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What are the Benefits of living alone in your 20s ?

Having full freedom to enjoy ‘Me-time’ on weekends and zero pressure of any social formalities are one of the most awesome things about introverts that most extorts feel jealous about. And after, looking at the positive side of living by yourself, here sharing the Benefits of living alone in your 20s. That definitely will inspire you to live alone, at least for once in life. 

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Well, we unarguably accept that we all need someone by our side. 

Because first, we humans are social animals. Second, no matter how hard we try we just can’t stay away from others. (Because they are all around.)

Also, we simply can’t grow plus live alone.

Sooner or later you really need someone in your life, there to support you in a tough time and to celebrate your achievements purely.

But, like it’s life, there also comes a time when you end up being alone, all with yourself only.

At that time you have to be with yourself and try to fix the things in your life all single-handedly.

‘Being lonely’ and ‘live alone’, are two separate concepts. 

You can say, you are lonely when you are isolated by others. You are single… when you decide to stay alone with yourself.

Agree that loneliness is not that lonely entirely, as it brings negative thoughts and self-doubts along for you.

Whereas on the other side, living by yourself or staying alone is not a situation… it’s your approach to follow for your good.

But, living alone in the 20s has its own set of advantages.

And the surprising thing is most of them are quite positive for your upcoming life ahead. 

Why is it better to stay single in your 20s, why you should live alone in your 20s

Why is it better to stay single in your 20s?

Especially when you are in your 20s, and already so many things are going on.

This era is a challenging and crucial ones, too.

You better to stay single with yourself, as you’ve lot of things to figure out in your life.

Rather than staying frustrated with so many things available in front of you, it’s acceptable to focus on yourself, first.

It allows enough time to do something great for yourself.

Agreed, you have a career to build and life to design.

But, the main reason why being alone in your 20s is that beneficial for you and your future, as it will never let you be used, hurt and spoiled anymore.

And that not stops here.

There are many other advantages of living alone in the 20s, and that we’re going to discuss next.


12 Benefits of living alone in your 20s for a better future life.

1. When you are alone you have time to think.

Being alone doesn’t mean being lonely, it simply means you need some time with own self.

When you prefer living by yourself instead of wasting time at a party or night out with friends, you get more time to evaluate yourself.

When you are with yourself you can do something about yourself, finally.

There’s only you, you can treat yourself well or do something that educates you well.

Use your time to achieve your self improvement plan, you always delaying due to serving others.

In the hard time you get to know who are your true friend.


2. Being alone gives you enough time for yourself.

advantages of living alone, staying single in your 20s

When you live alone with yourself, you simply get enough time for YOU.

You have given so much of your time to others who didn’t care for you, eventually. You have done so many favors for others, not it’s time to do something for yourself.

By spending some time being alone, you live that moment truly with yourself.

Bring your wishlist or planned things to do in spare time, because now you’ve time for everything.

That few moments spent with yourself will give you a chance to self-evaluation and thinking about the good things in life. Spend time all alone and enjoy your presence. 

Use, Invest or Waste time, your time is all yours. 


3. Living by yourself is an opportunity to learn new skills.

Spending time with yourself only, lets you learn something new which you need to.

You can spend that Me-time playing your instrument or reading books or learning new skills that you want to learn. Don’t let this time waste anyway, do everything and anything you wished earlier. 

So it’s better to use that free time to use in a productive way and learn new things. Read a book with full focus, or practice on your guitar, which you’ve not touched for a long time.

Remind yourself, how great moment this is for you.


4. Being alone boosts your self-confidence.

Living alone boost your self-confidence

Having someone around to help and guide you, actually makes you dependent on them.

Till you don’t try that by yourself, you can’t figure out…How capable you already are. To avoid your fear and improve your confidence you really need to live alone in your 20s. 

Spending time alone will let you realize things you have to work upon yourself. You get to know your weaknesses and true powers. 

Ultimately, this will increase the mind power and also speed up your thinking power.

You can take the example of the scientists and entrepreneurs who get their own strength when they are alone or left lonely. Hope this example is enough to understand the benefits of living alone in your 20s.

You understand your true value when no one is there to support you. 


5. Staying alone is best to stay away from external negativity in life.

It is always good to be surrounded by peoples with positive minds.

Well, but that does not guarantee that everyone you meet and welcome in life, is like-minded always. 

If you come across those who have a negative approach towards life, you attract the negativity to your life, only. Such negative minds are so great at their own art, that they can make others feel miserable and lost in life. 

So it’s better to living by yourself rather than being with the wrong one.

Promise yourself, you’ll no longer be with negativity and no more negative people and thinking, too.

