reasons why relationships fail

Why do relationships fail? Reasons Behind Fall Apart

Not few but there can be many reasons behind relationships fail.

And if you are looking for some most common reasons why a relationship fails, then here is the article for you.

Indeed, Relationships do Fail. No relationships are perfect in every aspect and neither away from conflicts. It’s up to the persons in the relations who understand each other well and handle any early Breakup situation before the relationship falls apart.

But when any one of them fails to follow this simple rule, then routine conflicts increase in size by the time and fail relationship at some point. Further listing reasons for relationships failures. 

What are the Common Reasons for Relationships Fail?

Broken Trust

Every relationship starts, with trust in each other. Trust is like a fuel to any relationship, without trust a relationship can’t go further and don’t even last longer. Trust in any relation has to be from both sides equally because relation is not only for one person, it’s for both. 

Broken trust is the result when one person has too much trust given in a relationship, that someone can easily break. Especially when one person is too honest in the relationship and the other one is not, then trust issues occur and that relationships fail.

Trust issues can be due to individual nature and behavior, also the past experiences and all.


Too Many Expectations

As you know, relationships are not just fulling own demands from another. It’s an acceptance of each other’s positives and flaws. When either a person expects other people to be perfect in major aspects, then here is the starting phase of the relationships fail.

Every relationship feels complete at an early stage, where both individuals can feel each others’ vibes and feelings. But, as time passes one among them starts feeling bored due to having more expectations from a person.

So the perfect relationship at the first phase comes to an end with not surviving the on-going expectations a person has. Too much expectation from another person all the time, become reasons why a relationships fail.


Priorities Changing

As time passes, life priorities also change. So possible that at the starting phase of the relationship one person has no such priorities at a moment, other than another one. So both are spending enough time with each other and share memories together. 

And suddenly, there comes a phase when one has to focus on the other life aspects and can’t giving enough time to relations as it used to. Another person just can’t understand what happened in the relation and instead of understanding the situation just thinking about, it’s over now or time to separate from the relationships.


Communication Gaps

Not only to a romantic relationship but to any relationship, the communication gaps are the foremost concerns, reasons why a relationship fails. Communication is the requirement for having a connection with the person bound with particular relationships. 

Even the study stated that most divorce, break-ups are because of the miscommunication between the partners. Just like communication initiates the relationship between two strangers, it also can be the reason for the tragic relationship failure. 

Partners in a relationship have to maintain the positive communication flow which is enough to maintain the relationship. Over-communication also impacts the relationship adversely, the same as no communication at all. 


Too much Availability

Indeed, the relationship feels great and you also understand your responsibility to be available for other people when they need you the most. But that doesn’t mean to be available all time with them. You just can’t make a person feel comfortable with being available too much.

Just like over or not enough communications, too much availability can damage relationships. Your nature of being present with partners all time, gradually decrease your values and that charms in the relationship have in first phase. And person feeling boredom by the time, which results in a relationships fail due to your availability all time. 


Knowing the Reality

Relationships develop mutual understanding and shared feelings. But relations that are built solely on temporary feelings come to a sudden end. It may happen that one person has just presented the one-side of his personality or life at the initial stage. Relationship conflicts take place when a new part is revealed to another person.

Also, it’s that the right person changed or their hidden version, is now revealed. Whatever may be, but that damages the other person’s feelings from relationships. A relationship cannot survive when that one person keeps things secret, which other person has to be aware of. 

Lack of trust, not understanding the feelings, or even hurting another one willingly, a person prefers to keep secrets in relationships, that’s what become the reasons why a relationship fails.


Self-centered Behaviour

The one-sided relationship can never go any further, it’s a job of both persons to contribute equally and make things better. A relationship is not about takings only, it’s about giving as well. When one person is the only responsible to give every effort and others only take that, it’s an early sign for relationship fall apart. 

Relationships can never be the requirements of one person only. Partners’ selfish behavior throughout is not a good sign for any relationship. Also not acceptable when one person always has to satisfy the partner’s ego. As informed that relationship is about to give and take, but not only take. Only take-take nature creates several other reasons why a relationships fail.


Too many or Not giving Space in a relationship

Valuing each other space and life priorities is one of the key aspects of any relationship. A relationship doesn’t mean always staying together without knowing the time and other one’s preferences.  Both persons in a relationship have to well aware about when a person needs to be together and when to give each other some space for staying alone sometimes.  A relationship doesn’t mean completely dominate a person’s time and life.

Ultimately that makes another person feel stuck in the relationship and reasoning about getting out of it. Giving enough room to let other people live out of your relationship, that’s what demanded to sustain the relationship and even for the self-development as well.

Similarly, to give enough space, when either a person gives too many spaces or keep a distance in a relationship, then there is an equal chance of why relationships fail. So act naturally in tender relations, don’t get too close all the time, also not go too far away from your loved ones.


Final thoughts:

Mutual understanding is a first and foremost thing that every relationship requires to have in common. And the starting of understanding between two partners continually decreases, their relationships are going to fail in a short or long period of time.

Again, a relationship is not a one-sided contract that requires one person’s duties and responsibility the most. Both people need to be aware of their own role in the relationship and feel it likewise. Don’t rely on another person to understand and take the first step every time when any conflicts arise, whether it’s proposing for the first time or saying sorry.

Even the best relationship fails just because they wait for another person and not take action, they suppose to. They think that time heals itself, but things get worse and incurable after so much time being spent. And there comes a stage where all preventative action becomes ineffective and the relationships fail, at the end.

Relationships Fail, because either a person fails from own Duties in Relationship.


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