4. Where are you going tonight? I wish you would go in me.

5. I really need help. Can you come over tonight, too? 

6. I want you right now, with me, at my home. Straight in my bed. 

7. Are you free? No, I’m not going to pay you. Still, I want to own you. 

8. I keep the door open. Jump in my house tonight. Then I’ll enter.

9. Let’s see the live match tonight in front of the mirror.

10. Want to take a ride? Get ready for it, I’m going to drive you crazy tonight. 

11. I caught you, now it’s time for some punishment. I’ll be there in ten minutes. 

12. Can I come there for a sleepover? But, I won’t let you sleep tonight. 

13. Want to know my fantasies? No, I’m not telling, I’ll just show you. 

14. I got some new moves. So excited to do them, hit me up when you’re free!

15. Well, yesterday it was you who took the full benefits. Now my turn!

16. So, the time to explore each other is around the corner. Share the place.

17. Have you taken your vitamins today? Because you’re gonna need some stamina tonight.

18. I’m alone, bored, and naked. Is this enough for you to come here?

So far, you’re having a great time with your friends with benefits. We hope you love these deep and savage FWB quotes, as well.



Well, not every time you just text them… ‘Let’s do it.’ 

Even though you’re friends of benefits by choice and with agreed rules.

Sometimes you want to have a little change to spice up ‘your situationship’.

Indeed, some flirtiness to cuteness is all that you need in your casual connection, with time.

You can compliment your FWB from the last round, better express your fantasies, or turn them on with creative hookup messages. 

After all, it’s about what you text your friend with benefits before and after ‘the event’.

This is something that makes your fwb excited and turned on. 


It’s not always about the hookup. By being flirty, cute, and creative in the process, you maintain excitement in your casual relationship.