When you are living alone in your 20s, you can be better because It’s you who motivating yourself.

No one else only you can motivate or demotivate to do something Great. 

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6. You feel Self-motivated when you live by yourself.

benefits of living alone

No matter how many inspiring videos you watch or books you read.

But ultimately it’s you who decide…What to follow and when to take action. Remember no one can inspire you if you yourself don’t want to stand up.

Living alone may be tough for you, but it makes you self-reliant.

Same as no one can stop you if you want to make it successful. So spending time with yourself and experiencing that self-motivating feeling supports you to become a better version of yourself everyday.

Learn from everyone. But never stop yourself by anyone or by your own, too. 


7. No one is there to waste your time in life.

Time spent with yourself will never be a waste.

It is the time that you use for the productive way. This is the time you get to know a little bit more about yourself and your hidden strengths.

When you live alone in your 20s, you end up saving yourself from so many regrets and bad decisions. Such decisions are mostly what you might make to serve the other person.

Living alone and with your terms, gives you full freedom of time. 

It’s always better to stay single… rather than being with the wrong one and feeling regret over wasting time.

Stop wasting your time to prove your worth, they won’t understand it. 


8. When you living alone, You grow Better. (If not, faster)

benefits of living alone in your 20s, Why should you live alone in your 20s

For personal growth, spending time with yourself is a must.

Staying alone in your 20s helps you with enough time to analyze yourself for the better one.

You can plan your major life things which you want to achieve. You can plan your next day or weekends with yourself alone, even doing nothing and just relaxing.

During this available time, you can list out all the priorities you have in life and make dedicated resolutions to follow next year.

Ultimately the time to yourself simply give you time to create a road map for the future. This is the time when you can dedicatedly create your future plan and analyze your achieved goals.

Evaluate yourself and the progress you’ve made so far.


9. Be with you, with your passion.

You truly enjoy the time when you living alone and by moving alone.

When you have time for yourself, you can utilize that for doing work that you are passionate about.

You may create your own future business plan or spend quality listening to your favorite music or reading books.

In Me-time you can do all the stuff that you are postponing since. So, your alone time lets you refresh your soul and get ready for your next projects.

And the next benefit of living alone is… you can spend all your time as you want. Your time in the 20s is so important, and staying single, you’re investing your time right.

No more distraction and no more peoples to please.

You are the controller of your time. 


10. You can stay focused and involved in your plan.

when you live by yourself

When you prefer to stay with yourself you get attracted to things you should. 

Just ask yourself, how many compromises and procrastination you’ve done just because your friends and partner calling you at someplace. 

Indeed, you are doing a great role, to support them and be with them. 

But, most importantly you ignore your time, too. Right?

When you prefer to stay alone in your 20s, you don’t need to answer anyone and can focus deeply on your plans.

You really need to spend time with YOU, to know yourself a little bit every day.

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11. When you stay single, you realize the value of relationships more.

We have discussed many benefits of living alone for yourself and life, but this one is related to your relationship with others. Absolutely, being alone sometimes has a major advantage to relationships, as well.

When you stay alone with yourself in your 20s, you tend to respect and value your people even more in later life. Temporary isolation is required, to understand how much of a valuable person, that one is in life. 

As a little break in a relationship, it’s always worth taking some time to stay alone. Moreover, it gives a partner enough timely break and required space, too.

Don’t be too available, give yourself and partner a break, too.


12. Staying alone in your 20s, supports your future self. 

when you live alone

Your 20s is the one hardest phase in life, and sometimes you need to figure out things by yourself only.

There isn’t someone you find always around you, who actually can support you truly. Rather than relying on others, it’s advisable that you do it yourself.

Living alone in your 20s really boosts your confidence in living independently. The more you are with yourself, the more you trust your core strengths and uniqueness.  

Once you’ve experienced living alone by yourself, no one can label you single, anymore.

Stop waiting for some help or magic to happen, do your part well.


What living alone benefits you are attracted to…

No one likes to live alone, and you are not alone.

Even introverts secretly want someone to understand their situation and thoughts. After all, we are social animals and can’t live without others, for sure. 

But, there comes a life phase, when you have to live alone and learn how to stay alone for some time. 

You are destined to live your life fully and successfully, you aren’t supposed to rely on others to make yourself happy and complete inside. 

To avoid your dependency on others, it’s better if you live alone with yourself.


Here discussed points are actually positive side, advantages that feel you good about being single, with yourself. Well, there are many other benefits of living alone in your 20s, that vary based on personal interest and life choices. If you have any suggestions and other points for us, then let us know. 


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