Don't Take It Personally

Don’t Take It Personally, It’s not always about YOU.

“Don’t take it personally, but…”

Last updated on November 14th, 2020 at 03:37 pm


Probably you’ve heard this several times from your friends and colleagues, that you’re taking things too personally. 

When your school teacher advises your grades, your boss regarding your lower performance, or even your friends who make fun of you and say “don’t take it personal, though” very often. 

And inner self you’re thinking, Do I really take everything that personally?… like they said. 

Well, if that’s the case, then they can be right, too.

If you want to find out… Do you take things personally all the time or they’re just saying so to save themselves, then check these signs in your personality. 

Here are the signs indicating that you’re really taking things personally. Moreover, we also share some tips on how to not take things personally at work or anywhere.


Signs to prove that you take everything personally.

1. You are always making personal assumptions about others.

“I know, they did this on purpose…” or “I know their intentions…” if that’s something you mostly think about or complaining with your friends, then you are taking it personally, indeed. 

When someone accidentally touches you and you always think they did it, just to annoy you… then my friend you are taking things really personally. 

Well, that can be “that personal“, only when it’s just repeated by the same person only. 

How to stop being too personal:

Billions of people out there, and an equal number of thier opinions, too. You simply can’t accept what they are saying about you. They all have their own perspective, let them right in their own place. Just don’t take it personally and stop overthinking about the same. Simple.

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2. When you connect yourself to anything, anyhow.

signs you take things too personally, don't take it personally

When you are too conscious about how this world is seeing you, then you will take everything personally every time. 

No matter whether something is related to you or not, you fir yourself to it anyhow. You just trying to add yourself in someone’s block…positively or negatively.  

You always are curious to know what others are thinking of you. 

How to stop taking it personally:

Not everything around is directly or indirectly attached to you. The only people stay connected with you, with whom you have shared values and feelings.  You can’t attach to anything, so stop trying to fit everywhere. Positive or negative, there has to be a connection, always. Feeling some judgmental vibes from negative peoples, simply disconnect them. 


3. When you overreact at everything

Overreact to even the smallest things is a clear sign that you’re taking things too personally. 

Whether a person does it intentionally or not, but the first thought that came to your mind is.. It happens to me. You think you’re being targeted at places like work or school. 

How to stop over reacting:

Just because you are serious about yourself, you make it easy for someone to bully you. Be free from any worries and stop giving immediate reactions. Not everything and everyone needs your attention too soon. Invest your time to something and someone that deserves it.

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4. You prefer to isolating ownself.

you are emotional and taking it personal

Like you are a master at giving a top-level reaction and expressions, you become that emotional, too soon

When your friends or colleagues pass a joke about you during a random conversation, you take it too personally. Rather than accepting as a joke and laughing out, you think… they trying to put you down

And you usually keep isolating yourself from that group or a person who did that to you. And that happens every time. Moreover, even your friends become more conscious while cracking jokes, just not to hurt your feelings. Because you are too soft to handle it. 

How to stop being too emotional:

Jokes and sarcasm are normal when it comes to friends and close connections. Not everyone is meant to spread humor or to make fun of you. It’s just fun, they want to have with that event, so just forget it and don’t take it personally anymore. If you really get too emotional, and thinking the target is you… then you need to learn how to laugh at ownself. 


5. You care about others, the most.

Others’ opinions, judgments are always mean something for you, then what you’re thinking of yourself. 

You literally are dependent on others.

Their behavior, comments, and attitude towards you… are something you take personally to value or devalue yourself. 

Especially, when what someone says to you behind your back.. is something that bothers you the most, then my friend you are taking it personally. 

How to stop caring for others:

Simply just stop caring about what others are doing and saying at your back. Don’t engage yourself too much in what is happening behind you. Stop caring for them, and Start caring for yourself. Stop taking things too personally from now.

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6. You are looking for praises, compliments, and all.

your're taking everything personal

If you are always looking for everyone’s appreciation, then you probably experience more and more disappointment in your life. 

Not everyone is thinking of you, the same as you wish them to. 

If someone’s opinion and acceptance is something that you seek hardly, then you’ll take rejections, and feedback too personally. And that’s why you heard that at your work, school and at friends gatherings. 

Why to stop taking thier words personally:

Don’t rely on someone’s opinion and judgment. Be your own motivation. Of course, you can learn and follow others. But, don’t ignore your uniqueness too. Don’t take things too personally at work, and stop being too emotional at everything. 


7. Inner you feeling like everyone is against you. 

Like you’re actively checking how others are thinking of you, you will end up taking every action of them personally. 

Innerself you are like, everyone is teaming up against you. When you keep feeling like you’re isolated and alone, they’re taking it really personal.

How to stop being emotional fool:

Stop connecting to everything and everyone anyhow. You are not the targets. Stop being too protective of your feelings. No one is going to hurt you if you don’t allow them to. Don’t take it personally, if something means nothing in your life.

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8. You are trying to please everyone.

signs you are taking it personally

When everything you do is… just to please someone and let them think good about you, then you always stay frustrated over it. Yes, you take everything personally, you feel low confident and too emotional, indeed. Because…no one is equally caring and kind to share their honest feedback about you. 

Like criticisms, not receiving thanks and praises also does the same hurt to your feelings. If that’s the case then you are taking it personally.

How to stop seeking attention: 

You can never satisfy and please everyone. Everyone here has one mindset and demands, you can’t fulfill them all. You deserve to be with someone who values you. Just stop seeking attention and stop expecting love from everyone. Because not everyone is the same, here.


9. You can’t accept your failures and mistakes.

When you are taking something really personal, you feel demotivated and frustrated, due to someone’s opinion. 

You take criticism as an attack on yourself always.

Like a habit, you always come forward to protect your image. Or else you prefer to show a passive reaction thereafter.  

If that’s something you used to do every time after facing failures and rejections, then you are taking it personally. Because you just can’t tolerate rejections. As you think you can’t make the mistakes. 

How to accept yourself:

Stop thinking too much of what your minds are forcing you to. Understand their viewpoints, too. If that someone is your true friend, a supporter, a well-wisher, a guide, the one who wants you to grow then it’s worth taking their words as advice and suggestions for your good.

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10. You always jump to conclusions. 

don't take it personally at work

You live in your own world. You have your beliefs, ideology, and conception in your minds. Based on that you judge anything and anyone accordingly. 

When you react to something with your personal thoughts, then you really take it personally all the time. 

Like you are habitual to think it from your perspective only, you forget that someone can be right, too.

Stop making emotional judgments:

Stop taking everything personally. No one knows what you wear last Saturday and what you say to them. All the concern is how you made them feel about you. Behaving too emotional and judgemental, you just damaging your image than protecting it. 

Someone wants you to take it personally, while some want you to know it better. 


We hope you don’t take it personally

Being too emotional and taking everything personally, does not create that much trouble for you.

Well, it can… especially when you’re always thinking about others’ opinions and feeling lower due to that.

Even though they have intentions to make you feel that personal, it’s up to you what to take everything personally or what not to. Because It’s only you who follow what they want you to. 

Changing your perception and ignoring other’s opinions about you.. is the best way to stop taking everything personally.

Don’t be fool by your emotions. Don’t be too personal to anyone, who has nothing meaningful to say about you. 

Just don’t take it personally, my friend… it’s not about you always.