Short Dating Profile Examples For Females

49 (Smart And) Short Dating Profile Examples For Females

Last updated on December 27th, 2022 at 06:35 pm

A ‘short intro’ on dating sites is a smart move for girls.

If you describe yourself too extensively on dating sites, this post is for you.

Here we’re sharing ‘the best’ short dating profile examples for females to have sweet and smart introductions.

It’s more about dropping hints than oversharing…. while writing your profile bio. 


Well, the purpose of a dating bio is not to fully reveal everything about yourself, but rather to introduce who you are. 

And as a girl, it’s not a good move to overshare anything on such dating sites. 

You certainly don’t want to seem like that desperate girl who is available to everyone and for ‘any’ connection.

Nor do you want to make yourself too vulnerable. 

In such cases, short dating profiles are the right move. 

No matter if you’re a girl hoping to find some fun adventures, a woman in search of an ideal date, or over 50 and looking for an understandable man…

Here, you’ll find the best lists of effective and short dating bios for females with specific dating preferences. 


Short Dating Profile Examples For Girls (Younger Than 28)

If you’re looking for a causal connection or some fun on a weekend, you better follow these short dating bio examples for girls under 28 to use on any dating site. 

Short Dating Profile Examples For Girls (Younger Than 28)

1. Well, my ideal match would be a caring, active listener, and romantic person AF. 

2. A small girl with a big mind than a heart. Like to talk and listen to new stories. 

3. I tend to overshare myself, so this time I hope this short bio is enough to give you some hints. 

4. I love being with someone who loves going out. I want to meet a guy having the same excitement whether exploring a jungle or gardening at home. 

5. If you’re in search of bubbly, bold, and beautiful girls, that’s me. Let’s match.

6. If you swipe right, I hope you’re a thoughtful, avid traveler and most importantly funnier than my ex.

7. A girl who loves being honest and talking on the face. Quite quirky, but a happy-go-lucky personality. 

8. Smart, sexy, successful, and stylish It’s not my expectation, this is me, Actually!

9. Love going to musical concerts and dancing to the beats. Need some like-minded company. 

10. My favorite singer is Katy Perry. I love to go to her concerts. Who’s your favorite?

11. I love watching soccer on TV, so there won’t be any fights. One more thing, everyone says ‘I’m Tomboy’.

12. Instead of watching shows, I prefer to play a game on PS4, so we can be a gamer duo. I love to be your gaming partner, first. 

13. I enjoy romantic flicks and binge-watch Netflix. I can endlessly talk about most shows. 

14. Excited about the new adventures, but only for the perfect match. I have criteria for that.

15. Not the type of girl who waits for you at home, but also works with you and helps you create a better future together. 

16. I seek a guy who is nerdy and naughty both in one human body.

17. I have a set of expectations from my match. But, I’m fine if you’re just a nice person.

18. Not looking for someone who is exactly like me, I want some change.  

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Short Dating Profile Examples For Women (For 28 to 50)

Maybe you’ve just had enough of dating or don’t wanna waste your time in games.

Maybe, you want to meet only the ideal match for you on dating sites.

So, this list of short dating bios for women will help you describe yourself and your expectations clearly. 

Short Dating Profile Examples For Women (For 28 to 50)

1. I’m not a girl you meet at the bar. But a woman for whom you go to church. 

2. Being the youngest sibling in the house, helps me to behave more maturely and make perfect decisions. Like most of the time. 

3. I love my kids, no I don’t have any. I’m a teacher at a local school and looking for someone who also loves kids, too. 

4. Just a serious girl, looking for a man who is not afraid of long-term commitment. 

5. I try to make the most of every new day, love this life, and hope to meet someone who is just a reflection of me. 

6. Definitely, I’m the type of girl who is interested in sharing the bill if you’re that right guy. 

7. I may look super cute, but I think like a mature lady. Be careful players. 

8. I’ve been an introvert and expect to date an introverted guy. I just want to see who among us has more gut to open up.

9. That would be my man, who doesn’t want to look cool. But, the one who is here just for one girl, a woman for his life. 

10. I might play hard to get, but I will make it even harder for no one but the right man only.

11. A hardworking woman, definitely not good in the kitchen. But, in business and bed.

12. Expecting only men will swipe right on me, whose plan is serious and long-term. 

13. I’m known to make bad choices in life. Hope to meet someone who knows how to appreciate the imperfection within.

14. I don’t care about your past. All I care about is how you treat me in the present and what your plans are for the future. 

15. In search of my guy who is truly husband material. But, I’m also ready for some friendship, too. 

16. Only a man who has never been in a serious relationship but wants to have one, swipe right here. 

17. Not a drama queen. But do know how to make my man feel like a king. 

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Short Dating Profile Examples For Females (Over 50)

If you often find yourself revealing too much of yourself and are often treated like a desperate woman on dating sites, you need to be more direct with your expectations.

Well, also check these mature dating headlines for women to express your dating desires with a few words.

And, here are some best short profile bio examples for women over 50 to consider to ‘Be yourself’ while finding a date of your choice. 

Short Dating Profile Examples For Females Over 50

1. Definitely not seeking a player anymore. I’m serious this time. 

2. It would be great to meet a man who is hardworking and has a quite adaptable approach to life. 

3. There’s a lot to discover in this world. I’m afraid to do it alone, I need someone. 

4. I don’t care whether you are long or short, you better know how to treat a woman right. 

5. I do yoga, and love doing home exercises. Not going to ask you to join, but hope you take your health seriously, too.

6. You pay for the first date and I’ll pay for the second. That’s what I am. 

7. Only a guy who is highly professional in his work and a passionate lover, swipe right. 

8. No anything casual, no time pass, no fun date, PLEASE. I’m serious and looking for a committed relationship. 

9. I simply want a date who has an interesting personality and a lot of good things to talk about. 

10. I would rather go on a date with a man who values relationships than a kid who sees just fun.

11. Honestly, I’m here to find my family guy with whom I like to watch ‘a family guy’ together.

12. I’m a woman who has so many things to talk about, but I prefer to keep it short and sweet at first. 

13. In search of my man to spend the rest of my life with. The one whose presence feels like the one or he knows how to make his woman happy.

14. Of course, I’m here to find my man. But, don’t take me as desperate. I’ve been waiting for the right person, and I can still wait. 

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Why Do Short Dating Bios So Important For Girls?

While writing a dating profile, you may want to show all the best sides you. 

Also, there’s confusion on what to add and what to remove. As everything looks important and perfect to you.

But, the problem with girls is, that when you write a longer description, you might come off as bragging about yourself, desperate to find a date or an insecure woman. 

To avoid that… It is important to have a shorter profile description on any dating site. 

And, the ultimate benefit of having a short and direct ‘about me’ is, that you don’t give too much away. 

You’re giving some clues about your personality, interest, and date preferences.

Following that, you also give off some good reasons to swipe right on you or not. 

Your short bio won’t get you too much attention. But the right ones, only.

‘Such man’ who wants to know you more and feel the connection… even in short descriptions of you. 

The above short dating profile examples for females that we shared are all about putting your best version without going too far. 

Feel free to use the appropriate ideas for your purpose. 

In the end, girls need to get the right attention which is possible with such short descriptions. 

There’s no point in making yourself too open and available for anyone on dating sites. 

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You certainly have a lot to say. But saying too much on a dating site is never good enough. 

Especially as a woman, you want to keep things secret, sometimes. 

Being secretive and having very little description will create interest to know you more.