why are negative thoughts so powerful

Why Negative Thoughts Come in Mind, SO FAST?

Last updated on June 28th, 2021 at 05:50 am

Ever wondered, Why negative thoughts come in mind, So naturally? Why you are easily attracted to negative thinking, situations, and people in life?

Exactly, that’s really strange but true that negative thoughts come in mind so naturally while “POSITIVE THINKING” requires practices and habits to develop, FIRST.

Even sometimes they are so powerful than the negative ones. And that causes a negative thinking disorder.


YES, We easily get connected with the negativity, then the positive things. 

In your mind, when negative thoughts become oversupplied then demanded, you have to find what’re the reasons behind negative thoughts in minds? Why does your mind thinking negatively only? And, Why are negative thoughts SO powerful?

Once you know the reasons for negative thinking, preventive action like following “Positive Thinkingwill be a lot easier. So, let’s understand and find the reasons why negativity is so powerful. 


The scientific reasons behind your “Negative thinking”

Science knows… Who’s the demon inside you?

Technically speaking it’s cortisol, a hormone that is the main reason why negative thoughts come in mind naturally. 

This one is the reason why we perceive ONLY NEGATIVITY out of the people and consequences. This hormone needs just one hint to think negatively and that’s it. Later, it will produce more and more negative thinking from it. 

Ok, So, that’s I think quite scientific for us.

For normal geniuses like us, next, we are going to discuss the ‘understandable’ reasons for having more negative thoughts in mind than the positive ones, and why all negatives so powerful as well. 


Why negative thoughts come in mind so easily?

1. Because we all are in the pattern to think likewise

We are all following the same route.

Every negative thought is the outcome of that system, a pattern that you’ve been following. 

When you have those negative beliefs about something and someone, it just makes it hard for positive thoughts to come so naturally.

Simple means, our modern life demands us to become something quickly. As by-products, we have that natural ability to think of the adverse or negative situation, first.

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2. Because positive thoughts are tough to follow. 

why negatives are so powerful

Positive thought needs your serious attention. 

It’s always easier and more fun to eat junk food than diet food. On another side…It always takes regular exercise and sweat to lose weight, then to gain weight. 

So, the point is we are attracted to negative things easily because there are not any efforts involved. Whereas positive thinking requires your attention, time, and regular inputs always.

And like human nature, we always go after the shortcuts, Agree?


3. Because we are humans, and we can worry about anything. 

We, humans, are blessed with worries.

Means, we are the ones who can worry literally over anything. Yes, anything means everything that we can see and we can’t. 

Whether it’s relating to our future or for our neighbors’, we always have time to worry more. The more we worry, the more we feel negative at it. And once, there’s negativity, there’ll be a fear anytime. 

And that fear brings more negative thoughts in mind and scares us anyhow.

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4. Because you live in a negative environment.

How Negative Thoughts Come in Mind

How can you expect to have positive thoughts, being with negative minds

Yes, it’s your environment and vibes that keep you feeling negative and sending you alerts (thoughts) to your mind.  

Your surroundings impact very hard on…what you’ll do, and what you’ll achieve in the future. Because with whom you stay the most, you’ll become like the one. 

You can’t be positive, with negative people around you.

Your positive sources are less than the negative ones, and that’s why negative thoughts come in mind, in BULK

And, YES you have cortisol to fight first, who is trying to hide inside you.


5. Because regrets of the past are greater than an exciting future. 

Not that many incidents, but we all have at least something from the past that we’re regretting.

Such events from the past, keep sending us more negative vibes. Instead of trying to delete that from our minds, we prefer to ignore it.

And by nature, the more we try to hide it, the more it shows up. 

Instead of accepting our flaws, we try to cover it. And, of course, it’s a thought, hence it’s impossible to control that anyway. 

Your ‘past’ regrets always come in-between when you plan for the future, and about to do something challenging.

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6. Because you want to control something.

stop negative thoughts, negative thinking disorder

Take negative thoughts as a bully, who feels good after seeing you panic. 

The more reaction you show to that ‘bully’ thought, the more it will feel you low about yourself. Because you are trying to control something, that your inner self knows you can’t. 

Rather than understanding our own strength, we focus more on our limitations. That’s what others want us to do.

The ‘bully’ thought, laughs when you cry because of it.


