give yourself some credit, you are tough

Give yourself some Credit, too

Last updated on August 15th, 2020 at 11:37 am

Indeed you deserve respect. But first, give yourself some credit by own.

When you are about to do something unique and aimed to achieve something great, then you end up achieving all that on your own alone.  It may happen that you lose the support from the others and there’s only you who have to go through it.

In this case, you have not given up and accepted the challenge.

Everybody with you left when they seem no possibility further and leave you.  Only you know the challenges you have, the struggles you are doing, the difficult life you are living, and negative life phase.

And for that, you need to give yourself credit to keep your faith alive, for being tough. You really deserve self respect, Because you are self-made.

You keep yourself moving alone, while others are visiting & leaving. There are many other things which are the reason, why you need to give yourself credit, too. For all the things, only you know about it. 

Give yourself some credit, you deserve that…

To take the first step

Those who want to do something need no motivation for it. You become your own motivator in life, Your first step, itself indicates how much your willing to do a positive impact and to do something meaningful.

So give yourself some credit to take the first step for your dreams. And to believe in own self as well in own dreams. 


Respect own self because, You are tough

In a difficult situation, you haven’t given up, that’s great. In the middle of the journey, you feeling like it’s not working as you planned.  And you find the reasons and solve this,  instead of keep asking why this happen to me?

In the hard phase, you have figure out the possibility and take that tough decision, instead of leaving the journey.

So give credit to keep that confidence in your action. You are tough, and it’s you are the reason. 


Respecting ownself for making through

Only you know well, that how tough time you were gone through and make it happen. No one knows the hustles you having till today, they don’t want to know. But you know all well those recovery from missed opportunities and all.

You indeed feel proud of yourself for that because others keep doubting your ability & goals. But you listen to your own inner voice and keep inspiring own self.


For Stand against Negativity

You and only you know, how many times there’s the idea came in a mind to give up, but you don’t. You have never run away from the thing you need to do. Instead of leaving it & giving excuses, you prefer to keep going and accomplish it.

You don’t let control that negative life on your behavior. You have a face that criticism, that weird looks, and your own thoughts as well.

Because you know you are tough. 


For keep going and not holding ownself back

Maybe there are your family & friends are there all the time, when you feeling low. Thanks, them, and never forget their contribution as well.

But, all they can do is to keep your faith alive and make you feel confident. And ultimately, it’s up to you, how to control your mind from thinking adversely.

All the positive vibes received from the loved ones, areas it is If you haven’t believed in your own self and no take an action further. For that give yourself some credit. Indeed you deserve that.

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You respect own time, so own self

You have done so much enjoyment and good times. But now you feel that those are the time you have wasted, so “Not anymore..” you promise to yourself.

You feeling that you have taken your time for granted, and now you become serious towards life. You valuing the time more, and prepare a new schedule to follow.

You deserve genuine self respect, as you are tough.

And prefer to stop complaining about your life now and start working on it.


Not going with the flow, and create own road

It’s a common belief that a person becomes like the others with whom they are spending more time. But you prove that wrong. Why??

Because in school or college you were with the wrong company, spent more time with ‘em, But you haven’t become like them.

You have never let that negative image pollute your heart & mind as well. So give yourself some credit for keeping own personality and not to be like them.

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Respect yourself for those sacrifices you had

I know how much dedicated you are for your goals, and for your family. Because you have let go of the things that wasting your time, and energies.

Respect your decision for not wasting time. At that time, you thought about your goals, your family and turn your back from all that tempting things.

Also remember yourself for spending time in Self-improvement, that you can also spend in partying with friends.


For behaving maturely

You really have to respect yourself, for choosing the right option. You have that tempting one and a Right one option to choose.

But now you think from the long term aspects over the temporary success.

A level of your maturity, being tested when you have decided which path to choose and where to spend your precious time. Give yourself some credit, because of mature behavior you have shown in a tough situations.


For keeping a smile on the face

When we were a kid, we used to cry, so that we got attention. But now you are good at hiding your emotions.

As a mature person, you don’t want your family to feel panic about what happened with you outside the home. You faced those bullying, those regular insults and failures, But you succeed in hiding when reaching the home.

Give yourself some credit for being tough in a hard time and face all challenges alone.


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