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87 Savage Friends With Benefits Quotes (Funny, But Deep!)

Last updated on November 11th, 2022 at 03:40 pm

Following the facts and feelings involved in it, here we’re going to share the BEST friends with benefits quotes.

Saying, how being in a relationship with no meaning affects your mindset and life. 

Well, Friends with benefits (FWB) is kind of a complicated relationship. 

It starts for fun, but doesn’t always work out well in the end. Because it’s neither serious nor committed.

As long as this connection is mutually decided, It’s fine. 

Still, this connection sometimes causes complications in one’s life after benefits have ended or one no longer feels passionate.

The FWB quotes we’re going to discuss touch on the deep, dark and funny side of the ‘friendship with benefits’ connection, based on two opposing perspectives.


Best Friends With Benefits Quotes and Sayings

I’d rather be in a hateful relationship than in FWB, at least I know how another person is feeling about me. 

FWB is more about playing with each other’s feelings and hoping like another person is also enjoying it!

Let’s see… what you can give to me. And let’s see, how I can get more of it.

This ‘Friend with benefits’ not only damages the mindsets, but also the essence of two great connections: Friendship and relationship

I would rather have a friendship with my crush or approach her to be my life partner. But, I just can’t use her in the name of FWB. 

The name of this connection itself seems so selfish to me; I don’t recommend it. 

How about being friends when we don’t hang out too often? Act more like a couple, but not going to be married at all. 

How you’re going to introduce him to your parents: as your friend or your boyfriend?

Let’s be in an FWB when we do everything except fall in love. 

Deep Friends With Benefits Quotes

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Deep Friends With Benefits Quotes

“I have a commitment issue”: Someone who has been in multiple FWB to date.  

Sometimes, I think fwb are good. Because you don’t have to worry about your future. Just short-term desires are fulfilled without paying anyone.

“Friends” are just in the name, else you two are just using each other in the FWB. That’s the fact, My friend. 

Only the one who can manipulate and someone who has played can do better in Fwb. 

We’ll come together as friends, but do nothing about friends, but married couples. 

Around friends, we are a couple, around our family we are friends. Yeah, we are in Friendship with benefits. 

If you’re cheated by your fwb, who’s going to believe you? You lied to everyone about this connection earlier.

If you’re only interested in a friendship with benefits, chances are you want to use someone because someone has used you before. 

Never let the FWB experience let you disregard respect from friends and love from a partner.

Whether it’s a relationship, career, or life, I look at the longer picture. I’ve never taken a shortcut, nor will I ever. 

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Funny Friends With Benefits Quotes 

If this time you failed to get a date on Valentine’s. Arrange the FWB. 

Crazy best friends are worth having than ‘fwb’ who call only when it’s time to do it. 

Please check first whether you fall for your friends with benefits or they’ve pushed you from the back. 

We’ll start as friends, then we exchange some benefits and if one of us falls in love … we both move in another direction. Deal!!

I’m looking for someone who could be my friend and my partner. But I didn’t say I wanted a friend with benefits. 

FWB is not a good idea at all… where first you two fall… then only one can get up. 

When you can’t afford dates or can marry someone, you have a middle option there. That is Friendship with benefits. 

Dear social media, why can’t you simply add one more option ‘In a friendship with benefits’ as relationship status.

I don’t know how to play chess, but still, I play it with my friend, but I can’t play with her just for some temporary benefits. 

I‘m a career-oriented guy and have no time for relationships but Friends with benefits. 

For me, friends with benefits are more like a practice match before the final. However, you’re either practicing with a weaker or stronger opponent.

You will simply get tired of satisfying your FWB’s desires. Better to have a wife who even gets excited about silly birthday presents.

Funny Friends With Benefits Quotes 

Savage Friends With Benefits Quotes 

We are not friends. We are not dating either, but we are someone who doesn’t know how to tell everyone- what we are.

Having no friends at all is much more relaxing than having friends with benefits. 

I’ve been in the FWB, I don’t think anyone could have time for this type of connection. 

You treat friends as friends and date as your date. What’s the point of being in the middle? 

Friendship is one and relationship is another. There’s nothin in the middle… it’s either this side or that. 

Treating them as your fwb, you are losing a friend and a lover, even though they’re the one person. 

“Everyone says we’re in love, but we have not seen each other that way.”

Those who say that their relationship is going through challenging times have no idea that FWB is a whole complicated concept.  

The one who wants benefits is not going to love you, the one who loves you will not look at the benefits alone. 

Let’s meet on Friday as friends, Saturdays as partners, and leave on Sunday like broken lover who never wants to see each other again. 

On dating sites, those who mention they’re only for hook-ups are much more honest than the one who secretly has an fwb with you. 

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Sad Friends With Benefits Quotes 

Beware, being in FWB, you might face trust issues, and you might not trust your friends nor your future partner.