7. Because FEAR of failures is high.

“I know that happened earlier, and it’ll happen, again. Believe me….”

This is what your negative thoughts in mind tell (scare, right word) your enthusiasm…. when you trying something again, that you failed at, earlier. 

What happened in the past makes you feel low about it. What will happen in the future, also feels like you are stuck in life.

Our habit of picking negative things first…is the major reason why negative thoughts come in mind so organically

All you think is you’ll fail again and there’s no way of improving, is something that you experience..then it’s the same negative thoughts in mind. 

We have past regrets, and frustration from the future.

And, that’s what makes us frightened, tense, stuck and all negative feelings combined. And, we’ve extra reasons to make our negative thoughts more powerful.

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8. Because you always doubt praises, but accept the rejections easily.

negative thinking disorder

Just ask yourself,

How much seriously do you take praises from your friends and family?

How lightly do you take those rejections from those ones, you just meet recently?

Yes, that really makes sense, RIGHT?

We take compliments from friends about our looks, nature, style… too granted. We immediately start doubting on receiving praises and confused…  Are they really praising you or just kidding with me?

Similarly, we take rejections too seriously from someone who doesn’t have feelings for us. Even though that person has no value in our lives, we take their words too personally. And, allow thier negatives to hurt us deeply, inside.

We are habitual to count rejections first, then the blessings.


9. Because of positive thinking required habits. 

Thinking positively is just a mental habit that a person needs to develop. 

After all, not everyone takes everything so naturally and positively. You always have to build momentum and a route to act, think, and grow inspiringly. 

And that’s opposite in the negative thought. 

Negative ideas and thoughts don’t wait for you to build a habit. They just come anyway, anyhow.

While developing a good relationship with positive thoughts, you need to praise them and welcome them, properly

Negative thoughts come to mind, without asking your permission. They just enter, move around, check everything and LIVE happily, then after. 

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10. Because we can never be satisfied.

why we feel negatives always

Like the sky has no limits, our needs and desires have no limits, indeed.

Our unsatisfied desires and failed dreams… makes the ultimate reason why negative thoughts come in mind everytime. Because, in modern life…we’re just habitual to feel incomplete, rather than stay thankful for somethings we have. 

We always strive for something more and more. We can never be satisfied and fulfilled in this life, by any means at all. 

Satisfaction also relates to positive thinking, too. The more satisfied you are with life, the more you feel positive and happy in life. 

But, like the usual nature, we are habitual to keep going and explore “something is there”, too.

Instead of feeling grateful for the things we have, we prefer to cry over something that we fail to achieve.

The ‘empty feelings’ inside, keep us going and when we lose at filling that desire…and only negative thoughts left in mind, only. 

We can’t celebrate our success FULLY…But, experience the hard times SERIOUSLY. 


11. Because failures always come first, then success. 

No one gets that success from the very first attempt. Any exception?

Yes, no one gets success overnight, we have to put endless efforts and work for it first. But, more than that… we always have to experience the failures first than the success. 

Due to trying every option and losing important opportunities, we are collecting more negativity in the process.

We can’t skip failures, that’s our learning phase. 

And, so, we have to face failures first, and we develop negative thinking along, too. Because no one takes failures as positive outcomes, anyway…that always stays in our mind with RIGHTS.  

No one takes failures…. “-as a lesson for success”. As, we mostly take that “-as an option to success.”

Failures always hurt first, and test you how much you are ready to succeed.  


What do you let those negative thoughts do to YOU?

Why Negative Thoughts Come in Mind

During the day, we all have a lot of negative thoughts in mind. But, how we perceive our thoughts in our life, that makes a difference. 

Positive minds only take the bright side of opportunity, whereas negative ones only seek challenges and troubles. 

Thoughts are highly Dynamic.

But, great thing it even though it’s your own, still trying to control you in a certain pattern. Accept it or ignore it, the choice is yours always. 

The question, Why negative thoughts come in mind so easily?…will remain unanswered when you do nothing, but just following your negative though always.

Stop thinking, your negative thoughts are so powerful, they just thoughts, And the reality is…YOU ARE THE HERO OF YOUR LIFE.  

It’s a thinking pattern that you’ve developed so far.

Indeed, that’s hard to change that, because negative thoughts are in thousands and positive ones are in decimals. 

But, to see the bright side of life and to grow out of all mental and physical limitations, you need to think positive about it, right now.