Things to consider while making career decisions in twenties

How to Choose the Right Career Decisions in 20s?

Making career decisions is one of the crucial and is the turning point of future life. Especially for those who are just starting out, deciding career choices is not less than challenges, indeed. So here sharing the quick guide over, How to choose the right career decision in your 20s. 

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Whether you are in your Twenties or in teenage, career choices are always a serious bet.

Moreover, choosing a career in your 20s…is like choosing the Future

Indeed, your career success is measured by the money you make. But just to look at the ‘Earning’ factor for choosing career path, is not a good idea.

There are many other factors that you also want to consider while making a right career decision in 20s. 

For passionate people, money is not everything. Learning, pursuing own passion and Happiness is. They feel impeccable via doing things they really want to do.

The best thing is we all are gifted with some unique talents and skills in common. The idea is to find own uniqueness and do the work that you really can do without any external motivation. 

If you are in your 20s and struggling to make career decisions, then this article can help you there. Sharing some of the tips and things that every 20s somethings need to hear, over how to choose a career path that suits for you.

How to choose the right career decisions in your 20s?

1. Take your career choice seriously and make a wise Decision

In order to perform well in any career, the very first step is to take your career seriously.

It will be good if you genuinely take an interest in making a better career decision from the very beginning.

In Sports, Movie or Business or any career, the leaders and experts in own field have chosen careers very seriously at a very young age and also by own commitment, too.

And because of that, they are able to attain that expertise in their work. Don’t wait till someone guide you to make something about it. Take the first step by your own, show some interest to make some move by yourself. 


2. It’s your career, Don’t copy other’s career choice.

It may happen in school or college that, most of the students choose their career decision based on their best friends’ choices.

They be like My friend choose Biology and he needs my support there, so I will join him/her there.

Don’t take this serious life decision based on temporary Fellings. Feelings don’t make your Future, your efforts do. 

Take career path as per your interest, your mindset, not as per best Friend’s.  So make sure you take career decisions by analyzing your interest and goals.

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3. Decide your career path, Don’t follow others anyway.

how to choose the right career

Remember: It is your life, your career, your path. So make their own career decision by own.

In many cases, career decisions are taken by the parents. Without knowing a kid’s interests and hobbies. It is good if this is done as per the caring purpose, But it’ll not always the case likewise. 

Parents also need to understand what their children want to become and what their life goals.

Sometimes they forget their children’s dreams and force them to achieve the goals, which they failed in earlier.

Never let others decide how to choose a career path, learn about own skills, interest, and decide yourself first.

You can always ask for suggestions from others, but first, make sure you have some options ready to choose the right career from. 


4. Perform self-evaluation to make right career decision for you.

Everyone in this world is come up with unique skill sets and capabilities.

A task which one can do very delicately can be painful for others.

Don’t label that as your Weaknesses. It’s not your fault, just you are not interested in that work or job. 

Look inside yourself, and find what things you are passionate about and actually can do well. 

Remember never to fit yourself to a particular skill or role. Find your ability and area first. Do something that you really feel confident about and want to improve it. 

Evaluate yourself not only in terms of the educational marks but with your personal interest, too. Remember, keep changing careers in your 20s can be positive and negative remarks, too. 

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5. Don’t force yourself to become like others.

We all are in the same life game, But at different levels with different capabilities.

Don’t force yourself to live others’ life.

While making right career decision, we also need to identify personal interests and hobbies.

No one except you can give you an idea of what you really want in your life.

Don’t try to prove yourself Right to others.

Understand your own weakness and Focus on what you are capable of.


6. Choose a career path knowing your Learning approach, first.

finding a career in your 20s

The idea here is to find your passion and knowing how dedicated you are to learn and master some skill(s). Once you know, which skill you want to develop, the next step over how to choose the right career will be a lot easier. 

If you are really dedicated to particular work, then make sure a low pay will not change your mood.

It may happen that you get a high paying job, but the work is not gonna improve yourself.

And also happen that you get a chance to do things you are passionate about, but with less pay than expected. 

That time you need to decide between high paying job vs happiness.

You have to feel confident in your action first and just never Give up.

Ask yourself, Are you ready to sacrifice your passion, in exchange for the money. Always have a focus on learning first. Earning is not a key factor in terms of taking a career decision.

The more you learn, the more you earn. 


7. Make a career choice that has potentials.

You may gonna end up doing the work that pays you a high amount of money at every month.

But also ask a simple question to yourself, “Do you really want to see yourself doing this work for an entire life?”

The answer itself reveals what you require in life. Only focus on that work that you want yourself doing for the rest of life.

Remember If you work for the money, then you will feel excited only at a Pay Day.

But if you are work for learning and for passion then it’ll inspire to work every day.


8. Get help from the leader in making career decisions.

Your twenties are the time when you have to find that leader to whom you want to follow.

There must be a role model in life, with you at a young age. 

A good leader/role model will be the source of inspiration in your 20s.

Also, a good mentor always focuses on your core strengths and guides you to choose a career path.

They will not persuade you to follow them But will understand the gap between situation and personalities, and guide you accordingly.


9. Don’t choose a degree, Choose career, instead.

how to choose a career path

Never let a degree attract you anyway unless you are dedicated to that subject. Ask your inner self first. Choose the right career, knowing your personal interest, rather than seeing just shiny objects of degree or course.

Having a Degree and acquiring a skill-set is a different thing.  

One may be holding a particular Degree, But end up with zero practical knowledge, due to a lack of interest in the subject.

While on others, there is the one having practical expertise. Someone who passionate about that subject and needs no degree to prove that excellence.

Simply having a degree doesn’t describe yourself as an Expert.

You need to keep learning new concepts and a practical examination to acquire expertise in that career subject.

A College degree never answers your career decisions, Ask your inner-self.

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10. Decide a career that improves your life.

A successful career is not only limited to a Good amount of money deposited in the Bank alone.

Your career choice can be count as worthy also when it brings a positive change in your life when it makes you a better person than you were yesterday.

A good career not only fulfills your basic, security & Social needs. But it also fulfills your self-esteem and Self-actualization needs as well.

Choose a career that not fill your life with money. But, something that makes yourself worth living while doing the work. 


11. Stay updated with advanced skills and career paths. 

Like the technologies change, the work patterns also change. So, a worker has to.  As per the technology changes, also keep yourself updated according to time and skills requirements.

Learn new skills and improve technical skills to stay updated with the change.

Before choosing career decisions, also focus on what is the potential market of this work?  And prepare yourself for the career change it takes place in the future in your work.

You also need to check potential Opportunities and threats in this industry.


Final thoughts:

Like there are many other factors and future possibilities you need to focus on while choosing a career. But, more than anything it’s better if you take the career decisions by yourself. Whether you are thinking of changing careers in your 20s or finding a career choice for first time, the decision always has to be your own.

Knowing your own desires, interest, and passion leads you to worthy career choices.

Overall, if you really want to how to choose the right career and which career fits your personality then perform self-evaluation and figure out what your core strengths are.

Moreover, you also want to know that,

Is this the same work that you want to see yourself doing for the rest of your life?”


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