You are a Leader

You are a Leader. And, Here are Your Qualities that Proves.

Last updated on September 19th, 2020 at 06:39 am

Yes, You are a leader. 

If not now, then you will be in the future. 

Even If you don’t know about it. But, your personal traits and characters showing that. 

Leaders are born or self-made, that’s another topic. But, if you are showing certain skills and characteristics then definitely you are a good leader. A leadership quality varies based on the nature of the position and holding a person’s characteristics himself.

Want to know the clear signs describing you as a great leader, and those personal qualities of leaders they have in common? Then this article is for you, read ahead.

Do you think you are a leader? What makes you a great leader? Here are the signs that express your leadership quality.

Personal Traits Showing, You are a LEADER and not the BOSS.

You are Supportive. 

Indeed, leaders have to have that supportive enough for their team and subordinates. If you are the one who takes care of your own employees, friends, or colleagues, and is always available for helping them out, then you are a good leader. Indeed, you may have your own concerns and challenges. But when it comes to supporting others, you are there for them always.

You are a LEADER and not the BOSS


You are a Good Listener. 

The reason you are a leader. Because you also know how to listen to others properly. You are not the one who only keeps talking about your own achievements and advises others all the time. Instead of waiting for your own turn to speak, you keep your attention to their words and listen to them properly.

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You are Trustworthy. 

They all are taking you as a leader because they have trust in you and your abilities. You have proved your ability as a result of past accomplishments and your supportive natures. And due to your track record with them, they trust you and your decisions. You are not like that boss that everyone is afraid of, and always work in fear, thinking, what if they fail. But, you are their trusted leader who makes everyone relaxed and appreciated for their efforts.  


You Believe in Co-Growth.

leader and teams

This is the major difference between boss and leader, while boss focusing on what he gets, whereas leaders believe in team efforts. As a leader, you very well know about the fact that nothing is done eventually, but it’s a result of the combined efforts. You are the one, who appreciates the contribution of others in mission and actually shares the success equally among.

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You are Positive and Optimistic. 

Of course, leaders have to have that positive attitude towards life, association, and any decision they make. If you also have a positive approach towards life and can see the possibility of adversities, then you are a great leader. Whether it’s about taking a risk, making decisions, or encouraging fellows, you always stay optimistic for people and situations. You do believe in seizing opportunities and supplying a person a chance to prove ownself.

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You Care for your People. 

Just showing care and doing something about it, are two different things. As a good leader, you are the one who takes care of your own people and their contribution so far. Whether it is to give them guidance, opportunity, appreciation, or support, you are always there with them and actually do something for them. 


You Respect your Team, and They Respect You Back. 

Trust and respect are the core of any personal-professional relationship. Your team, friends, and fellows always respect your decisions and words. Your existence makes them comfortable and relaxed. A right leader always gets appraisal by his followers. The way you are respecting all your teammates and peoples, showing that you are a leader. 


You are Passionate and Driven. 

If you are driven by your passion and inner happiness, then chances are you can be a good leader in the future. Why? Because a passionate person always helps others to do more of their interest, they support to live their own passion, and do things they love the most. The way you work, everyone around you also gets inspiration to work with the same passion and interest. 

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You are making a Positive Change in their Life.

You are supportive and take care of your people, that leads you to make something for them to improve their life as well. You aren’t selfish, but a caring person who knows how to inspire others in their life. If anyway you can help others to grow in career or life, you always help that way. You are not self-centered, and so like to see others succeed in their life,too.


You take Risks and Responsibility as well. 

Leadership qualities

Leaders are the ones who always take the first move and take responsibility for positive and negative outcomes. If you are the one who likes to take risks, plus also taking the responsibility to make it happen, then you are a good leader. You take accountability for your team’s efforts and actually direct them the right way. 


You Welcome Suggestions.

Instead of having downward communication only, you always ask for suggestions, recommendations, tricks, and tips from your team members. You are not that one who only knows to give orders, but you are a leader who believes in getting responses from their team members also. You provide enough room for your teammates to grow, via encouraging them.

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You know How to make them Feel Appreciated, rather than Miserable. 

In the time when your fellows are doing great, you feel amazing, too. Furthermore, you appreciate them in the public, as well. And, when things are not going well, you actually are there with the person and guide them properly to do it the right way. That’s right, if you appreciate your people in public and guide them in private on making mistakes, then you are a good leader.


You are always Learning and Updating Yourself.

You are a great Leader.

Most leaders are always learning, and updating their own knowledge, via reading books, attaining seminars, or even taking online courses. They just never hesitate to learn something new. They are not the ones, believing they know everything. If you also like to stay updated and hungry for learning then, you are a great leader. Leaders are the one who keeps improving their own self and supports others to grow as well. 


You are Flexible about the Situation and People.

Indeed, solid plans and strategies are the core factors to achieve success. But, by the time, and trends, there’s a need for updating your agenda. And you firmly believe not to stay rigid to earlier plan-made. You stay flexible to cope with the change. Even you also take advice from your fellows and don’t hesitate to follow that.

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You prefer to Manage the People, rather than Controlling them. 

Under the guidance of the right leader, their team always feels positive and focused on the work. Instead of controlling the fellows’ work, behavior, and time, great leaders focus on how to make the best out of them. You are a great leader if you are always ready to take suggestions from your members to assign the right work. You focus mainly on personal interest and growth aspects, rather than undeniable orders.

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Final thought

Whether currently you have a team or not. But it’s your personal qualities of doing things and nature of treating your people answering that, You are a great leader. There are some born leaders with all the required skills. And, also there are some Leaders who are self-made, with their own traits. Moreover, there’s no need to have a big team in the early stage to prove one’s leadership quality.

Even a leader with a small team and required qualities can make a big impact in the right direction, by following combined efforts, and persistence. On the other hand, a leader with zero passions and no personal motives ultimately fails to direct a hundred skilled team players right way. After all, it’s all about that one right leader’s quality and ability to make decisions, and handle his own team towards the goal achievements. 


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