We are friends but not that close. We try to satisfy each other, but not as a couple. 

If you think fwb are fun, I like to ask you: “How you’ll treat those who love you for just one reason?” 

Don’t expect too much from your FWB. They’re going to leave anyway, with the feeling of being used and played. 

Love is to make another person happy with yourself, while Friendship with benefits is just to get pleasure alone without caring about the other person.

The more friendship with benefits you have, the lonelier you become. 

No, we haven’t broken up. We just have not seen each other for the last two weeks. We were just friends with benefits. 

Do you have respect for yourself? Then, what are you doing in this connection?

“Oh, we?? We are not a couple, actually, we’re just friends but with benefits.” No one said that ever. 

Sad Friends With Benefits Quotes 

Just Friendship For Benefits Quotes

Friendship with benefits means staying there till you get the benefits and yeah you can’t be best friends, either. 

FWB is a next-level friendship and a degraded level of the relationship. Better know that. 

The friendship with benefits is actually enough to realize… how pure love can be. 

You both first come together as friends with benefits then are eager to leave each other like friends with losses. 

No love feelings, no friendly vibes. You’re just taking advantage of each other, just because it’s named ‘with benefits’.

I wondered. Whose relationship status is “Complicated” are the ones who tell us that they’re in a “friendship with benefits” or expecting the one. 

Like not every friendship is a great one, not every relationship is toxic. Same, not every friendship with benefits is a fun one. Remember that. 

There’s a list of the simplest pleasure in life to enjoy every day, whether you’re alone or in a relationship.


Friends With Benefits Quotes For Her

She has a goal to build a life together, he just wants to fulfill his temporary desire. 

When there’s confusion over what to call her girlfriend or just friend. Girl, you better know how much value he has for you. 

Girls who say she’s fine with the friend-with-benefits… actually wished, he’ll also fall for him.

I promise I was also here only for the FWB, but not sure when I fell for you.

I don’t fall in love for what I see, but fall in love for what I feel when with you. 

I’m not saying that I hate FWB. Actually, I like this one, but I don’t feel a connection with anyone, to begin with. 

I easily fall in love. So, friends with benefits are not my thing. 

You might cuddle your just fwb. But, we don’t even feel the sensation, either. 

Quotes about Friends With Benefits For Her and Him

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Friends With Benefits Quotes For Him

I can beg for love, I can wait for even more. But, I won’t use her for my feelings, never.

“You two have been in a friendship with benefits, what have you figured out?” Replied, “Everything… no actually nothing.”

The connection is that having no clarification of relationship or friendship means nothing to live. They add no value to you either. 

FWB is more like playing hide and seek but without telling the other that you’re playing them or when they know.. you try to play it harder. 

The ones who only hope it would be a FWB, are either afraid to fall in love or have no faith that someone can ever love them.

You’re single and also a partner. You’re having fun and enjoying alone time, that’s only possible in the FWB.

Players won’t come to you and say they’re to play. They just want to have a friend with benefits, even without letting you know. 

Don’t worry about him, he’ll be fine. We’re just friends with benefits. 

We both know we are not each other’s type and still, we stay together, After all, we still have a lot of benefits to take. 

We’re friends but do not spend extra money on each other. We are partners but cannot afford to spend extra time on each other. Are we just fwb or what?

What kind of relationship is that when you don’t even know when you’ve to think about whether to introduce him as your friend or partner?

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Falling In Love With Your Friend With Benefits Quotes

If you start to feel lonely and miss your fwb for no reason… that means you fall in love with them.

When you fall for your fwb make sure you’re not being played even harder. 

The one who falls in love with their friend with benefits is the one who wasn’t ready for it first. 

When you’re in love, you love them because of who they are. When you’re in fwb, you pretend to love them, because of only you and your desires. 

Those who prefer FWB, are the ones who can’t fall in love with someone, or simply don’t want to. 

How can you two stay so close, making each other satisfied but still have no feeling for each other? 

We’ve been in a friendship with benefits and this time we are both serious. 

I expected my first relationship would be an awesome one. But I didn’t know it would be this one. 

Wish me luck that I don’t fall for my friends with benefits. 

Before you start FWB, think about how it’s going to end. It could hurt you, and make you feel worse about yourself. 

Friendship with benefits doesn’t work for someone who feels love. It’s for those who don’t believe they can ever be loved. 

Falling In Love With Your Friend With Benefits Quotes

Before starting any connection, ask yourself: What kind of relationship are you looking for?


Final thoughts

Well, we hope you relate to such best friends with benefits quotes and sayings.

With these funny and deep FWB quotes, we wanted to share some messages with you.

At first, it seems fun but isn’t something you should be grateful for. 

And, if you’re in the one better have an idea of: 

“What kind of connection is this? And, where might it take you? ”